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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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I've sat in this chair since long before the sun even thought
To rise. I was overheating lying so near to her but feeling
So very far away. Rising and sitting apart made rational thought
Easier, if not easy.
I had thought she was unlike Vere,
Who so often I feel intentionally misunderstood things I said,
Trying to force me, I suspect, into speaking more plainly,
Which we both knew I could not do, any more than she could
Afford to hear me do it. Such a game of cat and mouse we played.

Somehow, with Ann, I think I had felt more like Argus,
Lying outside in the sun, just waiting for some young girl
To come worship me, pet me, love me. What a fool. If I am
A big dog, then she is a canary in a cage. We have nothing at all
To say to each other.
Unless we do-- Unless perhaps this is all
A misunderstanding. After all, how many of her friends and
Tribe of relations have tried to influence her, for her fortune
She lies in her bed, sleeping hard after a sleepless night,
Snoring lightly, like a lady. And me in my men's underthings
Sitting in this chair as the light slowly rises and the colors
Of the room turn from greys to gold and green and blue--

She wakes, looks around, anchors on me. She asks me
My opinion on her marrying him. My opinion! She asks
What I think other people would think. I don't even need
To answer that. She has to decide for herself, not
For other people, and alas, perhaps also, not for me.