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“If I can’t save my best friend, how can I protect the woman I love?”


“I’ll go”

Five gazes turn to him immediately, five voices falling silent.

Four are shocked, one is worried.

He doesn’t get why they’d be surprised. He was immortal. It’d make the most sense to send him.

Diane protests, of course she would. None of them want to lose another.

But...if there’s even a chance they can bring Meliodas back, he’s got to try.

He failed him twice already. Once to Estarossa, once to Melascula.

Ban refuses to lose him to himself as well.

So he’s going to purgatory, confident that his immortality would protect him. Time difference or not, it wouldn’t change a thing.

It wouldn’t change anything

Meliodas...he released his power to escape Melascula’s cocoon, and Ban hadn't been able to stop it

Now that idiot has run off with Elizabeth to become demon king. Yet it's still not for himself.

Selfless bastard’s doin’ it for Elizabeth. Doing the very thing he tried to avoid for so long, because it would give him enough power to lift Elizabeth’s curse.

But what about him?

Ban doesn’t know what’ll happen to Meliodas after he achieves his goal. What does the Demon King do anyway?

But that’s not even his reason for going.

He’s going to bring him back

He’s going to bring back the carefree blond-haired idiot. The same one that broke him out of jail, the one who saved him from a meaningless life and dragged him into dangerous adventures one after another until he finally joined their team. The stupid kid he thought he could beat but was quickly proven wrong. The only one who could leave a scar on his otherwise unmarked skin.

No, he’s not losing his best friend to someone as ironic as himself

There are two people in this world that he cared about more than anything. Elaine, and the captain.

Like hell he’s gonna stand by when one of them’s in danger.

Diane’s crying, he doesn’t blame her. But she knows he’s immortal. And he’s not coming back without the captain's emotions.

King is solemn, recognizing that Ban won’t change his mind. He tells him to come back for Elaine.

Of course he will. But right now, he’s going for Meliodas.

Capt'n saved his life, now he’ll return the favor.

Stupid bastard should’ve known better than to risk releasing his power. Left them to clean up this mess without him.

Well that’s going to change. He’ll have to deal with this with the rest of ‘em.

He can’t say he wasn’t surprised that Master was connected to purgatory.

But it made sense. Hawk was Meliodas’ constant companion. Who else would the demon king use to keep an eye on his son?

Ban wishes he could rip the stupid demon into pieces for everything he’s done.

Meliodas didn’t deserve this.

And weren’t the goddesses supposed to be the good guys?

Cursing him and Elizabeth to an eternal life of suffering was already unforgivable. Yet the demon had the nerve to watch it happen as well.

At least the supreme deity had the decency to leave them alone after ruining their now-eternal lives

Yep, he was going to tear him apart.

Watching Elaine die twice...Ban could barely handle it. Then Meliodas goes and reveals that Elizabeth’s died in front of him-what, 106 times?

To curse your own son to a life like that...watching his beloved die over and over and over with no way to stop it (without releasing Zeldris and dooming Britannia anyway)...well, Ban doesn’t blame him for losing control in Danafor. No, he’s surprised he hadn’t before then.

It was incredible how long he held out. He’s sure King would agree with him, after losing Helbram more than once.

The demon king is going to pay, whether it’s at Meliodas’ hands or his.

Merlin starts up her chant, the others watching nervously as mist starts to gather.

Ban keeps his face void of emotion. But internally plans the forty thousand ways he’s going to kill the demon king.

After he gets Meliodas’ emotions back. And apologizes. It’s almost funny under what circumstances he’d yelled at him, believing that no one could ever understand what it’s like to lose Elaine twice- (It seemed like a lifetime ago. Has it really only been days?)

He can’t imagine what Meliodas might have been thinking. Even after so many years Ban can’t read him any better than he could when they first met. He’s always been strangely good at keeping his face expressionless

Merlin seems to be slightly better at reading him, but then again she’d known Meliodas for much longer than the rest of them. He wonders if she’d caught any signs he might’ve missed.

If he’d been in capt’n’s place, he would’ve snapped back, challenged him if his experiences could compare to what he’s endured. But it was Meliodas, so he just stood there quietly and took it.

Idiot’s too kind for his own good.

Why do the most horrible things happen to the best people? It’s so unfair Ban could scream.

Fck the universe. I’m going to bring him back. I’m going to save him for all those times I couldn’t, then apologize whether he listens or not.

Because that black-clothed demon wasn’t the capt’n. He wasn’t Meliodas no matter what his powers or history or memories said. Because Meliodas didn’t have hateful black eyes or a cruel sneer on his face. He didn’t carry himself like he owned the world or move like he could wipe out this planet in a single swipe. No, Meliodas had brilliant green eyes and a smile that could light up the room. His stance was relaxed, happy, any move he made was swift and fluid. He was the one that saved him. He befriended every single one of them despite their best efforts, and he managed to make them befriend each other as well. Meliodas cared too much about other people, he fought to protect, not destroy. And always, always, kept his power in check until absolutely necessary. He was not the demon that attacked without a second thought, or abandoned his friends for his own purposes.

Ban was going to bring him back or somehow die trying.

The mist grows, he can barely see Merlin now.

Take care of Elaine, he thinks at King.

Then he’s falling.