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Worm Piece

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She had spent a good portion of her life being the heartless one, the cruel one, the one that did the wrong things for the good of the many.

Her hand shifted on the pistol’s grip, her finger already on the trigger, the girl, Khepri, on her knees before her, eyes downcast. Khe-- no, she was Taylor Hebert here and now, was waiting for her rewards, her just recompense for the sins she had committed. And yet those sins shone as brightly as a match next to a sun when compared to the sins of her executioner.

Contessa licked her lips and turned the gun to the side, just a little. “Path to making her find happiness,” she whispered.

The girl’s head whipped up.

The gun barked.


Taylor awoke with a gasp. The first thing she noticed was the sand around her, and the soft murmur of water lapping at a nearby shore.

She moved her arms... arm... she moved her arm around and through soft sand until she was position in such a way that she could push herself onto her stomach so that when she wretched it has a place to go that wasn’t all over herself.

After coating the yellow-white sand in a nice layer of her last meal and wiping heu hand over her mouth to get rid of the muck, she took a moment to look around.

Wherever that bitch Contessa left her it at least had a view, she thought wryly. Sandy beaches stretch out in either direction as far as she can see, all of them gently sliding into an ocean so blue it was hard to tell it apart from the distant skies.

There were crabs in those waters, and lobsters adventuring closer to the shore than they should. She could feel them all. A forest stood behind her, young trees, none too terribly tall but enough to cast shadows that look inviting, rather than terrifying. She could sense bugs within, buzzing around and minding their own business until her mind, her passenger, robbed them of their self control.

She let them be for now.

Standing up, Taylor stretched her neck way back to take in the cloudless blue sky, the sun beating down on her bloody head and the few fluffy white trails of smoke in the distance.

This wasn’t somewhere she had been before, but the scent of fresh sea air filling her lungs and the complete lack of anyone around her slowly forced her to relax.

Maybe this is heaven, or some sort of purgatory, she thought. It’s certainly pretty enough.

It took all of a minute for her to hate it.

There was nothing to do, nothing to see, no one to talk to, no goals ahead of her or enemies to fight. Her hand was already tightening and loosening itself trying to wrap around something.

This just wouldn’t do.