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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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It was a surprise to Charlotte to find her girlfriend next to her when she woke up. After she’d said goodnight to Merel, Charlotte had waited for almost half an hour before eventually falling asleep. She couldn’t remember Floor coming to bed and being pulled into her arms, but she wasn’t complaining. Waking up in Floor’s strong arms was one of the best feelings she had discovered on this planet so far.

For as long as possible, Charlotte enjoyed the feeling before her bladder started protesting. Carefully, she crawled out of Floor’s arms and tiptoed to the bathroom. Usually Charlotte was the first one to wake up so she was surprised when she heard the television playing downstairs. It was impossible that Tarja was already awake and since Floor also was still sleeping it had to be either Merel or Sharon. Charlotte concluded it had to be the latter one who was already watching television. She had noticed that Sharon had been less excited about everything in the last couple of days, and it could perfectly be explained by some sleepless nights.

When Charlotte entered the living room however, she was met by Merel’s bright smile. Several colorful creatures danced and sang a song about friendship across the TV screen, but they were silenced as Merel turned it off.

‘Hey!’ The guitarist smiled as Charlotte sat down next to her.

‘Why are you awake already?’

‘Because I was hungry.’ Merel sheepishly smiled. ‘But I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to eat already or if I should wait for everyone to get up.’

‘I usually prepare breakfast and then I wake everyone up. We can do it together if you want?’

‘Oh, no, we don’t have to wake everyone up.’

‘I thought you were hungry?’ Charlotte asked as she rested her hand on Merel’s thigh once again.

She smiled as she saw the guitarist’s reaction to the touch. She’d been flirting with the young girl all trip long, but Merel still seemed to be surprised when the redhead touched her thigh. The smile that had been nervous at first now seemed to be genuine, and Charlotte was glad about that. She wanted Merel to feel comfortable in the group.

‘I… am hungry, indeed. Okay, let’s make breakfast.’

Charlotte smiled as she squeezed Merel’s thigh before getting up again. The guitarist followed her to the kitchen and the redhead could just feel her blue eyes on her behind. It was a good thing that Floor wasn’t around to see it. Charlotte was very aware that the flirting with Merel was slowly killing her girlfriend on the inside and that it woke up an untamable fire within her. Usually she found Floor’s jealousy endearing, but she was secretly sorry for doing this to her.

‘So, where do we start?’

‘The coffee machine and I have fought a war that I won in the end, so I think it’s best if I make the coffee and you set the table.’ Charlotte said as they entered the kitchen. ‘Plates and mugs are next to the fridge.’

The war with the coffee machine started once again. Luckily the machine surrendered quickly and allowed the singer to make coffee for everyone. With a loud noise Devil –that was the nickname Charlotte had picked for the machine– came to life and started turning the water into the Drink From Heaven. Charlotte smiled as she turned around again, and her smile grew even wider as she noticed her bandmate. Merel stood on her toes, one hand on the counter to keep her balance, the other one reaching for the mugs and failing miserably.

‘Oh, are you too short? Let me help you.’

Charlotte let her hand rest in the small of the guitarist’s back as she reached inside the cupboard. She easily grabbed a few mugs and placed them on the table before returning to the cupboard to repeat the action. Merel settled herself on the counter, swinging her legs as she watched Charlotte doing all the work. It was an adorable sight.

The first noises from the downstairs bedroom sounded and Charlotte realized that this was her chance if she wanted to flirt with Merel some more without hurting Floor. Her heart beat slightly faster as she approached the guitarist again and stood in front of her. She was trapped now, sitting on the kitchen counter with nowhere else to go. And Charlotte knew exactly how she was going to do that. One of her hands found its spot on Merel’s thigh again, the other rested on the girl’s hip and her eyes were settled on Merel’s lips before she lightly kissed them.

Merel froze under the touch, but kissed back eventually. It was right then that Charlotte realized what she was doing. Merel’s lips kissed so differently than Floor’s. They were smaller, insecure, tasted differently and seemed to have no effect on her heart. Whenever Floor kissed her she felt emotions that were still unknown to humankind. A feeling that could not be described in any language other than the one of love. Now she felt absolutely nothing.

Charlotte pulled back as the coffee machine announced it had done its job. Confusion was written all over Merel’s face but there was no time for explanation. The cracking sound of the a door opening rang out and the singer knew there were only 13 seconds left until Sharon would enter the kitchen.

‘I’ll wake Floor up, you can ask Sharon to wake Tarja or just do it yourself.’

Without another word Charlotte turned around again and left the kitchen, wishing Sharon a good morning on her way to the stairs. The singer tried to erase the emotionless kiss out of her mind to prepare herself to kiss her girlfriend awake, but nothing could prepare her for the sight that waited behind the door.

Floor was just wearing a shirt and her panties, the visible nipples revealing that there was no bra involved. Her head was resting on her hand, her long bare legs were crossed as a grin began crawling on her lips while Charlotte entered.

‘What’s this?’ Charlotte laughed.

‘Come here and kiss me like one of your Dutch girls.’

Charlotte shook her head in disbelieve as she walked over to the bed. The stupidity of her girlfriend was forgotten as soon as their lips found each other and the redhead sighed happily. The butterflies in her stomach were wide awake, her heart was beating faster and an invisible force kept pulling the corners of her lips up. This was what a kiss was supposed to feel like. Unexplainable, like love.

‘First of all,’ the redhead said as she pulled back ‘it’s “draw me like one of your French girls.” Secondly, when did you come to bed last night?’

‘Somewhere around midnight, I guess. I think Sharon was trying to flirt with me and I needed a few drinks after that.’

‘Yeah, I noticed that. Did something happen after we left?’

‘She sat on my lap and when Tarja went to bed she seemed to realize how weird she was acting and also went to sleep. I think something is going on between them.’

‘Come on Floor, everyone knows they’re sleeping together.’ Charlotte said while rolling her eyes.

‘That’s not what I meant. You know Sharon isn’t a person who just sleeps around, something is wrong.’

‘Or maybe she just wants to have a threesome.’ Charlotte joked. ‘Anyway, if you want to know what’s going on you’ll have to flirt back. She’ll probably open up to you then.’

‘Are you, my girlfriend, telling me to flirt with Sharon, who’s not my girlfriend?’

‘I am indeed, and I’m also telling you to get your ass out of bed and come downstairs. The coffee is getting cold.’

‘Pff, my ass is hotter than the coffee anyway.’

Charlotte knew her girlfriend was right, but that didn’t stop her from just leaving the room without Floor. Eventually it took the women almost 10 minutes to gather in the kitchen, which was way too long for Merel’s impatient stomach. She went through her entire breakfast without saying a single word and seemed to avoid making eye contact with Charlotte as much as possible. The redhead didn’t couldn’t care less. She was too busy with biting her tongue as she watched both Sharon and Floor trying to flirt with each other by just looking at each other. Sometimes with a risen eyebrow and every now and then a tongue was visible. There were attempts at seductive smiles, but it wasn’t more than that. Just attempts.

‘You know what I’ve been thinking?’ Tarja suddenly asked.


‘That too.’ She answered Sharon. ‘But since it’s raining anyway, let’s stay here today and play games. I can’t wait to be crowned to Maria Kart Queen again.’

‘Excuse me, Maria Kart Queen?’

‘It’s like Mario Kart, but for feminists.’ Charlotte explained to Merel. ‘But yes, staying in all day sounds like a lovely idea.’

Once again the redhead had to bite her lip. She made sure she looked Merel right in the eye as she said the last words with a smile, and at the same time she let her and rest on Floor’s thigh under the table and making her gasp. The guitarist lightly blushed before looking down at her plate again. Charlotte knew she was really going to enjoy this day.