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Marisol Lucia De Luca Barba

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So here's the thing, my name is Marisol Lucia De Luca. My mother's name is Alessia De Luca and my father's name is Rafael Barba. They met while attending a debate event between Harvard and Yale. The both attended Harvard, papi Pre-Law and Alessia English. They had been together for 6 months before they found out that they were pregnant. Alessia didn't want me but papa said that he would do everything and anything to make sure that we would be a family.

My parents tried for 2 years, but just before my 2nd birthday, they spilt. They shared custody, but because papi was in Law school, Alessia had me most of the time. When I was 11, Alessia met a man, Patrick Toms. When I was 13, she found out that she was pregnant. Patrick proposed, she said yes and they got married. Neither wanted me around so she gave up full custody to my papi. On the day they were to sign the documents, Alessia came in signed the papers and left. Didn't even say goodbye.

Life was great, me, papi, abuela and bisabuela till I was 16. I was on my way to abuela's in the Bronx, when someone grabbed me from behind. I don't remember how many there were or how long they were rapping me. I woke up in hospital early the next morning, papi was asleep in a chair next to my bed, abuela was by the window praying and my aunt Rita Calhoun was sipping a coffee. As soon as she saw that I was awake she was shaking papi awake and calling the doctors.

I gave my statement to the detectives who were investigating my rape. The doctors let me go home later that day. Every night I would wake up screaming and papi would come into my room and try and help and comfort me. During the day when papi was at work at the Brooklyn DA's office working with Brooklyn Homicide, I would be at aunt Rita's office at the Manhattan DA's office. It would be 6 months before we would hear anything about my case.

There was a knock at the door. When papi came back from answering it, detective Tomas Peters (who was the lead detective on my case) followed as well as a man introducted to us as officer Nick Amaro. Officer Amaro explained that he was following a suspect in another case when he was fired upon. He fired back hitting and killing the suspect. When the DNA was tested, it was found that he was one of the men who raped me. It was then that we were told that there were 2 other men out there that had raped me. As their DNA were not in the system, they may never be caught.

The next day, papi requested a transfer to Brooklyn Special Victims Unit. During the next 11 years, papi would make a name for himself in Brooklyn before transferring to Manhattan. I kept my mother maiden name so that I would be protected from people who would want to hurt my papi. I would go on to graduate highschool at 17 and go to Columbia University majoring in Criminal Justice, before joining the NYPD.

11 years after I was raped in the Bronx, I am now Detective Marisol De Luca of the Bronx Special Victims Unit. This is my story.