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Hoxton (And His Starstruck Replacement)

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"Wolf could've properly measured that C4 in his goddamn sleep! The hell did you need this little bastard for?" Dallas shook his head at the comment and glanced  warily towards chains, who sat stiffly on the floor to properly care for Hoxton's injured leg. 


"Look, I know how you must feel about this, but he knows what he's doing. None of us would've known that the C4 would-"


"The fucker was probably trying to blow my fuckin' head off to stay my replacement. I'm sure he's real proud he can replace little ol' me so damn easy, and nobody bats a fuckin' eye!" Dallas' face turns a bit red, eyes wide with offense. He wasn't sure what was worse, Hoxton accusing his brother of trying to kill him, or Hoxton accusing him of not truly caring. He choose to address the latter. 


"We tried to get you out since you first got taken in! There were no oppurtunities, even though we looked for every possible way to bust you out! Hell, I would've stormed the damn place and gotten myself fucking killed if Chains hadn't stopped me!"


"Yeah, and then you replaced me completely with some dumb little twat who can't measure C4 or get his own fuckin' mask!" Hoxton hissed at Dallas, flinching as Chains tightly wrapped a proper bandage around his leg with an annoyed sigh.


"Look, he - Houston wasn't supposed to replace you, man. We needed a fourth person for heists, and we couldn't go quiet until we got you back - we didn't know how long it'd take! We just wanted Houston to help us out, right Hous-...?" Chains slowly trailed off as he glanced towards the now empty doorway, the ghost now missing from the room. Chains fell quiet and shook his head, making a mental note to find Houston after he finished checking Hoxton for injuries and tell him Hoxton didn't mean it.


Houston knew it was a well-meant lie.