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"Hey, can I borrow your phone?"

The question is polite and accompanied by Akise's hand reaching out. Yukiteru furrows his brow. He trusts Akise, but casts a quick glance at Hinata. She was the last person to "borrow" his phone, and even with the amount of trust he gave her, she exploited his good will.
Akise sensed his hesitation and gave a quick smile.

"Gasai-san is right over there. If I wanted to break it, she would've already acted by now."
Yukiteru had to admit that he was right. Even with a 10-minute delay, anything that would result in Yukiteru's untimely demise was sure to be recorded.
He looked over at Yuno, who was smiling back at both of them. It seemed odd for her to do so, as Yukiteru had always noticed a strange tension in Yuno anytime he'd even go near Akise.

"So, can I please?" His hand was still inviting. Yukiteru gave a brief sigh and handed it over.
Akise's smile turned from shining to absolutely radiant. It was so contagious that Yukiteru couldn't help but to smile a bit himself.
It only took a brief second.

Clap. He flipped the phone open right in front of his face.

Snap. A giant light blinded Yukiteru.

He quickly covered his eyes and pulled back with a startled whimper.

"Akise-kun! Why did you do that?" Yukiteru's eyes glistened with the oncoming of tears as white spots annoyed his field of vision.
Akise was typing away on his cellphone, faster than what Yukiteru could even muster.

"I felt obliged to."
The phone was pulled out of his hand and promptly searched through for damage control.

"N-No way... You sent the picture to..." Their heads slowly turned towards her seat, where Yuno waved with her cellphone, displaying Yukiteru's picture as her newfound background.

"You sent my image to Yuno and to-... wait, who's this other number you sent this to?" Yukiteru shoved the cellphone into Akise's face, displaying the number with no ID.

"My own. Call me if you ever feel like it. Also, class is starting." Akise turned around and pulled the books from his backpack. Yukiteru wanted to scream, to say anything, to defend himself in any way, but the teacher was already inside the class, readying the material.

Yukiteru's phone vibrated in his pocket.

"Yuuuukki~!! Your image was so cute!!! <3 <3 <3 - Yuno"

Yukiteru turned to glare at Akise, who couldn't help but to smile brighter. He had needed a new background for his phone in a while.