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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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One of the first rules, when you serve your betters,
Is not to accuse one of them and theirs, even when,
As in this case, one of them knows what happened,
Knows who caused it, and thinks she knows you know.

She asked me about the accident, what I saw, and
Mentioned that James had said I thought I recognized
The driver of the gig as caused it. "Couldn't say, ma'am,"
I hedged. "It all happened so fast." She knew I was

Facing him as he approached, but I didn't let on.
"Like I say, it was all over and done with before we knew
What was going on." She said James said I had named
Christopher Rawson. "Both my brothers work for them

Rawsons, ma'am, and with him being a magistrate...
What good can it do?" "There are other mag--" "Oh, aye,
And they all p--" Shite, in for a penny. "They all piss
In the same pot. Anyway, it could have been anyone."

No one quite knows what to make of this Miss Lister,
The way Miss Walker has seemed so much livelier
Since they started calling on each other. Still, betters.
And I know better than to open my mouth about that.