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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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I had told Ann that Steph was the best doctor, was the one

I went to for my troubles <although the mercury rub

For my Mariana trouble had only made me feel even more

Poorly>, that she could trust him entirely. They liked


One another immediately, and she talked with him candidly

About her nerves, and what her other doctors had suggested.

He came to join me afterwards and seemed if not

Wildly hopeful, at least calmly optimistic. He explained


Nervous hysteria--yes, in her head, but not something

To dismiss on that account. She had, as I knew, experienced

A great deal of pain and loss in her few years. Some people

Coped better than others. Friendly acceptance, coupled with


Travel, would do her a power of good. He said he thought

Me the best thing to happen to her. I do hope he's right.

Every day I find myself even more fond of her than I had

Expected. If I can also help her happiness, I'll be satisfied.