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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey of Liberty

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Deep inside a forest under the warmth of a summer day, where the birds are singing, the sun glazing down and the fresh scent of leaves and flowers fills the air...A strange scene is about to happen.


A little tree stump is upon the grass, little snores escaping it...And no one was around to see this odd sight. No one but a strange bird. With a voracious red beak, weirdly oversize eyes and a meek body...An Archen approached the sleeping log. He pecked at it once...Then twice, and a third time.


It peered on the top of the stump for a moment, inside was a looming shadow. The bird tilted it head before giving one strong peck at it. A scream filled the area in an instant while the attacker bounced back, flailing its wings about in response.


“What the fuck man?” The stump responded, floating into the air as a little shadow began to unravel itself from within, trying to reach the top of his head with its little stubby hands and eyes shut from the pain.


Meanwhile the other creature backed up in astonishment. “Y-You're a Phantump! I heard of your kind, but I never thought I'd see a live one!” The raptor-like bird said, beak agape.


“And you're a dick. What the hell are you thinking?” The ghost replied back, looking angrily at him. It then spun on itself, trying to take a good look at itself. Meanwhile the bird tilted it head, one wing toward it mouth.


“Um...Looking for food?”


“Do I look like food?” The ghost replied in a irritated manner.


“U-Um...No?” The other meekly replied.




For a moment, the Phantump used it entire body to remove its wooden head, effectively getting rid of it while the Archen let out a instant yelp, panicking and raising his wings upward to himself. “W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!” The stump hit up the grass as the ghost gave out a sight of relief.


“Getting some fresh air” It replied with a relaxed look before floating away. The other blinking at the sight.


“Phantump! Phantump wait!” The Archen shouted from behind, jumping frantically while flapping its wings. It didn't take long before he realized there was no stopping the strange phantom. He picked up the head piece with his beak, spun on himself and threw it toward the ghost, who get slammed toward a nearby tree before falling down like a rock on the ground.


The bird rushed to it side, both wings in the air and sporting an angry look. “LISTEN! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT GETTING RID OF THAT THING IS LIKE PLUCKING OUT MY FEATHERS!” It screeches in disdain toward the ghost. Meanwhile the other tried once more to rub the affected area where he was hit, unable to do so with its little hands.


“I don't know what's your problem. You wake me up by hitting me, then you shank me a good one.” The ghost angrily says at the other.


“Shank? I could have used my teeth!”


“Whatever. This dream sucks, I want to wake up.” The ghost pleaded, trying to cross its little arms together as it lied on the ground and looking annoyed.


“Dream?!?! This isn't a dream!” The Archen used its feathers, spreading it across the body of the ghost. “This is a hundred percent real! And you're just abandoning a part of you!”


The spirit arise for a moment as the avian withdrew himself. “Well this is awfully feeling all real, but there is no way this is true. I'll probably wake up in any moment now, and you won't be a problem anymore.”


“E-Excuse me?!” The other shook his head for a moment. “By Arceus, hear yourself! Did you fall on your head or something?” Not a moment passed as the ghost immediately darted the Archen with its eyes. The other realized his mistake, eyes wide and one wing toward its mouth. “E-Err...My bad..I didn't think ghosts could get hit this way...” Phantump took a more calming pose, almost crossing his arms again.


“Hm...Well, if this isn't a dream, then that'd be odd.” He said as he began floating around the bird, the other looking at him unsure of what was going on. “First.” The Phantump tried to place one hand behind its back, and one hand up. “I forgot all of my memories. This is very usual in my dreams. I can't recall anything at all, just that I am in a dream and that I am enjoying myself!” It began to explain with a upfront tone.


“Second, I'm floating, I don't have floating powers if I recall!” It look at itself again. “Or a dark body.” The Archen kept watching in bewilderment. “And third. This is usually the part where you become a hot girl and get between my legs.” He paused, looking straight at the bird.


The other, with one eye half-closed and a disgusted look, respond back. “A girl? And...Legs?” He took a moment to look at the ghost, he didn't have legs, only a dandling tentacle-like end to its body.


“You don't have legs.” He finally responded, yet the ghost keep staring at him. “What are you doing?”


“I'm trying to transform you into a girl, and focusing myself to become me again.” The shadowy being responded, eyes locked on the bird.


“Um...I'm gonna go now.” The bird pointed toward behind himself as he backed up, then began to run away.


“Ah! Wait!” The ghost quickly set himself in front of the Archen, who screamed and then went the other way. This time the Phantump placed its hands in front of itself as it went in front of him again. “Stop! I'm not gonna turn you, just that I want to talk.” The Archen stopped.


“You're not gonna curse me...Right? I don't wanna be a girl...” He covered his body with its wings, shaking.


“No no, I'm not gonna do that, it just the more this is going on the more this feels real. Maybe you're right. What are you anyway?”


The bird tilted his head. “Um...Archen? I'm not well known and I don't have a family, but I live nearby in happy town.”


“Happy town? Okay, this is a dream, I get it.”


The ghost sighed while the Archen shouted. “Hey! I didn't choose that silly name okay? This is really what it's called!”


“And what are you doing in the woods if you live in a town?”


“I'm here to eat food!”


“Like me?”


“NO!” The bird shook its head. “I'm here to eat little insects and berries! I thought you...Well your head would be full of those!” For a moment the ghost look back at the stump. It was just a hollow shell with leaves on it.


“Well I won't need it anymore. That thing feels awkward on my head, and you can't just tell me to get it back on.”


With a look of pity, the Archen ask. “Why do you want to take it off so bad anyway? And why did you say legs? What were you before...?” The ghost looks back to him.


“If this is a dream, you should know the answer!” He said smugly, trying to cross its stubby hands once more.


“I really don't know. I know ghost types are...Weird, and are said to be from dead pokemons but...Don't you guys also have eggs?” He shook his head once more. “I mean, the more I look at you, the more I think you're just crazy!”


“Fine, I am a human! And if I recall...” The ghost took a pose of ponder for a moment, meanwhile the Archen whispered human under his breathe, trying to think of what the species would look like. His mind filled with strange creatures with very long legs, or one simply made out of legs.


“I recall...” The Phantom raised one of his hand toward the sky, as if he found the meaning. “...Nope, I can't recall anything.” He sighed while looking away.


“So you really don't have any memories?” The Archen ask, then for a moment he jumped. “WAIT! DID YOU JUST BECAME A GHOST?!?!?!” He shouted aloud, both wings on the top of his head.


“I guess so, not that I care much. It still feels like a dream.” The other respond back trying to place its little arms behind its neck.


“That's it, I'm taking you to happy town. I'm sure someone will be able to help you out!” He said with a determined voice.


“Hm, I might as well, not like I have other things to do.” The Phantump takes a moment to look around. “This forest looks good, but doesn't have anything I like.” Once again, the bird gives him a concerned look.


“Don't your kind love the woods...? Like I've heard tales of Phantumps and Treverants protecting this very place!” He then shook himself and placed his wings toward the fallen stump. “This is...WAS your head for Arceus's sake!”


“Well, it doesn't matter anymore” The other respond back, not giving a care and floating a bit away from the bird before stopping.


Archen crossed his wings for a moment, looking at shadow. “Well? Are you sure you don't want it?”


“Of course not. I felt trapped in that thing.”


Good. Let's go!” He began to walk away. The ghost followed him by. “A spirit of the forest who refuses to sport wood...Wait until the others hear of you! I bet they'll be mad.” He said, still wings crossed.


“I don't see what's wrong with that, you're making a big deal out of it.” The bird shook its head.


“It just that...It's like a Cubone without its bones or a Timburr without a wood plank. Their species goes hands in hands with the items they carry, and it is almost unheard of that a pokemon will outright remove a part of what makes them!”


“It's just shit, not like it is special in anyway.”


“Why do you have such a foul mouth? Why, I'd scrub your mouth if I could!”


“You said you didn't even know about my kind!” The ghost rose its hand as it explained.


“I said I never saw your kind before, not known! Your species is the reason why the townsfolk takes great care for the forest. Without you, there would not be an inch of grass here! I swear!”


“And why is that?”


“Well, I might as well explain the whole story of Happy town then!” The ghost rolled his eyes while the Archen began to talk once more.


“A long, long time ago, this forest was filled with gigantic trees!” He waved in the air, his sight turning to a gaze of amazement. “Pokemons of all kind used to inhabit the woods, living peacefully and just having a good time! These trees would provide everything the people need! Everyone was happy!” The Archen paused for a moment. “But then you had other pokemons coming from far away that began to rip off the trees one by one, using the wood to create a big building far, far away.”


“Nobody knows why, or when that happened, but the people has been counting these stories for generations now. And what happened is that a big fire took over the forest. It killed many pokemons who couldn't run away.” The bird looks back at the shadow, who is just looking toward them, sporting a bored look.


“Anyway, from those dead arose the spirits of Phantrumps and Treverants. If the story is true, they used their own body to control the trees and shook away the flames.” For a moment, the Phantump looks at himself, wiggling his stubby little arms. “The trees didn't make it, but from them arose a new forest and...This is the forest now!” The bird looks around. “The invaders tried to come back, but they were swept away by the ghosts living there afterward. The remaining people took over and made the town that is now called Happy town!”


“Wait, this doesn't explain the name.” The ghost said, meanwhile Archen looks back at it.


“Well...The town itself didn't have a name for a while, but you'll see why in a moment...” They reached a cliff overlooking a massive tree standing on a sort of giant hill. Around it appears to be a small village, and a of hollow cave beneath the hill. The Phantump took a moment to rub its eyes while the bird rose its arms, happy to reveal the sight.


“THIS is Happy town! That giant tree is actually the town's local Guild for adventurers, rescuers and in general everything that upkeep the town! It is said to have so many compartment it is easy to get lost inside! Around it you will find the living area for housing, markets, schools and pretty much everything! You'll find LOTS of pokemons in there, and many travelers who comes to see what happy has! Below the tree you will find a cave with shady pokemons, but rest assured this town is safe thanks to all the pokemons who works hard to keep it that way!”


“Wow, and here I thought you were counting bullshit.”


“Language!” The Archen jumped out angrily. “...Anyway, if you need answers, you'll find them all there! You said you were a human, right? Maybe the guild knows about them!” The Archen continued, taking a few step toward the cliff then looking down. “Here, come see.” He ask while looking down the cliff. Meanwhile the ghost backed up and shook its head before lowering itself to the ground to peek down. Below them seems to be more forest leading to what appear to be some sort of temple.


“Below us is a mystery dungeon!” The Archen takes a moment to look at the reaction of the Phantump, who gave him a confused look.


“Yep, this is a dream.” The bird rolled up his eyes, but then smiled.


“A mystery dungeon is a magical place where everything changes each times you step in them. Nobody knows why, or how but you can find strange things in them, and meet all sort of pokemons! You never know what you'll get in them!” The bird's eyes lit up while explaining. “But then how can you find your way back? Or the end? How do you even get out if everything changes inside?”


“Well, this is the secret! Nobody knows why but you can always find your way back!” The Archen says while looking down. “...Well! I think this is time for us to go to the big tree!” The bird rose up, flapping its wings.


“H-HUH? You're not actually gonna fly there, right?” The little ghost gave a worried look.


“Of course! You can fly, so why wouldn't that be a problem?”


“Er...” But before the shadow pokemon could respond, the other jumps out and glide toward the town.


“WAIT!” The other shouted.


“Hahaha! Come on! Don't stand there, join me!” The other shouted happily. The Phantump took a moment to look down again, then made himself float before taking a deep breathe and letting himself fly over the huge gap....Then realizing he can indeed fly. Smiling to himself, he quickly joined the side of the other pokemon spinning and flying around him.


“I can fly! Oh my god this is amazing!” The stumpless Phantump let out, completely stumped out and letting out a hearty laugh.


The little shadow swayed itself in the air in amusement while the Archen kept himself steady with his frail wings. The two enjoying themselves as they kept coming closer to the big tree and the town. For a moment the Phantump spun around to look at everything, from the forest to the far away mountains. He could also see the sea at a distance. Its eyes look back at the monument they were looking at earlier.


“Say, Archen, maybe we should go take a look at that mystery dungeon?”


“What? No! All I have is my beak to pick up stuff! I'd need to get through the guild first and I don't want that! Once we get there, you're on your own buddy! I suggest joining a team once you'll be there!”


“Hm? Why not?”


“Why not? I like my freedom! Once you join a team, you have to be committed! You can't shirk work or let down someone in trouble! You must absolutely see through your schedule and no matter what happens, if you are at fault, then your name is sullied for a long, long time!” The Archen responded, annoyed.


Meanwhile the ghost responded back with a laugh. “...Yeah, right. This is why you've dedicated yourself in trying to put back my crassy stump.”


“It's not crass, that thing is your soul! You can't simply ditch something that makes you...You!” The ghost kept laughing “Why...I'd never thought I'd see the day a pokemon would refuse something that makes them unique!”


“Its not very unique if every single one of the species sports the same thing, right?” The ghost flipped on itself. “Beside that helmet hid most of my view!”


“Hm, you got a point there. I'm still worried, some pokemons just can't go without their keepsakes, it makes them go crazy eventually, and I wouldn't want to hear about a ghost cursing people over that!”


“Don't worry, I won't. No way in hell this will happen!” The bird shook his head for a moment.


“Ack- Who am I kidding? It's not even that! Pokemons these days are more jittery than ever for some reasons, and many goes completely bonkers almost every day! I'm not sure what's going on but I can assure you, I don't want anything to do with it! I've seen pokemons turn right around when you least expect it and I wouldn't want to see that again.”


“Oh? Like who?”


“Oh please, as if I'd tell you! These pokemons merit at least some privacy...Even if their behaviors were radically changed. Either way, all pokemons that has done misdeeds will eventually end up in a prison. You'll find a jailing compartment in the tree, and somewhere else in town. Most are sent out far away where they can't hurt anyone. Pray to never end up in there! Thought...” The Archen takes a good look at the other pokemon. “...I'm quite sure evading certainly won't be a problem for you!” He let out a good laugh that cracks up into a nervous one before shaking his head.


“...So...Human, what will you do?” The Archen ask, looking at the shadow. For a moment, the spirit watched the bird before giving his answer.


“Well...I have a feeling this might just be a dream and I'll wake up anytime soon...” It took a moment to look at itself. “The more I look at myself, the more I realize it isn't the case for some reasons.” It waved it tentacle-like tip of his body in front of itself. “Hell, using this feels weird, like a tongue but everyone can see it!”


The Archen gave it a peculiar look before focusing back at the big tree, the two of them were almost there. The tree had several windows, gigantic ornaments some balconies and what appears to be rooms on certain branches. One balcony had pelippers and other bird types pokemons coming in and out. Around the tree they could see some shops along with lots of pokemons hanging about.


“Hey...Now that I think about it, I never told you my name, didn't I? And you said Archen was just your species name?” The shadow finally ask. The Archen looks back at him for a moment.


“My name and species is Archen, I just don't really know where I came from but for as long as I've recalled I've lived in this town! People never saw my kind...Except for one Pokemon named Alakazam who gave me the name. He said in his travel that he came across my kind...Thought that was in a mystery dungeon.”


“Huh? And you said you had no will of going into one, right?”


“That's right! I feel just at home here! Why would I try finding back my species when I can just settle in and have a good time?” The two of them reached down the ground nearby of the gigantic tree, some commoners nearby giving them peculiar looks while going on their daily business. Pokemons entering and exiting the entrance of the big tree.


“Welcome to the Guild, human!” The bird bowed down toward the spirit.


“Ah...I never told you my name. It was...” The ghost pondered for a moment. “...Honestly, I can't recall.” The Archen rose it beak toward the other.


“Huh? Human isn't your name?”


“No way, who would call each others like that?” The bird took a moment to look around the two of them.


“Surprisingly...Pokemons here do that all the times!” The Archen spread his wings saying so.


The bird tilted his head for a moment. “Er...I'm not good at goodbyes but I hope you find what you want in there.”


“You're not coming?” The shadow figure ask trying to point the entrance of the guild with one of its stubby hands


“No...Like I said I'll be parting ways.” The raptor-like pokemon said pointing back with his wing.


“Alright, have a good one Archen.”


“Bye! ...And sorry for pecking you back there.”


“Don't worry, that's forgotten already.”


The Archen began to walk away toward the shops, meanwhile the Phantump with no stump looks back at the big tree for a moment, admiring the gigantic size before looking back at the entrance.