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Sons and Daughters

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Uchiha Mikoto has two sons. She loves them. She does. But she never wanted them.

She married Fugaku for love, whatever anyone else thought. Then she overheard his father the night before their wedding. "You made a good choice," he told Fugaku. "Her blood is true. She'll bear strong sons, strong enough to carry all our secrets."

"Unless we break them, too," Fugaku said. Mikoto shivered at the darkness in his voice, at the weight she saw on his shoulders. And that night, she prayed for daughters.

Women cannot inherit among her clan. Women don't have to be ninja. Women don't have to be perfect. Women can marry for love, not cold calculation. Women can escape. Women can be happy. Their weakness is their strength. The lack of expectations is their salvation.

Mikoto wanted daughters. She has two sons. She loves them.

And she is waiting for them to break.