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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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Don't get me wrong. I do love her. Often. Sometimes.
When she's not making me maddeningly cross.
She isn't good at affection, gives me a rare loud kiss
Or a rough, quick hug. I know what it means, but
I don't know how to return it. I barely remember Sam,
But I know they got on so much better than we do.

So I offer to walk down to Halifax with her; on the way
I apologize for the fight at dinner a few weeks past.
She doesn't accept immediately, of course. Has to make it
About her. "I know you don't think it upsets me, but
It does. It upsets my equilibrium." "Mine too. Anyway,
I'm going to Jackson's for flannel for new drawers.

I've a new pattern with an improved gusset. I can
Make some for you if you like..." I see her soften.
She says, "I plan on traveling again... New drawers
Would be useful." That moment led to the next, as I
Brought up Miss Walker and their friendship.

She asked me, tentatively (and when did that last
Happen?) that the girl might move in at Shibden
As Anne's companion. I told her I'd be pleased to see
Her settled. Her grateful surprise did not keep her from
Characterizing Mr. Abbott as an imprudent match.