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The Ultimate Foursome That’s Actually A Fivesome But Not Really

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Charlotte could hear her girlfriend sigh once again as she ran through the living room. There wasn’t much time left but Floor obviously didn’t see how serious the situation was. Charlotte had been running through the entire house to hide pictures, stuffed animals and post-its with hearts on them while Floor had only moved her clothes from a chair to the closet before sitting down on the couch.

‘You really have to relax.’ Floor said when the redhead entered the living room again, looking around to see if she had missed anything. ‘There’s no way she’ll find out by the way your house looks.’

‘Are you sure?’ Charlotte asked as she bit her lip.

‘Yes, I am sure. And, if you’re so afraid, why didn’t you tell her to spend the night at Sharon’s place?’

‘Because I’m the only one Merel knows.’ Charlotte said as she sat down next to her girlfriend. ‘She doesn’t know you, Tarja or Sharon. It’s only logical that she stays here.’

‘Then why did you invite her if she doesn’t know any of us?’

‘It’s a girls’ trip, and she’s a girl. Come on, we’re doing this because we want to get away from our male band members. Merel and I are the only women in the band and we had a spot open anyway, why wouldn’t I invite her?’

‘Because I thought I would have you all to myself for at least one evening.’ Floor said as she wrapped her arm around Charlotte’s body. ‘You don’t want Sharon and Tarja and the rest of the world to know about us, I get that. It can affect our careers and our friendship with them. But it would have been nice to spend one evening alone with you.’

The bell rang before Charlotte could answer. With an apologetic look she stood from the couch and threw Floor an air kiss before disappearing around the corner. Through the door, Charlotte could already recognize the guitarist’s silhouette and with a smile she opened the door. The girl standing in front of her looked tired and the suitcase she was carrying was almost as big as her.

‘Hey!’ Merel smiled, happy to finally arrive at her friend’s place.

‘Hi, come in.’

Charlotte stepped aside and took Merel’s suitcase once she was inside. She showed her where to put her shoes and coat before guiding her towards the living room. Floor had turned on the TV and barely looked up as they entered.

‘So, this is the living room, and that’s Floor being too lazy to get up.’

‘I am driving almost 700km tomorrow, my legs need to rest.’ Floor answered without looking up. ‘By the way, nice to meet you, Merel.’

Charlotte sighed and dragged the guitarist towards the spare bedroom. The walls were white and the big guitar poster on the wall was a real eye-catcher. Merel smiled as she saw it and immediately walked towards it.

‘This is amazing! Please don’t tell me you put this here especially for me?’

‘Of course I did!’ Charlotte joked as her mind wandered to the poster that now hung above her bed.

First the guitar had been the eye-catcher in her own room but it had to move when Floor gave her a new one. The picture of Nepal was perfect. It captured the beauty of the country in a way she couldn’t even start to describe. Now every time she walked into her bedroom she was not only reminded of the country but also the woman she loved.

‘Is Floor sleeping on the couch?’

‘Eh, no, she’s sleeping with me.’ Charlotte said as she was pulled from her thoughts. ‘I mean, next to me, Floor will sleep next to me. We’ve shared a bed before, it’s no big deal.’

‘Oh, okay.’

Charlotte could almost slap herself as they left the room again. It was perfectly possible that Merel would find out about her relationship with Floor just because she didn’t think about what she was saying. Or because of a pair of leather pants. Charlotte noticed the piece of clothing as soon as she opened the door to the bathroom and had to bite her tongue to stop herself from cursing. Was it really that hard for Floor to remove all her clothing from the bathroom?

Praying Merel hadn’t noticed them, she closed the door again and went back downstairs. She gestured for Merel to sit down and smiled as she noticed the distance she left between her and Floor.

‘Do you want to drink something?’

‘Just some water would be nice, I couldn’t get anything on the train.’ Merel smiled.


Charlotte rolled her eyes as she heard her girlfriend’s answer before she made her way towards the kitchen again. It’s was strange not to have to send away her cats before she could work in her kitchen, but it was a nice temporary change. She knew that the cats were in good hands with her neighbors and in a week she would be able see her beloved pets again.

With a glass in each hand she walked back to the living room and handed the other women their drinks. She sat down next to Floor and wanted to ask Merel about her travel, but noticed she was focused on the ongoing TV show. Charlotte tried to do the same, but after 10 minutes she decided it was a lost cause. She was tired and the show really didn’t interest her.

‘Maybe we should go to bed, we have to get up early tomorrow.’

Merel and Floor both nodded and emptied their glasses before following Charlotte upstairs. The redhead wished Merel a goodnight before heading towards her own bedroom, giving Floor an angry look once they were both inside.


‘Really? You have to ask “what”?’ Charlotte asked. ‘Why are you so rude?’

‘You don’t want Merel to find out we’re dating.’

‘If you keep acting like this there won’t be anything for her to find out. You have to act normal, not rude. Go apologize to her.’

‘Now?’ Floor asked with a risen eyebrow.

‘Yes, now. Go.’

Charlotte watched her girlfriend leaving and started undressing as soon as the door fell closed. She listened to the voices in the hallway as she put on her pajamas and crawled into bed, waiting for Floor to return. She frowned as the door opened and Floor entering with her lower lip caught between her teeth.

‘What happened?’

‘I forgot to knock.’ Floor answered. ‘She was naked, but she accepted the apology.’

Charlotte sighed and let herself fall down on the bed. She wasn’t surprised, it was just so typical for Floor to forget about something as simple as knocking on a door. A light kiss was placed on her cheek as she closed her eyes and she smiled. Floor might forget about her pants or knocking a door, but she never forgot good night kisses.