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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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On a windy night like this, I always think
Of the first night he came back poorly
From the pub. I shouted at him for spending
Our little hard-earned money, given I was
Expecting our Thomas. That wasn't the way
I'd meant to tell him, and it infuriated him.

So many things in our life together, which
Should have been joyous, went all wrong.
Drunk at Thomas's christening, drunk
At the boy's fifth birthday. Then, for while,
Just honest labor for an honest wage,
But it never lasted all that long. Tonight

Nature is aping his rages, and I find myself
Unnerved. I keep expecting to see him,
That he'll sleep off his long drunk and
Return to us with a killing thirst. Perhaps
Thomas is right, that he's finally run off.
I can only hope I'm done with him for good.