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“So, this is still kinda weird right?” Ruby’s voice broke through the quiet of the morning. 

Weiss, who was quite enjoying the peace, knew it was coming because she knew who she was currently cuddling up next to. She looked up at Ruby, who she was lying on, and nodded. 

“That I spent the better part of last night making out with my partner who is also a human food vacuum? Yes, I suppose it’s a little weird.”

“Hey, I am not a human food vacuum,” Ruby put on her best pout, one that only made Weiss want to kiss her again. It was like a sickness, this new change in their relationship. Sure, Weiss had feelings before, but now that she’d actually done something about it, she mostly just wanted to pass off all her other responsibilities and lie in bed with Ruby forever. 

“You are,” Weiss smirked. “Unless there’s anything green on your plate.” 

“Foods are not supposed to be green,” she defended and Weiss had to bite her tongue. “Brown is the better color for food.”

Weiss cringed. “That might be the worst sentence you’ve ever said.”

“No,” Ruby was quick to defend. “No, chocolate is brown. Cookies are brown. Uh... gravy is brown.” 

“When do you ever eat gravy?”

Ruby shrugged beneath her, the motion making Weiss move because they were cuddled up so tightly. “I mean it’s been a while, but if someone puts gravy in front of me, I’m gonna eat it.” 

“Just gravy? Just a big bowl of gravy?” 

A nod. “Yes, like rich, delicious soup.” 

“I’ve made a terrible mistake.” Weiss said, making no effort to move. “Of course Weiss Schnee, highest in all her classes, dignified and elegant former heiress, would fall for someone that thinks a bowl of gravy is a meal.” 

Very suddenly, Weiss felt Ruby’s arm snake down her back. It went lower and lower, eventually finding the bottom of her shirt. From there, Ruby’s fingers crawled up her back, making Weiss shiver. “You know what? For you,” Ruby used her other hand to tuck under Weiss’ chin and make their eyes meet. “I’ll throw a piece of bread in the bowl.” 

Weiss wanted to snark and roll her eyes. Every instinct she had told her to do that, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the look in Ruby’s eyes and the hand on her skin. 

This was a problem. This was a weakness. One that Weiss couldn’t even find the strength to be angry about. Instead, she moved like a tiger on the hunt and crawled up to Ruby to kiss her. The moment their lips met, the hand on Weiss’ back curled and Ruby’s fingers dug into her skin. 

She was so warm. Weiss had been close to Ruby before, but never like this. She never knew how warm and comforting Ruby’s presence truly was to her until she was able to experience it like this. Even when she realized she wanted Ruby, she never dreamed it would be this passionate. 

A heartbeat later, that hand on her back was suddenly grabbing her, turning her over and placing her on the bed. Now, Ruby was above her, messy hair falling in her face and silver eyes looking down at her. Ruby was flushed, her face pink with color and her smile soft but confident. Weiss reached up and moved the hair from her face. “You’re beautiful,” she said, mirroring what Ruby had said to her on that day of the hunt. The words that set off all of Weiss’ alarms and started her down this path. 

Ruby leaned down, placing a very soft kiss on Weiss’ cheek. She then shifted and kissed her  nose and forehead - any spot she could find. 

“This is fun.” She said, still looming over Weiss, the blanket over them like a shield from the rest of the world. “I’m kinda sad we haven’t been doing this for the last seven years.” 

Weiss sighed. “I couldn’t pry you away from Crescent Rose long enough to actually do any of this.” Ruby laughed, only loud enough for the two of them to hear. Weiss pushed herself up enough to kiss Ruby on the lips. It was becoming harder and harder to not do that every chance she was given. “How do you want to go about this?” 

Ruby raised a curious brow. “What do you mean?” 

“I mean...are we going to tell the others? Are we official? Do we hold hands in public and go to the same bunk each night after work?” Weiss knew what she wanted, but it was easier for her. While she considered her team her family, Ruby’s real family was far more present in their day to day. From Yang to Qrow, even Taiyang right now. She was the one who had more pressure.

The way things were going lately, she might never even see anyone in her family again. 

Ruby seemed thoughtful for a moment, sliding down and putting more weight on her elbows (and Weiss). Instead of complaining that Ruby was heavy and uncomfortable, Weiss ran a hand through Ruby’s hair and settled in. 

“I don’t want to pretend,” Ruby said, her answer so matter-of-fact. “I don’t think I really could. To have you right there and not hold your hand and sit next to you and then go to bed with you! That’s just...madness!”

“Absolute chaos.” Weiss’ heart was soaring. “So this is official? We’re...a couple?” Just saying the word out loud felt like some kind of fever dream. She was dating Ruby Rose. 

“Hang on,” Ruby was suddenly gone, leaving Weiss buried under her blanket, with a few rose petals now resting on her face. A second later, Ruby was back, right where she’d been before, only now she had her scroll. “I want another picture. Lots of pictures so we can always remember this.” 

Weiss barely had time to process what was happening before Ruby was lying beside her, scroll held out above them with the camera on and ready. “I’m sending this one to Yang and Blake so..” Just as Ruby went to take the picture, Weiss yanked her down and kissed her. Ruby wasn’t the only one who could be spontaneous. 

“Send that one,” Weiss said, breaking the kiss slowly. “Leave no doubt.” 

Ruby swallowed sharply, but Weiss watched her press send and knew now, it was as official as it could possibly be. Not a chance Yang would keep this to herself. 

I have a built in camera feature, would you like me to send you random photos of you and Ruby now that the two of you are, as Yang put it, sitting in a tree?

Weiss had read the message from Penny three times. Word traveled fast, but with Yang it felt more like lightspeed. They’d barely made it through breakfast before their scrolls started to explode. 

Ruby’s father had asked, multiple times, what all the fuss was about. Eventually, Ruby told him that she and Weiss were suddenly together and he simply joked that it felt like they were together the moment they showed up. He was happy, didn’t give Weiss any weird looks or looming warnings to protect his daughter. 

At that point, Weiss thought she was perhaps in the clear - then the messages started coming in. She didn’t have nearly as many as poor Ruby, who was no doubt taking the brunt of Yang’s jokes. Still, this one from Penny was curious. It also gave Weiss an idea. 

Yes, thank you Penny. Not too many, just the occasional photo would be nice for documentation purposes. 

The answer came back almost a second after Weiss hit send.

Tremendous! I shall create a folder!!

With a soft sigh, Weiss looked up to see Ruby over the sink cleaning the plates they’d eaten their pancakes on this morning. She was wearing a red and black flannel shirt and had rolled the sleeves up to do her work. It was...incredibly distracting to watch her forearm muscles tense and twist with every action she made. Years of handling Crescent Rose had made Ruby’s hands incredibly strong. Yet, she could be so delicate with them. 

Setting her scroll down, Weiss stood up and walked over to where Ruby was working. Ruby, who hadn’t said a word when they’d finished eating, just stood up and took the plates to be cleaned. 

Weiss came up behind her and decided to take a chance - she could do this now, couldn’t she?

Slowly, she wrapped her arms around Ruby’s waist, feeling her partner’s breath hitch at the touch and her body tighten up for just a moment. 

“Is this too much?” Weiss asked, unsure. They had just recently been making out in bed not an hour ago. 

“No, it’s awesome, I’s still kinda crazy. Weiss Schnee is my girlfriend!” 

Wanting to see Ruby’s face, Weiss snaked around under Ruby’s arm, putting herself between Ruby and the sink. “She is, and she wants payback for that picture you took this morning.”


Weiss kissed her, grabbing onto the collar of her shirt and pulling her down. Ruby stumbled a bit, the plate in her hand almost sliding out. It hit against the counter, but not hard enough to break. Weiss had never felt like this before. She’d had feelings for Ruby for only a few days (or longer than that if you asked Blake apparently) but right now all she wanted was this. Forget training, or the mission, or any of her past insecurities. In this moment, all she wanted was to do this forever. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t have forever right now. They only had however long it might take for Ruby’s father to take a shower. 

Breaking the kiss, Weiss stared up at Ruby who still had her eyes closed. She was breathing hard. When those silver beauties finally fluttered open to look at her, she smiled. “You okay up there?”

“Ye--yeah,” Ruby nodded, her face flushed. “You’re really good at that.” 

Weiss really wasn’t, she knew she didn’t have much more experience than Ruby. It just mattered more because it was them. Because they’d been so close for so long and now they’d finally shifted into this. It was absolutely weird to be with Ruby in this way. To hold her close and kiss her and touch her with such intimacy. Weiss knew it would take a little time to adjust, but she wanted to dive in head first. 

Carefully, she placed another soft kiss on Ruby’s lips, this one more chaste and simple. “What are we doing today?” 

Ruby blinked at her a few times, it was rather adorable watching her brain functions turn back on. “Whatever you want.”

“Oh? Is that all it takes to get my way? A few kisses?” Ruby nodded, a small smile on her face. “Hmmm,” Weiss kissed her cheek. She really could get used to this. “I want to go see Grimmslayer.” She didn’t, but she knew Ruby did and when those silver eyes lit up, she knew she could survive that two hour debacle. 

“I love you,” Ruby wrapped her arms around Weiss, lifting her off the ground and making her squeal into the quiet of the kitchen. When she put Weiss back down, she somehow managed to rest Weiss onto the small edge of the counter. Weiss now sat with Ruby standing between her legs, staring down at her. “I love you.”

“You said that already,” Weiss put her arms around Ruby’s waist. “Your father could return at any moment.” 

Ruby shrugged. “He and my mom were never shy about this stuff. Serve him right to see me making out with my girlfriend for a change.” As Ruby moved in a bit closer, Weiss was pushed back a bit. Far enough that she suddenly slipped down and felt something not so great. 

“Wait,” she called, making Ruby stop mid lean in. “I’m wet.” When Ruby’s eyes went as wide as Weiss had ever seen them, she realized what she’d said and how she had phrased it. “Gods, no, Ruby...I mean the sink. The water from the sink.” Ruby’s train of thought made Weiss blush. “No more of Blake’s books for you!” Weiss pointed a finger at her as she removed herself from the counter and brushed at the back of her now damp pajamas. 

“You know, I am twenty-three. They let me buy the dirty books at the store myself.”

Weiss was not prepared for where this conversation was going. “ I’m going to go wash up and get ready, just stay here and...okay.” Weiss turned to leave, her mind completely flustered.

It was only when she was halfway up the stairs that she realized she’d left something unsaid. She stopped, stomped back downstairs and when she returned to the kitchen Ruby was back to cleaning dishes. 

Weiss kept her distance, she had to otherwise she might start kissing her again, and cleared her throat to grab Ruby’s attention. 

“I just wanted to say, and I’m not coming over there because I do need to shower and prepare for the day. I just wanted to say that...I love you, too.” 

Ruby smiled at her and Weiss lingered in the doorway, she found it hard to leave when Ruby was standing there looking at her in such a way. It felt strange to say I love you to someone, even if the words simply took a few years to catch up to the feelings she’d had for so long.

“Are you still wet?” Ruby asked and Weiss swore her heart stopped. 

“Ruby Rose!” As Weiss stomped off, she heard Ruby’s laughter fill the kitchen. 

What had she gotten herself into?