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for the years i've known you, 
love bloomed. slowly but surely. 
not sure how. not sure why. 
was it the husk of your voice 
or your sweet, brown eyes? 

new vines 
seeping into tiny cracks.  
green leaves 
growing for every moment you spend with me. 
love is beautiful, love is great. 
love is refreshing, it rejuvenates. 
love is pain. 

"she loves me, she loves me not."
the last petal falls. now i know. 
i hope she makes your insides
feel like an entire garden or   
a field better than the one in Netherlands.

i planted the seeds. 
showered it 
with love and affection 
disguised as water and sunlight 
for you. it doesn't matter. 

you don't like flowers anyway.