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First Date

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In a flurry of passion and without taking her lips off Amelia, Luisita quickly unbuttoned Amelia’s blouse, pulling it off her. They fumbled their way backwards towards the bed, lost in the heat of their kisses.

Amelia pushed Luisita onto the bed and climbed on top of her, their bodies pressing up against each other, causing both to let out moans at the contact.

Luisita’s hands trailed up Amelia’s ass, then up her back and she pulled her stronger into the kiss by the neck, needing more.

Amelia brought her hand just above Luisita’s head for balance and she felt something beside the pillow.

She pulled back to see what it was and her eyes widened a little as she saw that it was a satisfyer.

“Oh my god,” Luisita breathed out in embarrassment, “that-that’s not meant to be there.”

Amelia laughed at Luisita’s reaction. “You go to sleep with it?” Amelia teased.

Luisita covered her face, blushing and Amelia found it incredibly cute that Luisita was so embarrassed about her finding it. Amelia had one too and still used it regularly, even though she had been in an open relationship with someone.

At the amused look on Amelia’s face, Luisita let out a small laugh, still covering part of her face. “No. I just forgot to put it away.” She didn’t usually need to remember to put it away and she wasn’t expecting the night to end like this.

“Well,” Amelia said low, putting the satisfyer away on the bedside table, “you won’t be needing this tonight.”

Luisita’s stomach warmed at the words and her breathing came heavier and she let out a nervous laugh. Now that they had paused and were talking about sex, Luisita’s nerves had come back to her again.

Amelia kept looking at her with an amused smile and Luisita added, “I just- it’s been a while since I-…” she looked down between them and trailed off with a nervous, shy laugh.

Amelia smiled softly down at Luisita, completely endeared by her shy awkwardness. She was almost the opposite of Amelia’s last partner. It had been a long time since Amelia had been with someone so inexperienced, it made her pause a little.

She brought her hand up to softly caress Luisita’s cheek, pushing some of her hair behind her ear. “Do you want to slow down?”

Luisita looked her in the eye and gulped. Amelia was half naked on top of her, looking down at her so tenderly. She was so beautiful and Luisita’s entire body was humming for her. Luisita didn’t ever do this on the first date but she had really felt a connection with Amelia, both emotionally and definitely physically and she didn’t want to stop.

“I don’t want to slow down.”

Amelia’s stomach fluttered at the words and the heated look from Luisita. She looked at her for a moment, Luisita’s cheeks were beautifully flushed and her eyes hooded, and once Amelia saw the confirmation that she needed in Luisita’s eyes, she leaned down and kissed her again.

There was a sweetness, an innocence about Luisita that made Amelia slow down and kiss her more tenderly. They kissed for a long time, Amelia slowly intensifying the kisses, as they both let their hands smooth down their bodies, and thighs and breasts, leaving them panting against each other. Amelia could feel that Luisita’s nervousness had left her now in the way that she touched and kissed her.

Amelia had missed kissing like this. Luisita was an excellent kisser. With Maru they got down to business quickly and the kissing was minimal, but with Luisita, Amelia felt like she could kiss her forever.

She was feeling so hot, she hadn’t felt this excited being with someone in a long time. She opened up Luisita’s legs to settle closer into her and suddenly, in one fluid movement, Luisita flipped their positions so she could be on top.

Luisita’s mouth found Amelia’s again immediately, something inside of her needing to take control of the kisses. She kissed her with even more passion than before and Amelia’s stomach flipped at Luisita’s intensity, surprised by her again for the hundredth time that night.

She wrapped her legs around Luisita's waist, pulling her in as close as possible and let herself go to the passion of the woman above her.



The next morning, Amelia woke up to an empty bed. She looked to the clock to see that it was 8 o clock. She thought for a moment about what to do. Should she get dressed and leave straight away? She wasn’t used to doing this.

Was Luisita out of bed because she was expecting Amelia to have already left by now? No, she didn’t think that was the case. They had fallen asleep talking. And Luisita had told her to stay. Amelia smiled as she remembered it. And remembered the entirety of the previous night. She touched her lips, fighting her smile.

But then she frowned. Now that it was morning, maybe Luisita felt different? Amelia sighed, trying to fight off her doubts. She got up and put on one of Luisita’s dressing gowns that was on the chair and made her way into the living area.

Luisita was sat at the kitchen bar, drinking coffee and looking at something on her tablet. When she heard Amelia come in, she looked up and smiled, shy.

“Amelia, hi.”

“Hi,” Amelia smiled softly.

Amelia was wearing Luisita’s dressing gown and Luisita tried to avoid staring at Amelia’s gorgeous legs that were not covered by it.

Amelia caught her looking and looked down. “I hope it’s okay I wore this?”

“Yeah- yeah, of course it is.”

Amelia smiled awkwardly, not knowing exactly what to say. She looked at Luisita who was wearing an oversized cardigan over her vest and fluffy socks, and she now had her glasses on and Amelia thought she looked so adorable and gorgeous at the same time.

“Have you been awake long?”

“Me? Um, no, about half an hour, I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked like you needed the sleep.”

Amelia let out a laugh at that. She ran her hands through her curls which were now loose, and Luisita couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful she was.

They looked at each other for a moment, a little awkward.



They both started at the same time and then laughed at their awkwardness.

“You first, please,” Amelia insisted.

Luisita smiled shyly. “I was going to ask if you wanted to maybe stay for breakfast.”

Amelia’s smile softened in pleasant surprise. But she didn’t want to intrude, it looked like Luisita had already had breakfast.

“Haven’t you already had breakfast?”

“Oh this,” Luisita pointed down at her cup, “No, I’ve just had a coffee, I was actually waiting for you to make breakfast,” she finished, smiling shyly. And Amelia tried to control the smile that wanted to cross her face at the sweet admission.

“Unless you have somewhere to be?” Luisita added nervously, not wanting to make things awkward for Amelia if she just wanted to leave. Luisita didn’t really ever do this and the dating scene was always changing so quickly, she wasn’t entirely sure of the protocol these days. She just knew she wanted to spend more time with Amelia.

Amelia knew Luisita had given her an out, and Amelia could easily lie and say she was busy, but the truth was that she didn’t want to go. She wanted to spend more time with Luisita.

“No,” Amelia smiled, “I’d love to have breakfast with you.”

And Luisita smiled bright at the answer. “Okay, great.”


Amelia sat on the stool and had coffee while Luisita made eggs for breakfast and they ate them together, sharing conversation about work and family and life. The initial awkwardness passed away almost immediately. Amelia found it so easy to talk to Luisita and laugh with her, she felt more comfortable with Luisita in one day than she had with any of her past relationships.

Part way through breakfast, Luisita’s phone went off and she picked it up to read the message.

Amelia watched Luisita’s cute smile as she read the message.

Luisita looked up to see Amelia smiling at her with a curious expression and she let out a soft, shy laugh.

“What?” Amelia asked cutely. “Your dad again?”

Luisita laughed. “No, it’s my sister Maria.” She looked up at Amelia with a small smile. “She’s asking how the date went.”

Amelia lips turned up in a smile and she raised one eyebrow, teasing, leaning her elbow against the kitchen island. “Oh yeah, and what did you say?”

Luisita laughed with a blush. “Nothing yet.”

“Why not?”

“Well…because it hasn’t finished yet has it?”

Amelia grinned at Luisita’s adorableness, biting her lip, fighting the urge to cover her with kisses all over again.



Once they had finished breakfast, Amelia got dressed and ready to go. Luisita walked her to the door.


Amelia laughed at Luisita’s cute awkwardness returning again.

“Thank you for breakfast.” Amelia said. ”And… for last night,” she added with a teasing smile. “I had a really great time.”

Luisita pushed her hair behind her ear, smiling shyly. “Me too.” Luisita looked down and then back up again. “Should we-I mean…do you want to take my number?”

Amelia fought her smile and nodded. “I’d love to.” They both exchanged numbers, hearts and stomachs fluttering. Amelia didn’t want to get ahead of herself but she really thought this could be something.

Once they had done so, they looked at each other again, both waiting for the other to make the first move. And it was Amelia who did so, stepping in to kiss Luisita softly once against the lips.

She pulled back slightly, remaining close. “I’ve been dying to do that all morning.”

Luisita’s stomach fluttered at the words and she sighed. “Really?”

Amelia nodded.

And Luisita tilted her head cutely. “Well- I mean… that was barely a kiss,” Luisita teased.

Amelia laughed, her eyebrows lifting. “Oh really,” she laughed, her heart fluttering and she leaned in to kiss Luisita again, this time longer, lifting her hands to cup Luisita’s face. Amelia opened her mouth and her stomach warmed at the feel of Luisita’s tongue against hers.

Luisita tilted her head to deepen the kiss, sighing against Amelia’s mouth at all the feelings it sent through her.

Amelia pulled back slowly. “How about that?” she whispered.

Luisita kept her eyes closed, savoring the moment, and Amelia took the time to admire her beautiful face up close.

“That was…. better.” They both laughed at their silliness.

Luisita opened her eyes to take in the beautiful sight before her, before sighing knowing that Amelia had to go. “So…” she said softly, “Will I see you again soon?”

Amelia smiled softly. “I hope so,” she whispered, and she gave Luisita one last kiss on the lips before leaving.

Luisita leaned against the door once she had closed it, covering her face with her hands to muffle her giddy scream so that Amelia didn’t hear it.

And Amelia was feeling the same. As she made her way outside the building, she breathed in the fresh morning air and she put her hand against her heart to feel how it thrummed in her chest and she sighed.

She couldn’t wait to see her again.