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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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I know that I should have seen this coming and I did,
Years ago when a lot of the talk first started. Of course
Eliza supported her, defended her. She liked the girl,
Saw (I think) a tiny bit of who she once wanted to be
When she was just a girl. And after that, defending her
Became habit, especially as the girl became a woman
And a well-travelled conversationalist at that. So yes,

I did see this coming long ago, but I'd forgotten that
Something even so long unseen cannot eventually
One day become shockingly visible, even obvious.
Hopelessly, I tell her not to mention it, to ignore it,
So that if talk starts, people won't connect us with it.
I should have remembered what a gossip she is.
I should have remembered my wife just never shuts up.