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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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I saw a world of patterns, fractals, repetitions, as though Creation
Were made precisely so that we human creatures could work
To understand what the Lord was thinking when He made us.
This Darwin's ideas, surely they had to be testable. Hence,
My intense study of anatomy. I always thought, if one studied
Enough, one could cast away the veil of the mystical and find
Truth, or failing that an explanation for my own oddity.

I knew most women, all but me perhaps, were uninterested.
I always took for granted that I was the only one there.
And then, three carriages converged in the wood, at a crossroads,
The dominion of Hermes, an inherently magical locus.
Suddenly, this fair Ann with her impish smile caught me
In her lacy net, and I like a Greecian sailor, heard her
Salty chuckle and I cast myself into the sea to be with her.

I'm so sorry. What were you saying?