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How to Be a DiNozzo

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Chapter 46 – Qipod (קיפוד )(porcupine) - July 2017

Tali jumped on her father to wake him up. When he sat up, she started giggling and pointing at his head.

"What's so funny, little Ninja?" he grumbled as she continued to laugh at him. He stood up and moved to the bathroom and caught sight of himself in the mirror. His hair was sticking up in all directions. Leave it to his kid to find that funny, just like her Ima.

"Porcupine hair; that's what Ima called it," he tickled his baby as she continued to giggle. "She thought it was pretty funny also."

Tali gave him a look; he was sure she didn't understand a word he'd just said except for the word 'Ima.' He grabbed his tablet and looked up 'porcupine' in the English-Hebrew translator.

"Qipod," he tried the Hebrew version as he pointed to his head.

"Ken, Abba, qipod," she laughed at the spikes in his hair. "Por-cue-swine."

He stopped in his tracks as she followed him to the kitchen, figuring the child was hungry. "What did you say, Tali?" He turned to face her and knelt in front of the little girl.

"Qipod. Por-cue-swine," she repeated as she put her hands in his hair. She giggled yet again.

"Did Ima tell you that?" he had to know. When she nodded and sobered, he pulled the child to him and hugged her tightly. "Yeah, Ima kinda liked my qipod hair; she liked to play with it with her hands…" he trailed off at the memory of Ziva's hands in his hair, forcing back the tears that were forming.

~QIPOD~ July 2024

Tony stretched and entered the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee; the rest of the family was sitting at the dining room table, breakfast partially eaten. He poured a cup of the liquid eye-opener and grabbed a plate to fill with the breakfast pizza Ziva made for the family.

He walked to the dining room from the kitchen with plate and mug in hand. "Mornin'," he mumbled to the others as he sat down. "Sorry I overslept; guess I was tired."

Rivka and Beth nudged each other as they spotted their Abba's hair sticking up in all directions. Both little girls giggled and pointed to his head.

"Qipod. Porcuswine," Tali blurted out without thinking.

Tony and Ziva both turned to their eldest with a surprised look. As far as they knew, no one had mentioned the reference to Tony's hair since Tali was a toddler.

Anthony gave his big sister a strange look, "What?"

"Qipod means porcupine in Hebrew," Tali explained. "But I don't remember how I know that. Porcuswine is what Ima called it when she and Abba worked together."

"Oh; how do you know that?" he replied.

Tali thought a minute trying to recall the memory from so long ago. "I think Ima told me when I was little and so did Abba. I'm not sure."

Ziva nodded, "Yes. I told you about Abba's hair sticking up. His hair was all which ways and I could not remember the English word. I called it 'porcuswine.' It made Abba laugh, so I kept doing it when he would wake up with his hair all sticking out in many directions." She reached over and smoothed his hair as she spoke, gently massaging his scalp as she did so long ago.

Tony closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations of Ziva's hands in his hair. If he were a cat, he would have purred loudly. Never mind that the kids now had a new way to tease their Abba.