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In Love With My Lust

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Coffee was her best friend in the morning, even on the mornings she dragged herself to school with a hangover. Floor couldn’t remember a lot of the previous evening but there for sure had been a lot of alcohol involved. She remembered the bar and being there with Sharon. She remembered Tarja and Charlotte walking in and she remembered talking to the bartender, who turned out to be Simone, after Sharon left her alone. The rest of the evening was one big blur. Where had Sharon gone and did she make it home safely? Usually they spent drinking nights together and they’d wake up in the same bed, but that was not what had happed this morning. Floor had woken up on her own, not really sure how she’d gotten there but relieved when she realized she didn’t smell like sex.

Happy whistling made the teacher look up from her coffee and she was glad when she saw it was Sharon who entered the teachers’ room. The art teacher seemed to be fine and in an awfully good mood as she sat down next to Floor. She was still whistling and only stopped after the taller teacher sent her a deadly glare.

‘Go away with your good mood.’ Floor groaned.

‘Ahw, is someone a little hungover?’

‘How can you not be? You drank just as much as I did and you seem so happy, like you just had an orgasm.’

Sharon only answered with a ‘Hmm’ and that was the moment Floor’s memory started returning. Didn’t Sharon leave her to talk to Tarja, to tell her she shouldn’t be drinking in the middle of the week? Slowly Floor moved her eyes from her coffee to her friend and she gasped as she saw the dark spot behind Sharon’s ear. If that was not a hickey Floor was willing to eat her shoe.

‘Oh. My. God.’

‘What?’ Sharon asked with her most innocent smile.

‘Did you sleep with Tarja?’ Floor had lowered her voice to a whisper, but she still looked around to be sure no one else would hear them.

‘I eh, I don’t know what you’re talking about…’

‘You liar, you slept with a student.’

Sharon bit her lip as her good mood slowly walked out of the room. For a moment, Floor thought the art teacher was about to cry, but then she sighed and smiled.

‘Yes, I did, and I do not regret it. It was so good, it was mind blowing. It was the best sex of my life! No offense, you’re amazing, but I cried out for Jesus yesterday.’

‘Sharon, you slept with a student.’

‘I know.’ Sharon smiled. ‘And you should do the same. Stop torturing yourself and go screw your student. Make Charlotte see all the corners of your classroom, you can thank me later.’

This was a bad idea. This was a very, very bad idea that was too tempting to not do it. Floor watched her students gathering their books and pens before getting up. One by one they left the classroom until only Charlotte and Floor were left. The redhead was close to the door, it was now or never.

‘Charlotte, can I talk to you?’

‘Is it about yesterday?’ Charlotte asked as she turned around. ‘Are you going to give me a lecture about how I shouldn’t drink during the week?’

The evil smile was back. The redhead knew exactly what was going and if she could continue playing her innocent role, so could Floor.

Indeed.’ The teacher answered as she stood up and walked over to close the door. ‘I can’t have hungover students in my classes.’

‘Are you going to punish me now? Like miss den Adel did with Tarja?’

The lust was written all over Charlotte face. Floor could feel her warm breath on her body as she closed the distance between them, stepping closer to the redhead until her back touched the door. With a single movement Floor locked the door and grinned as she looked into Charlotte’s eyes.


Only half a second later Charlotte had her lips pressed against her teacher’s, to which Floor reacted by pushing the young woman against the door. The kiss was filled with lust, Charlotte’s hand had tangled themselves in the brunette’s hair and the moan that filled the classroom could be from any of them. Floor placed her hands on the redhead’s hips and she smiled as she felt the student biting her lower lip. She was right about the strawberry.

Floor felt the redhead pulling the brown locks in her hands as the teacher forced one of her long legs between hers and pressed her thigh against the student’s center. Charlotte liked it rough, so she was getting it rough.

Floor moved her hands from the student’s hips to her breasts and both of the women moaned as she squeezed them. Charlotte’s nails buried themselves in her teacher’s neck, making Floor moan once again. The brunette moved one of her hands down again and let it slip under the student’s skirt. She was pleased to find wet panties, but only stroke the girl’s center once before moving the wet fabric aside.

Charlotte gasped as Floor ran her finger through her wet folds and she moaned as the digit found her clit. Everything about this was so exciting. Charlotte’s body felt so good but the fact that this was unacceptable but they were doing it anyway, in a place where people could discover them, made Floor more than confident. She carefully circled Charlotte’s entrance and pulled back from the kiss to look her in the eye.

‘Are you a virgin?’

‘Just fuck me.’ Charlotte almost begged as she shook her head.

The student moaned and threw back her head as Floor let her finger enter the girl, slowly but as deep as possible. She was careful even though she knew Charlotte liked rough, she didn’t want to hurt her. Slowly Floor started thrusting, her eyes focused on the redhead face.

‘More, and harder.’

That was all the teacher needed. She added a second finger with the next thrust and fastened her pace. Charlotte moaned loader and she wrapped her leg around Floor’s thigh to give her better access. Happy with the space Floor adjusted the position of her hand and made her thrusts harder. The look on Charlotte’s face was what the teacher had dreamed of for weeks but it kept turning her on. Using all her frustrations Floor increased the speed of her hand once again and made sure the palm of her hand touched the student’s clit with every thrust.

Charlotte’s breathing was almost as fast as the teacher’s hand and Floor knew she had to be close to her orgasm. Her head was still resting against the door and the teacher couldn’t resist the beautiful neck any longer. Roughly she bit down on the soft skin while arching her fingers deep inside of her student. Charlotte’s muscles contracted around her fingers, her hair was caught in the student’s grip and the loud moan sounded music in Floor’s ears.

The brunette slowly kept thrusting as Charlotte came down from her height. Carefully she pulled her fingers out and held them in front of the student’s face, patiently waiting for her to open her eyes. Once the hazel eyes opened and Charlotte saw the fingers she eagerly took them in her mouth and licked them clean. After just a few seconds Floor pulled her hand back and left her student leaning against the door. She walked over to her desk and unbuttoned her jeans, making sure Charlotte had a good view on her ass as she leaned down to take her pants and underwear off. Easily she hopped on her desk and she smiled as she saw Charlotte was still trying to catch her breath.

‘Get here, on your knees.’

On slightly wobbly knees Charlotte walked over to the desk and kneeled between her teacher’s legs with her hands on the firm thighs. Floor didn’t want to wait any longer and immediately pushed the girl’s face into her core, her hand resting on the back of her head to keep her in place. She hissed as she felt the student’s hot wet tongue running through her folds and leaned her head back. It only took Charlotte a few licks to find her teacher’s clit. The moans that filled the classroom quickly became loader and Floor knew she wouldn’t last much longer. All these weeks of frustration had led to this moment and it was better than she’d imagined it. The teacher lost it when Charlotte buried her nails in Floor’s tights and left angry red lines as the orgasm hit the brunette. She still had her fingers wrapped in red hair and she pushed the girl’s face deeper into her core as she rode out her orgasm.

As the ability to think came back to Floor she pulled the student up by her hair and pressed their lips together again. This kiss was soft, but the teacher still moaned as she tasted herself of Charlotte’s lips. The student pulled back as soon as Floor let go of the red hair in her hand and she smiled before making her way towards the door again.


‘Yes, miss Jansen?’ Charlotte innocently answered as she turned around.

‘I need you to work on your behavior, if it doesn’t improve I’ll have to punish you again. Do you understand that?’

The girl smiled and licked the last of Floor’s juices off her lips as she looked her teacher right in the eye.

‘I understand, and I’m looking forward to it.’

With those words Charlotte left the classroom and Floor leaned back on her desk.

‘Me too, Charlotte, me too.’