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How to Be a DiNozzo

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Chapter 12 – Ladybugs – October 2028

The kids were the first to notice the swarms of ladybugs that fall. They'd been outside playing in the backyard and were headed inside for lunch when a ladybug landed on Beth's arm.

"When a ladybug lands on you, it means you will have good luck," Tali told her younger sister. "Count the spots and that is how many years of good luck you'll have."

Anthony looked at his sister's arm, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight." As he was counting a ladybug landed on his hand and he counted that one's spots as well. "Mine has nine spots, so nine years of good luck for me."

"Didn't Grandpa tell us that about the ladybugs?" LJ reminded the others about the story they'd heard two summers ago when all the grandkids had been at Gibbs' cabin for a week.

"Yep, and," Rivka replied, "Ooh, look, I got one as well! Mine has nine spot just like yours, Anthony." She held up her arm so the others could see her ladybug visitor.

LJ looked around; he wanted a ladybug to land on him now. He spotted several of the insects on the side of the house. Then he saw the swarm to the side of the window, "Holy moly, look at all those ladybugs!" He pointed to the mass of red and orange beetles.

The kids walked over to the massive accumulation of ladybugs just as Ziva stuck her head out of the sliding door to call them inside for lunch. "It is time for lunch; come inside please."

"Ima, you gotta come see all the ladybugs," LJ pointed to the wall as he spoke to his mother. "They are landing on us and bringing us good luck!" One of the insects alit on his hand as he pointed, "It tickles when it walks on me." He counted the spots and announced that he would have good luck for ten years.

Ziva moved over near the children; the side of the house by the window was nearly covered in the ladybugs. As the six were looking at the insects, Tony walked past the window inside looking for the rest of the family. He came outside to see what they were watching.

"Ladybugs, Abba," Riv showed her father the one still on her arm. "Grandpa says they bring good luck when they land on you."

Tony smiled at his middle ninja, "My Nonna DiNozzo used to say that if the ladybugs swarmed in the fall, it was going to be a very cold winter." He looked at his arm as something tickled his skin.

"Abba, you got a ladybug," Tali grinned. "But yours has no spots!" All of the others had to look at the ladybug with no spots.

"Abba, does no spots mean that you are giving the ladybug good luck?" LJ was curious about the insect having no spots at all. "And do all these ladybugs on our house mean that we have a lucky house?"