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Iced Tea and Snacks

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Twins, Brothers, Friends


Kaidou Aki crept into the house around 6 am. He'd missed the last train and been stuck hanging out with his friends (well, mostly passed out in the karaoke booth) until the morning trains began running. All he wanted was to get upstairs for a quick shower and then to collapse into a real bed.

The sky was just starting to lighten, allowing him to vaguely make out shapes in the living room and to avoid tripping over an outstretched arm. Wow, there's a lot of people. He and Shima had estimated maybe six or seven – this looked to be more like ten or so.

Upstairs, he showered and put on pajamas then opened the door to Shima's bedroom and tiptoed inside. He had missed his twin last night – it was lonely without him and they hadn't been spending much time together lately. Shima was hanging out more and more with Naru and Usami-sama or Masato and Asahi, older men who preferred talking to loud music and drinking to excess.

To be honest, Aki was growing sick of pub-crawling as well but wasn't ready to completely detach himself from their college friends. Aoi and Iku were more his speed but left him feeling like a third-wheel if Shima didn't join them. I need to find a girlfriend – a real one, not a sex-friend. That was getting old as well, but the last one he had tried to be serious about had been coming on to Shima behind his back, and the girl before that kept hinting about being introduced to Asami-sama. Tiresome and irritating, no matter how used to it he was.

Men weren't any better. Aki had tried that a few times as well - the one secret he kept from even Shima. It had been pleasurable, but he didn't end up liking either of the men for anything more.

Tomorrow, I'll insist we stick together. We can play videogames and watch movies and just be Sunday slugs. It's been too long since the last time we did that. Mind set, Aki pulled the blankets back to sneak in beside Shima and steal his warmth. It had been a while since they slept in the same bed, too. Physical closeness to his twin was almost a necessity for Aki when he felt lost like this.

But the bed was cold and empty. Aki was shocked until his brain scolded him. He's downstairs, dummy, somewhere beneath that mound of blankets sprouting arms and feet from strange places. He was sure that was so but found he needed to confirm it. Back down the stairs.

It was brighter now. Aki spotted bleached blond hair and black on the couch. Masahiro and Kousuke spooning. He peered at the floor. Nearest him was Shinosuke with Kanako's head on his chest. His was the arm Aki had almost stumbled on. Then a younger girl Aki didn't know. Beyond her, another young woman – Ren's schoolmate Kiri. Haruhi was sideways along their feet. The young women forming a sort of barrier wall around the youngest.

Aki moved to the next row. A lump underneath a blanket turned out to be Shinobu, curled up into a ball. Kensuke was full length on top of Asaya – Aki wondered how Asaya could even breathe. Kensuke was pretty small, smaller than Ren even after that last growth spurt brought Ren up to Aki's height. Facing each other, Mafuyu's head was tucked beneath Uenoyama's chin like a hamster burrowing in. Uenoyama was very cute when he slept. Awake he was more intense.

Aki had almost completed a circle around the futons. Juuzen was sprawled out face down, sideways like Haruhi. That meant the last two bodies – one had to be Shima.

It was three bodies. Shima facing Kanazuki Reiko, her fox a tiny fluffball between them. And just barely visible at the edge of the blanket covering them...their hands touching.

Aki jumped back, then snatched at a lamp he bumped with his elbow before it could crash to the floor. He retreated up to his own room this time, shaken. That was how Shima and Aki slept – holding hands. Why was he doing that with her? We don't even know her! How could he? Shima's never that comfortable with anyone but me – especially women! He never stays overnight with anyone beyond dozing off for a bit after sex and waiting for the morning trains. Like me. He's like me...isn't he?

Lost in his thoughts, Aki didn't hear the door open. 

Shima didn't know what had woken him up. He blinked, taking a moment to get oriented. Reiko was facing him, their heads close enough to both be tickled by the soft fuzz of Izuna's little curled-up body. She has very long eyelashes, he noted. A lock of midnight-black hair was caught in them and he brushed it away, let his hand linger on her soft cheek.

He snatched it back. And his other with hers resting on it. Her hand was very small compared to his. He felt the urge to trace the lines on her palm but resisted.

::Brother not happy.:: Izuna told him without any indication that she was awake.

Huh? Why would Haru be upset?

::Not Handsome brother. Twin.::

Aki's handsome! Unless you don't think I am either? We look alike, you know.

::I have high standards. Tsuzuki-sama is number one Handsome, but he's gone. You are for Reiko-sama. Haru is for me. I'll share with Ren until I find a fox-mate.::

Shima chuckled at that, trying to ignore the part about Reiko. Even female foxes fall for Haru! I wonder what you thought of Asami-sama.

::Most excellent scary! Too much. Mate is prettier than Izuna, not good. You go talk with your twin. He is afraid that you leave him behind.::

That didn't make sense. Why would he think that? Shima glanced again at his hand beneath Reiko's. Oh. Very carefully, Shima extricated himself, found his glasses, and climbed the stairs on silent, bare feet.

Aki was sitting on his bed facing the far wall, wrapped in his comforter. What do I say? How do I handle this? Aki was sensitive like Haru, though more prone to hot-headed outbursts where Haru would turn ice cold when truly hurting or angry. Shima was the detached and rational one who knew when to back off and leave them alone to sort things out. Not this time. He felt it, what Kousuke had said last night in the dark. Tell him how I feel or risk losing him.

“Aki? When did you get home? Why didn't you wake me up?”

Aki didn't turn to face him, just stiffened. “No need to wake you. I'm going to sleep anyway. I only slept for maybe two hours in the karaoke room we rented.”

“How's everyone?” Shima sat on the bed, tugged at the thick comforter until Aki released his grip. Shima wrapped it around both of them, shoulder to shoulder beside each other.

“Same as always. You didn't miss anything.” Aki relaxed a little more, let his head knock against Shima's gently.

“You missed a lot, it turned out.”

“So I gathered, seeing everyone scattered on the floor downstairs,” Aki said with a touch of resentment.

Shima told him about it all, starting with his conversation with Kousuke and ending by talking about Reiko and Izuna and how they fell asleep getting to know each other better after the movie. The brothers migrated from sitting to laying down and staring at the ceiling, holding hands.

Aki scoffed at first, then fell silent and listened. Once Shima reached the end, he asked, “You're serious?”

“Pinky swear. I'm sure she'll demonstrate if you ask nicely. And Izuna will probably talk in your head much more than you'd like.”

::I will. Greetings, Aki, twin of Shima-sama.::

Aki jolted, then tried to laugh it off. “That's fucking weird. And why are you -sama but not me?”


::Shima-sama mate with Reiko-sama. Beautiful Reiko-sama babies! Cute, cute!::

Aki flipped onto his side and stared at Shima, who could only shrug. “Apparently, I don't have any choice in the matter. Izuna has decreed it.”

“You could act a little upset about the idea.”

“I don't know her well enough yet to say. I do want to get to know her better. I'm...drawn to her. She's different from anyone we've ever met, Aki. She's very honest.”

“You sure she didn't put a spell on you or something?” Aki was putting a lot of effort into appearing nonchalant.

::Oldest spell. Most natural spell ever cast. You will see, Aki. Soon for you as well. Strong, but weak for you.::

“What the hell does that mean?”

“No idea,” Shima told him. But he suspected. Handsome or pretty? Izuna only laughed in his head.

::Breakfast!:: Izuna announced.

“I think that means people are waking up. Are you going to join us and meet her or do you want to sleep?”

“How can I sleep when I haven't witnessed stuff floating around? I need to see it to believe it, no matter how many pinky swears you give me.”

“Let's go then.” Shima got out of bed and Aki followed. Together, Shima's arm around Aki's shoulder, they joined the sleepy, rumpled crowd downstairs.

This time, Reiko wouldn't have to compete for her boyfriend's attention. Aki and Shima would always be close, but not to the exclusion of their loved ones. They were also ready to widen their circle of friends and forge new connections.


You know, now that I've added magic with Reiko and Izuna, I can't just drop it. I'm not going to go full urban fantasy though, just in case you were worrying. The Tokyo Yaoiverse revolves around love magic only! Sexy love magic! See you again soon!