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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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On the walk back into town, I blow my nose
Into my white handkerchief, and it comes out grey.
No matter. That's also one of the benefits of wearing
Mostly black all the time. Hey ho. I make my way
To Parker's law office and tell him a tale of me

Knee-deep in water, and how it made me realize
We'd need a clause in the lease to keep them
From turning the water back on me. I am afire
With ideas, and the Madeira warms me after the chill
Of the cold, wet pit. He asks me my strategy. I say

I won't be intimidated and I want to be paid
Honestly for what they've taken. He says, "Christopher
Is a bully and an opportunist. If anyone's equal
To him, it's you. But he will play dirty." I tell him
About the accident above the hall where small Henry

Lost his leg, and Christopher's part in it. I also
Mentioned my disappearing tenant, asked his advice
About the tenancy. Parker's another man I do so
Appreciate for his willingness and ability to focus
On the business at hand, rather than propriety.