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Under Two Moons

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Prologue-Sky Hunger

Wind rippled soothingly over his skin. The summertime twilight was late and warm and glorious, the buzz of electricity in the air a deliriously wonderful omen of the storm to come. Crickets whistled around every corner, and heat seemed to radiate from the very air.

Sam kicked off harder against the grass, bare toes half-stubbed on the hard ground, lungs straining as he shakily gasped in more nighttime air, craving the hidden lightning in every breath. His heart almost skipped a beat, endorphins rushing through his blood as the creeping shudder of excitement inched across his skin.

Gripping the ropes a little harder, his shoulders scuffed the crusted cords hard enough to make blood rise to the surface of his skin in a flush of pink, aggravated skin almost stinging in the not-quite-hot wind.

He leaned forward, feeling his stomach lurch at the brief weightlessness.

Crashing back against the wooden plank, he winced at the creak of the old dry wood. His breath rushed out as he swung backwards.

He twisted his hips and back, sending the swing careening dangerously close to the oak tree the swing arced out from under.

Breath catching, he flung his legs out, throwing back his head. The view, then, was perfect. He could see neither the tree nor the ropes nor even the earth below, nothing before him but the open blue sky and hope.

His hands slipped.


Freedom stolen, he lay flat out in the grass, palms stinging from the loss of grip and the air ripped from his lungs. The cloying scent of damp earth loomed up around him, the ground seeming to cling to his back, holding him down, and the branches of the tree blotted out the sky.

The swing drifted by, forlorn and riderless as the sun finally slipped over the horizon.

Sam stood, dusted off his jeans, and went inside.

He didn't look back.