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In Love With My Lust

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The bedroom seemed as normal as it could be. The closed curtains didn’t succeed in keeping the early sunrays out, clothes were neatly folded over a chair, and a lost sock lay next to the laundry basket. In the middle of all those normal things was the only abnormality present in the entire house. Blue eyes stared at the green digital numbers, waiting for 6:59 to change into 7:00. It was stupid, Floor was very aware of it, but she just couldn’t wait to start her day. She knew she probably was the only one that looked forward to the new school year but she was just so excited to meet her new students. In the beginning of the year they were still hopeful and excited to start their college career. They were still happy people and Floor always tried to keep them optimistic while a lot of her colleagues broke them down piece by piece.

Floor’s hand landed on her alarm before Bon Jovi even had the chance to take a breath and sing the chorus of Have A Nice Day. She loved the song, but today she didn’t need it to wake her up. With a smile she swung her legs out of bed and danced her way to the kitchen. Obi stared at her with one eye from her dog bed and closed it again as she realized it was one of thosedays again. Floor loved her job, but the first days after a break would always be her favorite.

The coffee almost burned her throat as she waited for her toast to be ready and she smiled as she put her mug down. She had almost started to miss the feeling of the hot coffee because there was no time to wait for it to cool down, almost. The smile stayed in place during her entire morning routine and only widened as she parked her car in front of the school. Of course, she’d been here every day in the last few weeks to prepare herself and the school for the new year but this time the grass field in front of her was filled with students. It finally felt like coming home.

This was her fourth year as a teacher in this school, but she still couldn’t name the scent that hung in the hallways. It seemed a mix of paint, bleach and lemon even though the art room was at the opposite side of the building. The scent would probably always be a mystery, just like the mystery of how they got those gigantic pianos in the music room on the second floor.

The smell of coffee replaced the unnamed one as Floor opened the door to the teacher’s room and her smiled widened once again as her eyes met the ones of her favorite colleague. Floor and Sharon had both started at the same time in this school and since their subjects were both art related, they’d become friends within just a few days.

‘Floor! I’m so glad to finally see you!’ Sharon smiled before hugging her best friend. ‘How were your holidays?’

‘Oh, you know, same as always. Lonely and a lot of horror movies. I’m glad I can teach again!’

‘Yeah, me too!’

‘And does that have anything to do with a certain student?’ Floor grinned.

‘I have no idea of what you’re talking about.’

Sharon’s lips could be amazing liars; her eyes still spoke the truth. Floor easily saw the lights in Sharon’s eyes as the other woman’s thoughts wandered to her student. Tarja, a by now second year student, had taken over her art teacher’s mind since the very first class. The entire year Floor had listened to Sharon talking non-stop about her and teased her best friend with her crush. She still didn’t get how a teacher could fall for one of her students, but she was ready for another year of teasing.

The first year students were just as happy and optimistic as Floor remembered them. Some boys still had blue dyed hair. For a moment Floor felt sad for them, she knew that in just two years they wouldn’t feel crazy enough anymore to have blue hair. Pressure would take away their craziness and she would do anything to make them feel crazy as long as possible. She listened to their stories, discovered who they were and with every story she fell deeper in love with her job. She loved her students and she would protect them at all costs.

The fact that she loved the teenagers in her class unfortunately didn’t mean she suddenly knew all their names. By the time the fifth class walked out of her classroom she’d already forgotten half of their names but she was glad when a bunch of familiar faces walked in to replace them. These were her second year students. These were students who had lost pieces of themselves but Floor still loved them, maybe secretly even more than the new students.

A smile automatically appeared as Tarja walked in. Her long black hair looked as soft as ever, her smile still brightened everyone’s day and her voice was still the cheeriest one of the class. Floor might not have fallen for her as Sharon did, but still she had to admit that Tarja was a beautiful young woman. By the chattering of the other students Floor concluded they just had their art class and the teacher could only imagine Sharon’s face as she discovered Tarja had gotten more beautiful over the summer.

Floor’s attention was caught by another student as Tarja sat down and for a moment time seemed to freeze. The hair of the last student to walk in held a hint of black and purple. Her curls danced on her shoulders as she entered the classroom. The piercings in her nose reflected the sunlight but the freckles on her face won the fight for attention. The student turned her head and flashed an almost magical smile as she saw the teacher. Floor’s heartrate increased as the student came closer and she could smell the coconut scent of the girl’s shampoo.

‘Hi, my name is Charlotte, I’m a new student.’

Floor should have known. A girl that was so beautiful would also be blessed with an angelic voice. The teacher’s hands were caught between her desk and thighs as she leaned on them, but she was sure they were shaking. Floor barely trusted her body to do anything, but she still managed to smile.

‘Welcome… Charlotte.’

The girl’s name tasted like heaven on her lips and she kept staring at her while realization struck her. Now she was the one with a crush on her student.