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Tales of Hoffmann (a limerick)

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E. T. A. Hoffmann had quite a few loves.
In the first act she sings about doves* (*artistic license)
When Olympia warbles
she sounds like cold marble
She's a doll when pushes come to shoves.

In Act 2 (or Act 3) it's a whore
that keeps Hoffmann coming back for more.
When he loses control,
Giulliette steals his soul
and "Everywhere" shows him the door.

Act 3 (or Act 2) she's a singer.
But Antonia's illness does linger.
Dr. Miracle's charm
does her less good than harm.
How she dies is quite a humdinger.

In the Epilogue Hoffmann's passed out
forcing Stella to leave with the lout.
Hoffmann's dazed and confused
to see Nick as the Muse
But then he sees what the opera's about.