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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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Charlotte just loved under-water sounds. Ever since she was a child she would cover her ears with her hands to simulate the distorted sounds. She could hear her own blood running through her veins, noises that normally weren’t recognizable. It was as if she listened to a language she didn’t understand, an unknown world, and it fascinated her. But nothing was comparable to actually listening to what happened under water.

Charlotte could hear the movements the other women made. She could hear the water moving and the blood rushing in her head. She heard happy laughs and talking without understanding what was being said, but she clearly heard Tarja’s shout.

‘I feel like a water pokémon!’

Once again laughter sounded and Charlotte was unable to continue laying still in the water. She lifted her head and placed her feet on the ground as she too laughed at the stupid joke, smiling as she noticed how close she stood to Floor. Her girlfriend’s beautiful naked skin was so close and her hands were itching to touch it for just a second, but she knew she couldn’t. Just a few more days, and then Floor would be all hers again.

For now, looking at Merel’s skin would have to do. The guitarist sat on a towel next to the lake, enjoying the sun that had replaced the rainclouds from the previous day. Charlotte could already imagine what her own face would look like the next day. Freckles would cover almost her entire face and shoulders and Floor would take the challenge to count and kiss them all. Merel didn’t have to worry about that. There was not a single freckle on her body and Charlotte wondered if the girl was even able to tan.

‘Merel, come join us!’ Tarja suddenly shouted. ‘You’re going to dry out. The wetter the better!’

Charlotte could almost hear Sharon’s eye roll, but Floor moved before anyone could comment. Confidently she made her way towards the young guitarist. Merel looked at her with a frown and let out a scream as Floor grabbed her arm. With a simple movement Merel was lifted into the air and carried into the water while she kept fighting to get free. Sharon and Tarja laughed at the scene, but Charlotte only had eye for the muscles of her girlfriend.

Another scream sounded as Floor let go of Merel and she fell into the water. The scream was followed by a series of loud curses and laughs from the others. Charlotte only smiled before she swam towards the girl.

‘You make a lot of noise for such a little girl.’ The redhead smiled before wrapping her arms around Merel’s waist. ‘Come here, I’ll protect you from Metal Xena.’

Merel returned the gesture, wrapping her arms around Charlotte’s body and standing on her toes. A light kiss was placed on the corner of her lips while alarms went off in the redhead’s mind. Charlotte’s eyes immediately travelled to Floor who seemed anything but happy. She could see how the muscles she had just been admiring were clenching, how Floor did her best to stay calm and eventually turning her back to them. Floor easily wrapped her arm around Sharon’s shoulders, whispered something in her ear, and then made her way towards the cabin again. Now Charlotte knew exactly knew how her girlfriend must feel.

‘When are you going to quit that act with Floor?’ Tarja asked as she saw the way Sharon looked at Floor’s ass. ‘She’s just sex on very long legs.’

‘If there’s anyone who’s just sex on legs, it’s you Tarja.’

‘I thought I was a scheetje?’

‘That too.’ Sharon said. ‘Anyway, I’m going to join Floor, I’m hungry.’

‘Are you going to eat out together?’

‘No, we’ll eat sandwiches, with peanutbutter unfortunately since someone ate all the Nutella yesterday.’

Something wasn’t right. Sharon and Tarja were best friends, even with benefits, but something had definitely changed between them. Charlotte had known Sharon for a long time now, way longer than any other of the women. Sharon was a person who fell in love. If she cared deeply about someone she would care about them for the rest of her life. But for some reason, she suddenly seemed to care more about Floor than about Tarja. Something definitely was wrong with Sharon and the one person who probably was the cause of it didn’t seem to notice it.

Tarja just grinned and let herself fall backwards into the water again. She groaned as one of her breasts escaped her bikini top and Charlotte could feel the girl in her arms tense up at what happened next. Tarja unclasped the top and tied it to her bikini bottom before lying down again, her boobs sticking out of the water.

‘What… is she doing?’

‘The top was annoying me.’ Tarja mumbled. ‘You should do the same, release the boobies!’

‘She’s right.’ Charlotte smiled, receiving a strange look from Merel. ‘The tops are annoying, we’re all women, why not?’

She was already untying the knot on her back as she said the words. Charlotte also tied the piece of clothing on her bikini bottom and she grinned as she looked up again. Merel was staring at her breasts. Or doing her best not to.

‘I had no idea you had a nipple piercing.’ Merel said surprised.

‘Oh, believe me, there’s a lot you don’t know about me. Come on it’s your turn, release those boobies.’

Charlotte easily noticed the fear in the girl’s eyes. She wanted Merel to feel comfortable enough to walk around topless, but she didn’t want to force her to do something she didn’t want. Carefully she grabbed the strings of the guitarist’s bikini top, promising herself to stop at the slightest sign of reluctance. There was none. Merel let her take off the top, blushing once her breast were revealed. They were small, just like the girl herself and they perfectly fitted Merel. Lightly Charlotte ran a single finger over the girl’s skin. Over her abdomen, her navel and eventually the sides of her breasts. They were so different from Floor’s, it almost felt uncomfortable to touch them.

‘Whoa, what’s with all those boobs?’

Charlotte and Merel jumped apart as Sharon’s voice sounded. The brunette smiled while she also took off her top, but the redhead only had eyes for her girlfriend. Floor looked like she was ready to kill someone, either Charlotte or Merel. The anger was visible in her motions as she followed the example of the other women and took off her top before stepping into the water again.
Charlotte sighed. She liked spending time with Merel and the guitarist was incredibly cute and fun to flirt with, but this wasn’t worth it. She was hurting Floor, something she’d sworn she would never do.

And yet, here she was. Hurting the one woman she loved the most and hoping this trip would be over soon.