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Flying sky high

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"I want a cocktail, or a beer will do," Bobbi mumbled as she passed the team with a growl.

"At least we're not dead," Jemma replied dryly as the rest of the team jogged up behind her. She was right. Sure, there were always a few bruises and scrapes, and yes, they were dirty and tired, but all limbs were still there so that helped. She turned around just as Skye let out a sigh before she turned her body over to look at Coulson and May.

"Well that went great, didn't it. So, another flight to god knows where. I am so sick of this. These missions are getting so dumb, I feel like we aren't getting anywhere if anything I feel we are going backward. HYDRA is everywhere and nowhere. And in five minutes these guys are going to run up to our bus, ship, whatever you wanna call it, and that's the exact same time May will get us up in the air, every time. Why can't we have a secret super safe, safehouse with like personal bodyguards or something?" Skye threw her bag carelessly on the floor as she stumped up the ramp ignoring the look on Phil's face. She wasn't actually mad. But it felt like they were getting nowhere right now, and it wasn't a great feeling. HYDRA was still out there, and the fight to find every answer first was getting kinda old.

"Maybe we should, I mean I know they won't mind. They need a break." She could hear May's voice behind her talking low to Phil. They always did this, but she knew better than to try to eardrop. She didn't care that much.

Choosing to ignore it, she instead walked past them and followed Jemma living room part of the plane. She nodded at Bobbi who handed her a glass of cold water as she fell on the couch beside Jemma. The other woman had her hair behind her ears and was looking at a piece of paper. She smiled softly at Jemma before looking back down on whatever she was reading.

Skye had gotten out of the fight with only a small bruise on her arm, which honestly was very surprising considering she had been in the middle of it. Bobbi, on the other hand, had a cut above her eye as well as a disgusting looking bruise on the lower half of her thigh. Still, she didn't seem very faced, and just simply cleaned her cut in silence.

The blond turned her head when they heard somebody walking up behind them and Skye could feel her own eyes follow hers. She rolled her eyes dramatically when she realized it was Coulson who walked up to them. She honestly could not be bothered right now.

"Actually, what if we have something that checks off all the things on that list of yours." Skye lifted an eyebrow at him, and Jemma tilted her head slightly in confusion. What was he on about now?

"As if." She turned to the girls who nodded in agreement. Phil tended to promise a few things he couldn't perform. And if it sounded too good to be true, it usually was.

"We'll be there in four hours," May yelled at them as she walked into the cockpit. Skye hadn't even noticed she was there, but May was good at sneaking up without them noticing.

Even if May was a part of this promise Skye wasn't sure what to think. They had been running to a billion safehouses in the last months. All pretty bad. What made this any different? The only reason they ever landed so was to get fuel and food. If not, they would have stayed in the air forever. It was only a plane, but god it was better than some of the houses.

The plane fell silent as they flew to whoever they were headed. Skye was sitting in her seat with her eyes closed, leaning on the window. The familiar sound of the engine had almost drifted her off to sleep again. Morse was sipping on her beer while looking at a map over something while Jemma was looking at some of the new plans for the night-night gun.

Skye had no hopes for wherever they were going. She always tried to be positive but was it one thing she had learned was it that safehouses usually sucked. Most of the time she didn't even bother to get out of the plane when they landed. Why would she when they had the buss.

Skye was in her own head when they realized they were starting to go down. Hovering slowly before they were sinking downwards.

"Oh my gosh, Coulson, are you serious?" Skye let her eyes open slowly when she heard Jemma's voice and her ridiculous English accent break the nice silence.

"This is the Avenger's tower"

WAIT WHAT! Rapidly she turned her head to the window, and Jemma was right. They were flying over New York and the tower was right there. At first sight, she only saw the empire state building, and just that had thrown her completely off guard. And with that building so close, it was only one other tower this could be. The director looked at her with a soft smile and Jemma's voice was barely a whisper as she had mentioned the avenger's tower, but Skye had totally heard it.

"Hang on. Why are you taking us here? Why now? Actually, just why." Skye's voice cracked as she turned to the director. She stood up from her chair as if she was threatening him. This was not good, or it was, but not really. Holy shit. This was happening right now. She had imagined it plenty of times but not like this. Certainly not like this. Of course, she knew Phil knew the group, obviously, and he had mentioned them quite a few times, but actually like going there. Now. Help.

"You were right, no point of running like we did. This is a safe house. And I am sure the avengers won't mind. Don't forget, three of them were SHIELD agents before this." Coulson ignored her as he led them towards the backside of the plane just as they hit what Skye could just assume was the tower's personal take-off spot.

"Wait, you mean Barton, Rogers and Romanoff will actually be there?" Leo ran up to him looking at the man with big eyes. They hadn't seen the man for a few hours, as he had hidden in his bunk, but the mentioning of the legendary agents had clearly brought him out.

"Yes, unless Tony has annoyed them so much they fled." May walked up behind them. She had her sunglasses on, but Skye could already picture her smug look.

"Come on, I'll introduce you guys to the team."

The team. Skye was two seconds away from seeing her, and for some reason, she almost didn't want to. No, she didn't want to. She didn't know how to act. And even if she did, she was not ready. Not mentally.

She wasn't only seeing her. She was seeing everybody. All six of them. Sure, she was a new member of SHIELD and all, but she had been in SHIELD long enough to have heard all the stories about Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. And of course, then Iron man and the initiative. They were legends.

She was walking behind Bobbi and Leo who was trailing Coulson and May. The corridors felt endless. Left, right, straight. She would never have found her way out of the tower even with a gun to her head. How Coulson and May knew their way around she had no idea.

Skye was walking beside her. From the second they had touched down she had seemed jumpy and stressed but Jemma couldn't tell why.

"Are you okay, Skye? You seem stressed." Jemma looked at her with a concerned look as they continued to walk. Skye felt so bad for lying to her, she really did. Her best friend. She hated dishonestly. Even if May had walked her through it countless times it was just awful. Especially when the person she was lying to was Jemma.

"Yeah," Skye mumbled back. "But maybe stay close to me?" She hurried to say as the scientist increased her speed. Jemma turned and looked at her and Skye reached over and grabbed Jemma's arm bringing it close to her chest. The scientist only nodded to her with a small smile before continued to walk.

The tower seemed huge. And it felt like they walked for years. Not that Skye didn't have plenty to look at. Labs, machinery, fancy painting, small and huge statues. The tower was insane. The tech was incredible. SHEILD had, of course, some pretty cool things, but Stark was seriously something in his own league.

She couldn't help her gasp when Coulson finally opened the door to the big room. She honestly did not know what she was expecting in the first place, but probably not this. A big common room with a huge open concept with both a kitchen, living room and dining room in one. Of course, it really wasn't the room that took her breath away.

"Guys, this is the Avenger's, or two-thirds of it apparently," Phil said as he waved them into the room. Skye's eyes immediately fell on Thor who was definitely hot. Or fit, or godly. Whatever he was Thor. She was just as amazed by him as she had been with Sif. Otherworldly is maybe the best way to describe it. Asgardians. It was crazy and incredible at the same time.

Then it was Tony and Bruce who looked pretty normal, except one of them could become a green monster and kill them, and the other one was a multi-billionaire who had a crazy tech suit.

And then it was Steve or Captain Rogers. He was maybe the most welcome looking, but knowing he was THE Captain America did not help. He was big and tall, and very… symmetrical in his features. Just wow really. This guy was created out form a bottle. So crazy.

"Hu. Not only are you alive Coulson, but you decide to just bring five unknown people into my home. That is odd." Tony looked between them before he lost interest in them again, looking down on his tablet. Skye tilted her head as she watched THE Tony Stark, son of the founder of SHIELD turn around on them.

"Who said you could anyways? And who are they? Your new kindergarten?" Tony said still looking down on his tablet.

She wasn't sure if she was supposed to feel offended or not really.

"I did." Skye's thoughts got pushed away when a familiar voice started talking. Maria Hill. Of course. Maria walked out from behind the counter and looked at the team with a soft smile. The woman had a tight sweater and pants on, a Very ordinary looking outfit. She really did not look like a SHIELD … anything. She looked almost normal. Keyword almost, because it really wasn't anything normal about Maria Hill. Still, she seemed to be calm, relaxed. And definitely not like last time they had seen her for sure. But then again, last time they had seen her the world was ending.

"It is nice to see all of you again. And Morse. I wasn't expecting you." Skye had almost forgotten the team was there, and she turned surprised to the blond who didn't seem faced at all. Maria knew Bobbi, of course, she did… Bobbi smiled at the woman with that cute charming smile of hers. Bobbi was the only one of them that didn't seem like they were looking at… well, gods… instead, she seemed like she was in her element, calm and collected. The complete opposite of Skye.

"This is my team, Simmons, Fitz, Morse, May, and Skye," Phil said with a proud voice. The group waved at the four awkwardly, not that it really mattered, Tony didn't care, and Bruce looked more confused than anything.

"So, this is your new team, Coulson. You were dead and then you found these puny humans. They are all so small." Thor walked up to the group and Skye really did felt like he was looking down at them... And not just because he was tall, and she had to physically lift her head to look at him. God his arms were huge. He was huge. And oh my god he was a God, and these were the Avengers.

Skye you really needed to stop saying "god" all the time. It really is offensive to the actual God in front of you. Just calm down and breath please.

Steve walked over to them and nodded at Phil. Skye watched as the director's eyes widened. Sure, he knew the guy, but she also knew he was a pretty big fangirl when it came to this man and even after all this time Coulson seemed to be struggling to keep his feelings in check.

"It is nice to meet you. We are missing a few, but yes this is the Avengers, and we are happy to help in any way." Steve looked at them and Jemma could feel Skye tense up beside her again.

"Do any of you want something to drink. Beer, water, soda?" Steve asked with a small smile as he guided them to the big sitting area. The team fumbled over to the couch and Skye sat down awkwardly between Jemma and Bobbi. Thankfully Jemma and Leo looked just as awkward as Skye felt, but of course, Bobbi and May didn't seem faced at all. They never did.

"Give me Natasha's vodka and I'm happy." It was May who said it, reminding her that she was yet to see her. Natasha. Shit, she was not ready.

She watched May walk over to the cabinets opening multiple of them looking for the alcohol they all probably felt a strong need for right now.

"Where are Barton and Romanoff?" Coulson asked looking at Maria who smiled back at him.

"On the roof. They just came back from a mission a few minutes ago. They'll be down soon." Maria answered nodding at them. And as if the door had heard her, it opened just as she finished her sentence, revealing a redhead and a man hanging over her shoulder.

"God I never wanna go to Prague again." She almost choked when she saw them and she desperately turned her head away from them hoping they wouldn't see her. She could feel Jemma turn and stand up with Bobbie. Both of them seemed very eager to meet the two. Which was understandable.

They were legends in SHIELD. Everybody knew about the two of them. How they were the most unstoppable team. Always working together. How he chose to spare her life even if she was an assassin, and how she too had saved his life countless times in the field. It was probably hundreds of tails and rumors about them inside SHIELD like it was about May.

"Man up, Barton, you weren't the one who got shot." Her voice was slightly raspy with the same smugness she remembered. In fact, it was exactly how she remembered. Even if she had a person hanging on her with his entire body weight on her.

"Maria, what is up with... all the people." Skye heard Natasha say, she hadn't mentioned any names, so maybe she hadn't looked at them yet. Maybe she hadn't noticed. Jemma, Leo, and Bobbi were on their feet already, and by the looks of it, Skye was the only one who hadn't moved. All she did was looking at the floor trying to make herself as small as possible. Jemma yanked her arm before saying.

"Come on." She dragged her on her feet and Skye lowered her head as she followed her closer to the two agents tactically placing herself behind Bobbie, hoping she would shield her off.

"What happened with asking the one who owns the building?" Skye looked at Tony carefully who glared at Natasha. Natasha only rolled her eyes, not even bothering to look at him. She was holding her right hand over her left arm and Skye thought it looked like she was shifting kinda awkwardly like she was in pain. She also saw she wasn't the only one to notice. Jemma too leaned forwards like she wanted to go check it out, before she stepped back reminding herself that this is the Avengers, they don't work like the rest of them.

"Phil's team," Maria answered calmly as she looked over Barton with a watchful eye. He had now been pushed off Natasha and was currently leaning on the wall whilst Maria inspected him.

"This really isn't the time for a meet and greet Phil" Natasha answered, still very uninterested in them, and Skye wasn't sure if she got hurt by that comment or relieved.

"Yeah I got to agree, Tasha is bleeding out and my leg is falling off," Clint mumbled back as Maria cut off his pants to get a better look at the gash. It was a pretty nasty cut it seemed. Skye knew nothing about injuries, but it didn't look like the typical cut you got from a knife or blade. It was more rough and uneven in a way, maybe a cut from a sharp edge or something. Just looking at them was really making her wonder that the hell had happened in Prague.

"You are so dramatic sometimes. I am fine." Natasha mumbled back. It sounded pretty convincing, but her body language said otherwise as she was now leaning forwards hanging over a chair, very visibly in pain.

"Isn't he always." Skye looked surprised as May stepped forwards, and for the first time, Natasha lifted her head towards them.

"Mellie?" The redhead finally locked eyes with the other agent and Skye watched her S.O walk over the redhead. Clearly, they were really only focusing on each other giving nobody in the room even a peak. She wasn't surprised they knew each other, but it still felt weird and slightly awkward.

"Nat you know I hate that nickname," May said with a small smile hugging the younger woman who leaned into her with a loud sigh.

"I don't care," Natasha answered as she rolled her eyes. May looked at her disapproving, but didn't say anything back as she only looked at the former spy,

"Did she just say, Mellie?" Bobbie whispered, turning to Skye and Jemma. Jemma nodded slowly before whispering back.

"And she smiled at her. What is this crazy shenanigan?" Skye had never heard anyone use May's first name yet, and definitely not use a nickname. This was very, very new.

Before she had time to reply May opened her mouth saying.

"Natasha. This is our agents, Simmons, Fitz, the mockingbird." Natasha lifted her head and turned away from May when she heard the mention of the mockingbird. But even if that was what originally caught her attention her eyes didn't fall on the blond, instead it fell on the brunette behind. "And lastly we have-." May tried before Natasha pushed her away and cut her off.


"Hi, Talia." She only whispered back. She could feel everyone looking at her. Jemma, Bobbie, Leo, Coulson, Maria, May. Still, her eyes were fixed on the redhead who tilted her head and looked at her with the same soft look, she remembered she had. The same green eyes and a soft smile. She leaned slightly forward and Skye could feel her body walk towards her. Pulled over like a magnet pullet towards metal.

"I… I missed you so much." Skye fell around the redhead's neck and couldn't help her tears and she buried her head in her neck. Skye's voice broke completely as she grabbed the redhead again as if she was holding on for dear life.

"I missed you too." Natasha pulled back for a second and looked at her before taking her head in her hands holding it close to her chest and let Skye leaned on her. Her rock, her everything. Taken away from her, but now finally together.

Skye pulled back slowly. She didn't mean to cry, but she couldn't help herself as her eyes locked with Natasha for a second time. The redhead looked at her with a soft smile as she slowly moved her hair behind her ear to get a better look at Skye's eyes.

"You have gotten taller. Grown-up. You look beautiful." Natasha whispered letting her hand glide through the brown hair bushing it slowly.

"You… you look mostly the same." Skye stumbled over her words as she sobbed. What a ridiculous comment. Natasha only smiled at her with a small laughter.

"I guess I do." She only whispered back before she slowly let her left hand glide over Skye's face. Skye leaned into it with a soft sigh. She felt everyone's eyes on her, but she couldn't care less. And she knew Natasha was ignoring them as well. It didn't matter. All that mattered was Natasha, and how her hand was slowly brushing away her tears and her soft voice who talked and comforted her just like it had years ago.

Skye stood still for a second, closing her eyes letting it all sink in before opening them again. Her eyes immediately fell on the red spot on Natasha's suit, something she hadn't noticed before.

"You're bleeding. Natasha, you're bleeding!" Skye shook her head as she pushed Natasha off her and down on the closest chair. She knew Natasha let her do so, because there was no way in hell she could push the woman if she didn't want to. She lifted the arm and twisted and turned it to see if it only was that one wound, which thankfully it was.

"Malyshka, calm down," Natasha said in a calm voice and Skye almost stopped when she heard her old nickname roll off the Russians tongue. Instead, she looked at her with a serious look before saying.

"No. Jemma get over here." Skye tried to push the soft look on Natasha's face away not giving in before she dragged the zipper down and started to fiddle with the sleeve to get it off the agent. The blood and fabric were almost glued to her body, and this was exactly why the tight bodysuits were so impractical.

Jemma came running over to her sinking down beside Natasha trying to help her get the suit off. Natasha huffed with an annoyed tone when the suit didn't budge. Growling low the woman yanked the fabric with more force than Skye thought was necessary, practically ripping it off her body until her whole upper body was exposed, leaving her with only her bra sports bra on.

The second the fabric was of the woman Jemma was leaning over the wound moving the arm around as Skye had done just a few seconds earlier, but she had a lot more professional look on her face, unlike Skye who was just a mess at this point. She also didn't seem to be bothered with the fact that the spy was half-naked, while all the men in the room tried to avert their eyes to another direction.

"Gunshot. Pretty deep. Bullet is not to be seen. Somebody give me something to rinse it with and a medkit." Jemma said turning over to Skye as if she was asking for permission. Skye didn't know what to answer. She just wanted Jemma, who unlike her, actually knew what to do in situations like these, to do something to help Natasha.

"Mel, hand me the bottle," Natasha said with her eyes closed as she leaned back into the chair. Skye watched her carefully as Jemma inspected the other woman. She leaned over the redhead and placed her hand on her face and forehead.

The way Natasha leaned back was hard to read. Skye wasn't sure if it was because she felt sick or because she was amused, both seemed likely. Clearly, her ability to read Natasha's body language had drastically fallen, or maybe Natasha had become even better to hide it.

"Natasha, you are not drinking vodka while my agent is fixing –"May got cut off almost immediately.

"Melinda May!" Natasha growled and Skye froze. She had never heard Natasha's voice turn so mad so fast, and she could tell Jemma reacted as well as she stopped her movements and turned to look at her. Using May's full name was a head-turner on its own, and the angry voice of such a dangerous human was really not helping the case.

"Fine. I hate your stubbornness." May mumbled back, handed her the bottle. While Melinda didn't look very surprised by Natasha's rude voice, she tossed her an annoyed look anyway. Skye watched Natasha roll her eyes dramatically again before turning the bottle on its head pouring 80% of the liquid over herself and Jemma. The doctor's eyes winded only watched almost losing her jaw in the process.

"Do you need any more?" Natasha said before slamming the bottle down on the counter making poor Jemma jank in her seat. She looked down on her now soaked arm and pad in her hand before she turned her attention to the also dripping wound before nodding no.

Natasha hasn't even flinched when she had poured the alcohol on herself. And the wound was burning red, how had she not shown any reaction to that? It looked like her arm was falling off. Skye remembered Natasha pulling off some crazy stunts before, but the spy had never let the girl close on her injuries and tried to keep her away from her missions if possible, even if it didn't always work out that way.

"Give the rest to Clint," Natasha said nodding at Maria who grabbed the bottle. Skye turned carefully. She had honestly forgotten the other Avengers were still there. Clint had a long cut down his leg, but Maria had cleaned it pretty neatly already. She chose not to pour the liquid-like Natasha, instead she dampened a small pad before she slowly started to rinse.

"I am pretty sure water actually works just fine" It was Coulson who said it of course. He laughed at the spy's silly behavior and Natasha only glared at him.

"I am sure it would've, but I like the rush." She only answered before she closed her eyes.

Natasha was leaning back in her seat as Jemma slowly rinsed the wound. The redhead obviously didn't want to talk or say anything, just closing her eyes and turning off the rest of the world. Nobody said anything, and all they could hear was Maria and Jemma work on the two agents.

It was unbelievably awkward, and Skye could probably have sliced the tension with a knife if she wanted. The Avengers were still in the room with an unknown team where one of them was poking another with a needle so that was something. And they, well, they were standing in the same room as some of their heroes, of course, it was weird. This was all very weird.

"I think I'd rather die than be in this room," Tony said out of the blue breaking the silence. Skye turned around for a second to look at him. To, see if he was serious with that ridiculous comment of his. Of course, his face was dead serious giving no hint of any jokes.

"You guys can stay. Not that I have any saying in this anyways. Just don't destroy anything. You are a part of the avengers now. We expect you to be good to us. Work with us. And nobody touches my stuff!" His voice was firm, but his word choice was ridiculous and hard to be taken seriously. Tony pointed at all of them before for he backed out of the room with Steve, Bruce, and Thor close behind.

"Breakfast is usually 9 am," Steve said with a smile nodding at the small team. Skye smiled back as he passed, and the soldier threw her a genuine smile at her before he turned to the door and followed his teammates out. They all watched then leave before Coulson again broke the silence.

"So… Fun mission?" Phil tried as he moved over to Natasha and leaned on her chair. Skye made a grimace on the horrific comment. God, he was the awkward dad none of them wished for. Skye could see Jemma give him a similar grimace of her own and Clint giggle softly at the man.

"Coulson if you try one more joke, I will kick you out the window. Got it?" Natasha growled still with her eyes closed. Even just sitting there Coulson seemed to take it seriously shutting his mouth very fast and turning away from the redhead and instead walked over to Maria and Clint.

"I like her," Bobbi said with a smile nodding at Natasha who just had her arm finished and wrapped up.

"You have seen nothing yet," May answered coldly, and Skye was not sure if that was supposed to be a good or bad thing.

Natasha opened her eyes and looked at Bobbi for a second. Then she turned to Fitz, and lastly, she looked at Jemma. Skye watched Jemma look up at the agent just as she turned to her as well, and she could see the woman shrink under Natasha's stare as she slowly finished up the stitching and started to wrap her arm in a clean bandage.

"So. Coulson's team. I honestly did not think he would go there. Was actually surprised he even wanted to keep his work at SHIELD after he got shot. Not to even mention what happened to his trading cards. He seemed down when he talked to me. What changed his mind?" Natasha stopped, lifting an eyebrow at May who shrugged back.

"I don't know. Guess you and Maria, plus a push from Fury just made it work." May answered with a low voice, making Natasha nod.

"Not a big team but didn't expect much different. A team, but so very different from his other teams. All kinds of agents mixed in one. A weird but seems to be a functional team." Natasha said with a firm voice as she scanned over the group. She was talking more to herself and May than to the rest of the group and Skye felt slightly awkward sitting beside her as she was analyzing them.

"You, you, are clearly a doctor. But something more as well. You are a biochemist." Natasha said looking at Jemma who only nodded slowly. How did she possibly know that? Skye was sure none of them had introduced Jemma any further than just Simmons, so where Natasha got her facts from, she had no idea.

The redhead then turned to Fitz, eyeing him out for a second, looking between the two youngest members.

"You are her partner, but you don't seem very comfortable, so I am guessing you are more an engineering type," Natasha said slowly as she was visibly judging the two.

"They were the youngest to graduate from the academy." Coulson shot in. Natasha only nodded at that. She didn't seem impressed, but not surprised either.

"And then there is the mockingbird. May have told me about you. Apparently, you are good." Natasha said leaning forwards in her seat to look at her closer.

"Get in the ring and I show you good," Bobbi answered coldly making Natasha laugh softly.

"We'll see. But everyone who dares to challenge The Black Widow will get a run for their money" Natasha looked at them one more time before saying. "Maria will take you to your rooms. Birdie, Skye, and Simmons will share one room, nr 9. Fitz will get the small bunk. May and Coulson, I am sure you don't mind sharing one as well?" It wasn't as much of a question as a statement and before anyone could protest or really do anything Natasha was on her feet and walked out the room.

"I cannot believe that just happened. We are in the tower, with the Avengers." Jemma was sitting in the bed she was sharing with Skye while Bobbi was leaning on the wall sitting in her own single bed.

"I don't know what to think. We are looking at the world's biggest heroes… And somehow Skye knew one of them all this time." Bobbi turned her head and looked at her with a serious look.

"How long have you known Agent Romanoff?" Jemma asked carefully. Skye turned away before taking a deep breath.

"We met years ago. I was only 14. She was 18." Jemma's eyes widened and Bobbi tilted her head in disbelief.

"14 she echoed." Skye only nodded.

"But that was when... That was when she still was in KGB, isn't it? She was still an assassin. A killer. I mean no offense to her, but she killed hundreds of people before she joined SHIELD." Jemma asked slowly. The brunette looked at her unsure and Skye only nodded back.

"I know that is the word on the black widow, but it was different. We lived together. She took care of me when I had no one else to turn to. I am forever thankful. I just didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say. I mean I didn't even know she was alive until the attack on New York. I never thought she ended up in SHIELD when I lost her." Skye mumbled looking down at her hands. She felt like they were investigating her, and she didn't like it. Maybe she should have mentioned it before, but how do you start a conversation like that in the first place?

"All the stories I've heard about the black widow. They are all so… dark. Even after she became a part of SHIELD. Everyone feared her. Except of maybe Coulson, Hill, and May. And Barton of course, but even he seemed to have his reservations from time to time." It was Bobbie who pointed it out. And it was true. But everything between Skye and Natasha. It was real. It was no fear. Just plain caring for each other.

She didn't want to have this conversation now and thankfully it seemed like the two girls got that as they stopped asking. The three of them sat in the room quietly when they heard a soft knock on the door. Bobbi turned her head and looked at them questioning and Jemma only nodded.

"Meeting, in our room, now." May looked at the blond before she started walking expecting the three of them to follow.

May and Coulson's room was more like a small apartment. The director was sitting by the table with Maria on one side and Leo on the other with four pizza boxes between them.

"We wanted to talk to you. All of you." Maria started as she slowly pushed three plates towards the girls as they took their seats. Jemma sat down slowly and turned her head watching as she slowly started to speak.

"And who are we?" Skye asked lifting an eyebrow and leaning forwards over the table. Maria only rolled her eyes at her.

"I didn't know you knew Natasha. How long?" Coulson brushed her off as he looked at her with a small smile.

"We were together for almost two and a half years. Turns out the last mission where I thought she got shot in her chest was only Barton saving her and dragging her into SHIELD. Not my first guess to say at least." Skye said rolling her eyes and earning a sharp look from May.

"I tried to find her, for years. But I mean you changed her name and everything, so I didn't have much to go after. God knows how many times I've broken into SHIELD's archive just to find nothing about my family or her. Not that I knew you had her, but she was a KGB assassin, I thought it was a good place to start." Skye said as she slowly tore off a slice looking at the three of them. Maria nodded slowly while May and Coulson threw a few looks at each other.

"So, you weren't even 18 when the two of you got separated," May stated. Skye only nodded softly in conformation. "Natasha was 21 when we found her or, so we were told." May continued to mumble turning to Maria to get a confirmation if the math added up.

"Remember when she came her and how she was. It makes sense." She continued in almost a whisper looking directly into Maria's eyes. Maria only nodded before adding.

"Partly. But I also remember when Barton took her home and it all kinda changed. It has to be more to it right. The way she acted doesn't really add up to what happened." Maria started before Coulson cut her off.

"She told me she lost someone to them." Skye threw a look between them. They were literally talking over her head and she had no idea what was going on. "Whoever them was."

"She did, clearly. They spent years together and then they got separated." Maria tossed her a guilty look.

"No, but if that was the case she would have broken out of SHIELD; she would've gone after Skye if she knew she was alive right? But she wasn't like that when she came here. She had no fight left in her, so something must have happened. Nat will tear off anyone's neck if it means she can protect the once she cares about." May stated earning a small nod from Coulson as he lifted his hand to cut her off again. Skye could see Jemma shiver by that statement, but it was true. The black widow could snap a neck in two just as effortless she could snap a match.

"No. What I mean is, she thought she lost her permanently. She thought she saw her die."