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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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There was something with Merel. The way she smiled at her every time their eyes met with that little twinkle in her eyes, how she made sure their fingers touched when Charlotte handed her something from the cupboard. She might not have said a single word yet, but her entire body betrayed her. Merel had something on her mind and Charlotte had no idea what to expect.

The guitarist had gotten a lot more comfortable in the group. At first she hadn’t been keen on swimming topless, but after a few minutes she seemed to have forgotten about it. She dared to suggest what they should do during the day, what to eat, and she seemed to put her everything into the games they played. She even seemed to get over her fear of Furious Tarja.

Charlotte turned out to be right over Merel’s secret. Once the table was ready for breakfast, the guitarist grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the living room. She was surprised when Merel pushed her down on the couch and looked down at her with a grin. The blonde’s lower lip was caught between her teeth as she crawled on top of the singer’s lap, straddling her with a knee at each side. Gently she cupped Charlotte’s face, looked her in the eye, and then closed the distance between them.

Merel’s mouth felt warm on her lips, but it still wasn’t enough to wake the fire within her. She could feel how the blonde did her best, how she kissed her with all the passion she had in her tiny body. Her hand stroked one side of Charlotte’s neck as she pressed her breasts against the singer’s. Her breath hovered over the freckles before they were kissed, her lips making her way towards the redhead’s neck. A soft moan sounded when they reached their destination. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t Floor who was kissing her neck. It was the most vulnerable spot of her body and she had no control when it was touched.

Without really thinking what she was doing, Charlotte let her hands travel up the guitarist’s thighs again. She let them slip under the shirt the girl was wearing and softly stroked the skin that felt surprisingly cold. It was only when she suddenly felt a small hand cupping her breast that she started realizing what they were doing. She took a hold of Merel’s hand and pulled back from the kiss, looking the blonde in the eye.

‘You’re confident.’

‘I-yes…’ Merel mumbled as her cheeks turned slightly pink. ‘I asked Tarja for some tips.’

‘Of all people, you asked Tarja?’

‘Well, yes… From what I’ve seen she knows what to do with women and I… I’ve never been with a woman before, but I like it. You’ve really opened my eyes.’

‘You’re becoming quite a charmer, aren’t you?’

‘Well, not without you. You put the Char in charmer.’ Merel smiled, receiving an eye roll from the singer. ‘You know, at first I thought something was going on between you and Floor, but I’m glad I was wrong. I was also very wrong about what I thought would happen during this trip, I mean… I didn’t think I would ever lose an air guitar battle.’

Charlotte laughed as she remembered the battle of the previous evening before the silence returned. Gently Merel freed her hand and gathered a few strands of red hair, curling it around her finger with a soft smile. Slowly the meaning of her words sank in. She was glad there was nothing between Floor and Charlotte. But she was wrong, a lot of things were going on between the singers. There was jealousy and tension, but also so much love. Merel would probably be disappointed if she found out, but it was better than hurting her.

‘Believe me, there are a lot of things you’re wrong about.’

Without another word Charlotte carefully pushed the guitarist off her lap and got up. She didn’t dare to look back as she climbed the stairs, she had to get away from the girl. Carefully she opened the door to her bedroom and did her best to close it again without making a single sound. She sat down next to Floor’s sleeping form and softly kissed her cheek. Floor stirred for a moment, then she opened her eyes.

‘What time is it?’

‘You know that I love you, right?’ Charlotte asked without answering her girlfriend’s question.

Within a second all sleep seemed to leave Floor’s body. Her eyes were wide open, her face became serious.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Merel kissed me.’ Charlotte mumbled. ‘I mean, I kissed her first, a few days ago, but I swear it didn’t mean anything. I only love you.’

‘I know.’

Floor sat up and pulled her into her arms. Just this small gesture, the feeling of those strong arms around her, was enough to wake the butterflies. It was a feeling she would never get used to, and she cherished every bit of it.

‘Look, I hate it when you act all clingy with Merel, it makes me so angry to see you flirt with someone else. I know that it doesn’t mean anything, I know that you love me, and you have to know that the only reason I’m so jealous is because I love you too. To be honest I’m quite offended that you’re not jealous.’

‘That’s because you and Sharon are both terrible at flirting.’

‘True.’ Floor sighed. ‘You don’t have to worry about Sharon, and I know I don’t have to worry about Merel, but it’s just stronger than myself. I’ll be so glad when all of this is over tomorrow, and I wish I could promise you to stay calm, but you know I can’t do that. The only thing I can promise you is that I love you, that I know that you love me and that you don’t ever have to worry about that.’

Floor sealed her words with a kiss. It was just a brief meeting of their lips, but it was exactly what Charlotte needed. Floor easily scared people, but she was also so good and comforting her. Charlotte knew she was hurting her girlfriend, and Floor still assured her she loved her. Just two more days, and then they could truly be together again. Just two more very long days…