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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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Hands trailed along Sharon’s hips and lower stomach while fingers fiddled with the hem of her tank-top. The scent of the water in the lake still lingered on the women’s skin, throwing Sharon back to the sight of Tarja’s wet and naked chest. Lips descended from the back of Sharon’s ear to her neck, awaken the arousal and longing for the woman who occupied every corner of her heart.  

Moaning as lips finally connected to each other, Sharon’s ruby top went up towards her chest, soft palms moving over the goosebumps collecting on her stomach.


The touch was so familiar that she felt like crying, the care and the gentleness almost becoming too much for Sharon’s resolve. For the past few days she had been aching for this. Turning Tarja down every night she had wanted to have sex, having to endure the betrayal and confusion she had seen in Tarja’s eyes every time she had shown an interest towards Floor.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” Tarja whispered as her hands travelled further up and cupped Sharon’s breasts, her nipples perking up at the attention. With her back making a minor thud against the bedroom wall, Sharon placed her forearms across Tarja’s shoulders and pulled her even closer. The smells and the touches held a comfortable familiarity to them and were almost too easy to fall right back into. In this scenario she had her, she had the woman she loved. Physically she was there, but her heart and mind may not.

But Sharon needed to know. She had to know where they stood. One more year of this would be too much of a strain on her heart. The insecurity and fear of abandonment seized her and made her limbs feel heavy.

“Wait, I can’t…”

“Can’t wait to do this?”

Placing her knee between Sharon’s legs, Tarja started rolling her nipples between her fingers while biting down on a full, pink lower lip.

“No, I… please stop.”

“It’s okay. We can wait until tonight. Or maybe you would rather sleep with Floor?”

She said it like it was a fleeting thing, an alternative that Sharon wouldn’t choose. But that was all she had been doing during this trip, and the fact that Tarja hadn’t questioned her decision to do so made her heart ache even more.

“So that’s how it’s going to be, huh? You and Floor?” Tarja said, slowly backing away from the other woman while dragging her fingers through her long, black hair.

“I mean yeah sure, she’s awesome and beautiful… and tall. Go right ahead.”

The smallest spark of rage erupted in Sharon’s chest at the flippancy in the other woman’s voice. How could anyone be that dense? Sharon hadn’t been with anyone other than Tarja since their “friends with benefits” deal began, something that the Finn was very much aware of. And yet she couldn’t connect the pieces.

“Fine! And then maybe I’ll fuck Charlotte and Merel too!” Sharon shouted while her palms connected with Tarja’s clavicles and pushing her backwards, the brunette disappearing through the doorway and leaving the Finn behind. To Sharon the words had been empty but hopefully they would ring louder to the other woman. The brunette could only hope.  

With disbelief and anger clouding her mind, Sharon stomped into the living room and noticed how the other women’s faces were glued to the TV screen.


“Um. Excuse me, but who the hell are you?”

“Carmilla. I’m your new roommate, sweetheart.”

The casual entrance of the lesbian vampire set off Charlotte’s inner fangirl, the redhead’s squeals covering up the sound of the theme song. At this point, Sharon had lost count on how many times they had watched Carmilla together. Crying over the season 1 ending and the Hollstein/Hollence ship wars. Of course Floor and Charlotte would be team Hollence, Danny practically looked like their lovechild.

Sitting down next to Floor’s armchair, Sharon leaned into the furniture and sighed in delight as the tall woman started to run her hand through her hair, the calmness of the moment taking her away from the current chaos that seemed to surround the woman in the other room.