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It had become a pleasant routine.
Turning on Masayoshi's home cinema. Eating curry. Having an occasional cigarette. Watching whatever Masayoshi forced him to.
Even with as much as he tried to deny it, the officer was slightly captured by the spirits of the characters. Their motivation and will shone through each emotional speech. Their passion for righteousness in their weaponry.
He was taking everything fully in, feeling immersed into the realm of the hero.

Until today.

This particular episode of Red Axe seemed strained due to heavy budget cuts. The effects were cut off, the music misplaced, but even worse were the fighting sequences. And as much as the brave police officer tried to hold his ground, a snicker broke out.

"Gotou-san! Please! Red Axe is doing a very emotional speech! Don't laugh!"
Sounding like a kicked puppy, Masayohi pulled on Gotou's sleeve, almost like a scorn mother, giving a proper lecture.

"I'm sorry! My bad... " The sincere apology was followed up by a drastic pose from Red Axe on the television, as if synchronized.
The second Gotou lit the cigarette in his mouth, Red Axe was pushed gently off a cliff by a ridiculous villain. Gotou threw his head back in laughter when the camera switched over to a stunt-doll tumbling down a hill and losing its head- and then a quick cut over to the actor, bruised but still alive, giving a quick "thumbs up".

Masayoshi was quick to act when the lit cigarette fell to the floor, catching it in the air and dumping it on a nearby ashtray next to their half-eaten curry.

"Gotou-san! You promised you wouldn't laugh!" Though this time around even Masayoshi couldn't help but to smile.
It was nice seeing his boyfriend wheeze on the floor in laughter, even if he was making light out of his favorite show.

"He... fell... and the head!" Gotou coughed between his hiccups, unable to keep his cool.

Masayoshi stood up, standing tall in the darkness.

"You have offended Red Axe."

His voice was stern enough to break through Gotou's laugther, who looked up, seeing only the tall, dark figure.

"You must pay!" Masayoshi jumped down on his boyfriend, tickling his sides.

He accidentally kicked a tooth loose on Masayoshi, and they had to go to the dentist in the middle of the night, but Masayoshi would still describe it as a fun night.