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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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“Ice-cream scoop… rubber bands… 15 euros worth of coins… label mak- WHY DO WE HAVE A LABEL MAKER IN THE KITCHEN DRAWER?!” Floor shouted while the sound of her rummaging through the drawers reached the women in the next room, Merel and Sharon busy with moving the armchair and couch out of the way so they could unfold the Twister mat and put it on the floor.

“Remember the summer of 2010? When Charlotte had a fit over us helping her in the kitchen, messing up the containers and putting them in the wrong places in the fridge? And then she stormed out of the house and came back with a label maker, slamming her fingers down on the keys while she made the labels? Putting them in every corner of the fridge and freezer, the cupboards, and even sticking them to our foreheads with the word Idiot in capital letters?”

Entering the living room at the end of Tarja’s retelling with a blush that put the color of a tomato to shame, Charlotte placed the soda cans and bottles she had been carrying on the counter below the archway separating the kitchen from the living room.

“Now that you mention it… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Charlotte that pissed before…” Floor added, placing the bottle opener she had been looking for next to the bottles on the counter. The brunette’s and the redhead’s eyes met, something passing between them that Sharon couldn’t interpret. Not that she cared much anyway, not when Tarja was bending down to unfold the Twister mat, her ass looking particularly squeezable in the short jeans shorts she wore and driving Sharon completely insane.

“Orgy time, ladies! Don’t apologize for accidentally rubbing things in my face.”

“Prepare your face for my foot then.” Floor said while casually walking past a pouting Tarja, the friendly jab lifting the general mood in the room.

Gathering around the mat, and after deciding that Merel would be the one to spin the arrow on the board, the game was on.

“Right hand blue.”

Twister was a regular occurrence at the cabin and was approached differently by each woman. Charlotte and Tarja always tried to outdo themselves when it came to their flexibility, trying to make the game more complicated than it needed to be, Sharon huffing and puffing through the whole thing, and Floor-

“Remember, if you fall, I’ll be there.”

Yes, Floor had to make that comment every single time they played this game, usually followed by pained groans from the other women due to the sheer ridiculousness. On the other hand, she was usually the one to lose first, but it didn’t seem to bother the tall brunette as long as she could say her catchphrase.  

“Left foot yellow.”

After spending the night before and morning trying to flirt with Floor, it felt more awkward than usual to be almost resting her head on her hip. Stupid game. Sharon was well prepared with bad pick-up lines after googling on them right after waking up that morning. This one would be impossible for Tarja to ignore.

“Is there a magnet in your pants?” Sharon said while trying her hardest not to cringe, booping her nose against Floor’s butt cheek.


“Cause I’m attracted to your buns of steel!”

And for one of the women, that pick-up line became too much. Pig like grunts accompanied by a loud laugh had Tarja doubling over, her hands and feet leaving the mat.

“Oh my god Sharon, what the fuck was that?! That was awesome!”

“That’s…just… oh shut up, scheetje!”

Quiet giggles came from both Merel and Charlotte, Floor looking more uncomfortable by the second while she discretely tried to move her ass away from Sharon’s face.

“Tarja, are you in or…”

“Screw that, I can barely breathe!” the woman exclaimed in a breathless manner while she grabbed the board and sat down cross-legged next to the mat, a frown soon taking over her brow.

“Wait, what does sch- nah don’t care, I’ll handle this. Right foot green”

Perfect nickname for the perfect person. No, definitely not perfect. Just a fart. A tiny fart. Yeah, she would keep it. Maybe try to annoy Tarja with the name until she cracked. But cracking from such an easy thing as humor wasn’t the objective. And just flirting with Floor didn’t seem to be working.

Sharon needed to get handsy yet again.  

Putting her foot on the green dot and nearly colliding with one of Merel’s, Sharon couldn’t ignore the “subtle” way Charlotte twisted her body around so that her chest was at the same level as Merel’s face.

Seriously… were they a thing now?


Soda, Mario Kart with two controls, and a still celebrating Floor.

Yes, the close to non-bendable giant had won. Only because Tarja had started singing The Booty Song every time the women moved, causing Sharon to go completely bananas and pouncing on her to get her to stop. And Merel, completely unprepared and scared shitless from Sharon’s sudden attack, had knocked Charlotte over during her moment of shock.

Leaving a very steady brunette on the mat.

“Floor, please.” Charlotte pleaded with the brunette after watching her do her victory dance for the sixth time, the tall woman’s shoulders moving from side to side while she snapped her thumb and middle finger together.

“Oh come on sweetie, just let me have this.”

Wait, swee-

“I mean…“ Floor blurted out in near panic while she quickly put her arm around Sharon’s shoulders, squeezing her a bit too forcefully and gaining the attention of one of the women currently playing Mario Kart.

Tarja looked like she wanted to chop Floor’s arm off.

“…this sweetie right here, yeah. Did you see how awesome I was out there?”

Tearing her eyes away from Tarja’s, Sharon leaned into the brunette and put her head on her shoulder.

“Of course I did. And I’m so proud of you.”

The words were coated in honey, but tasted so bitter that it nearly made Sharon cringe. But they had the desired effect. Tarja’s eyes were back on the TV screen, although her mind didn’t seem to be present. Merel’s Peach went past Tarja’s Yoshi easily. Bowser slammed into her from the side, Yoshi’s green car flying off Rainbow Road.

“Your crown seems to be slipping from your head.” Charlotte said before taking a swig from her soda bottle.

“Just a bit rusty.”

Ending the first lap in 10th place, Sharon watched as Tarja’s tongue started poking out from the side of her mouth while she leaned forward onto her knees. She looked more than ready to kick some butt.

“I’m gonna get you.”

Looking mildly terrified at the threatening tone, Merel completely missed the banana peel blocking the way and skittered to a halt, Tarja sounding more pleased than ever.


“Do you play video games, Merel?” Sharon asked while carefully placing her hand on Floor’s thigh, the temperature in the room seemingly dropping by several degrees.

“Just some flash games. Nothing too advanced.” the woman replied while she maneuvered her way into 1st place. And Tarja… falling off the road. Again. Right before the 2nd lap ended. A pouting Tarja was quite an adorable sight. But not adorable enough to make Sharon stop with her teasing. Noticing that Floor’s nipples were visible through the shirt she wore, Sharon picked the next pick-up line from the vast library in her head.

“Are those tic-tacs in your shirt or are you just happy to see me?”

That one pained Sharon’s very soul to say. She really needed to wash her mouth and bleach her brain after this. And Floor looked like she wanted to do the same.

“That’s nice.” Tarja mumbled while her body looked like to be more tightly strung than a bow string. A green shell hit her car, the grip so tight on the controller that Tarja’s knuckles turned white.

“You might as well abdicate, scheetje”


That was the warning Merel got before Tarja rose from the ground, her body prepared for murder. The smaller woman gave off a squeak of surprise before she too got up and ran, heavy footsteps echoing through the house prior to a door slamming shut.

Yoshi was in last place with his car standing completely still. The air of winning surrounded the other characters in the game.

And Sharon wondered how long it would take for her to feel the same.