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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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It would be quite the shame to wake her, Sharon mused while she gazed upon the woman sleeping on her bed, eyebrows scrunching up from time to time as muffled snores barely made it past the pillow her face was buried in.

And the fact that Tarja was naked made her pause even more. Red lines lined her back and shoulders, her ass still red from the spanking she had received the night earlier. Definitely one of Sharon’s finer work. And also one that she never wanted to forget.

Sitting down on the mattress, the brunette carefully placed her hand on Tarja’s back and traced her vertebrae, silently counting the dumps and valleys she knew so well.

It was just sex. That’s what they had agreed on a year earlier. But somehow it had developed to something much more for Sharon. Something much more precious than the friendship they already shared. But just like in some of the stupid romantic movies they had watched together, Sharon was afraid of telling the truth about what she felt, having being rejected too many times throughout her life by both parents and siblings. So instead she opted for subtle hints when they were together, loving touches or light kisses in places that often left Tarja breathless.

“Morning” came from the mouth hidden in the pillow with a cat like stretch soon following.

To say that Tarja wasn’t the sharpest tool in the toolbox would be an understatement.


The kiss that Tarja planted on her lips was a welcome one, Sharon toes curling slightly while her chest filled with warmth.

“Were you watching me while I slept?”

Blushing, Sharon pushed Tarja away and stood up. This wasn’t the time for her to give away hints, not when they were supposed to spend a couple of days in a remote cottage with a couple of their friends. Charlotte and Floor knew that they were sleeping together, although a bit concerned that Tarja would break Sharon’s heart at some point.

Oh if they only knew.

“Definitely not. I decided between if I should pour water on you or shove you down onto the floor.”

Smirking, Tarja slowly stood up and sauntered towards the brunette, hair tousled and the haze of sleep still floating around in her emerald orbs. Sharon had to bite her lip in order not to look down at her still very naked body. Otherwise they would never leave the house.

“We’ll be late.”

“Floor can wait.”

Cupping her cheek, Tarja drew Sharon in in yet another kiss, this one deeper and more urgent, and the intentions clear with every swipe of a tongue. And that’s what kept Sharon hoping, those tender touches and moments when Tarja made her feel like she was the only thing in the world who mattered. But they were all but fleeting during sex.

Yelping as a hand came down on her already sore backside, Tarja quickly backed away from the nimble hand and hissed at the pain radiating from her ass.

“Fuck! Me! That really hurt!”

“That wasn’t what you told me last night.” Sharon replied in huskily manner, arousal flooding her veins, as well as the not so welcome feelings of great care and a bit of love. The latter confusing her to no end.

It was just sex after all.

“Pack the rest of your things and meet me in the kitchen. I’ve made breakfast.”

Mumbling something that Sharon recognized to be Finnish curse words, Tarja grabbed the clothes she was going to wear for the day and disappeared through the bathroom door, leaving Sharon standing with her toes curled into the bedroom carpet. It would be so easy to follow her, so easy to say what she felt. But Tarja wasn’t known for settling down, wasn’t known for having a relationship for longer than three months, always bragging about the ladies that warmed her sheets.

And it made Sharon feeling like an idiot for even thinking about the possibility that Tarja could commit.

Maybe this journey would do her some good, maybe it would make things a bit clearer. Or it would blow up in her face.


I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my system blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive

“Tarja, could you pl-“

“No, I love this song!”

With the car parked on Charlotte’s drive way, Tarja still continued to flail her arms along to the beat of the song while singing along, having done that during the entire trip to the redhead’s home. This type of song really didn’t fit her operatic vocals.

“You know I love your cover, but this is great too!”

Mentally trying to will away the small twitch in her heart at Tarja’s compliment, Sharon turned off the car and successfully silencing the radio, eliciting a string of protests from the other woman.

“Hey, I was listening to that!”

Opening the car door, Sharon stepped out before leaning onto the vehicle and meeting Tarja’s pout and over-exaggerated puppy look.

She was too cute for her own good.

“Let me remind you that we’re late. I don’t know about you, but I hate the wrath of Metal Xena.”

Wiggling her eyebrows, Tarja leaned her elbow against the car seat and put her head against her palm, raking her eyes up and down Sharon’s body.

An incredibly cute puppy with an immense sexdrive indeed.

Sighing, Sharon forcefully closed the door and started walking, smirking slightly as she heard Tarja follow.

“You’re no fun.” Tarja mumbled in her ear, making Sharon snort while she knocked on the door, the dents in the wood distracting her.

Just friends.