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Dragon Age: The Wolf And The Slave

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After the events at the Winter Palace, elves left the Inquisition under mysterious circumstance as did elven servants across Thedas. None could say where they went but those who believed the Inquisitor’s story about Fen’Harel wondered just how large the Dread Wolf’s forces were…and what the ancient elven rebel had planned…

And so the silver shroud continues her journey through Thedas, freeing any slaves she could find, seeking to write the wrongs of those she stumbled across while keeping low hidden under the veil of her silver shroud laid her child, a youth no one in the light of day would ever discover. Sometimes the silver shroud’s dreams would haunt her, but she steeled herself, no matter the fight she had against the sleep slumber she wouldn’t fall prey to it but eventually she did…

“It’s alright now…” Gently, Adam kneels down next to the bloodied child shaking quivering bringing the bloodied knife close to his chest, hiding beneath one of the many corpses casted upon them.

“I…I didn’t mean too I just, h-he had a knife a-and…” Strutting, the boy whimpers, tears in his eyes as I watch as my younger self looks around the place. I remember the stench of iron, hearing the scuttle of lice of maggots eating the elves squirming from within.

“It’s alright now.” Gently, Raven kneels down assuring the shaking mess.

“I killed him.” Weakly, he whimpers his voice breaking.

“It was self-defence.” Calmly, he asserts to the young boy, placing his fingertips around the bloodied blade, squeezing it stilling the child’s shaking hands.

“He wanted to turn me into mummy.” Pained, his voice breaks as he glances down upon the body maggots feasting upon the body, the child once hid in.

“It was self-defence close your heart, the vints hurt you, they wanted to hurt you. This was their fault; this is what they deserved. Never let them see your beautiful diamonds…” Softly, he whispers to the young boy, his fingertips gently brushing the child’s tears aside, cradling the young boy’s face into his.

“Diamonds?” Perplexed, he raises a brow.

“Yeah your tears are diamonds letting them shed is what the vints want. That is why you must close off your heart don’t allow them the satisfaction the pleasure of seeing your pain from them…” Kindly, he offers the young boy.

“Come on we can get you cleaned up.” Raven reasons cutting through it.

“O…Okay…” Dumbly, the boy nods shakily standing as Raven gently picks up the boy, the only real survivor of the slave mine, to treat him, take care of him, to allow him to recover.

“Fennic…is something wrong? You’re quiet…” Concerned, Adam turns to my younger form.

“My brother’s quiet.” Snippily, my younger self remarks narrowly eyeing the deceased corpses of both the bloodied vints and numerous corpses of elves.

“He broods you don’t.” Softly, Adam places his coal black hand on my clothed shoulder, his features grimacing apologetic.

“Children…to see them raise a blade it’s…unsettling.” Uncomfortable, my younger form takes a step back crossing my arm over the other insecurity rushing through my veins.

“You’re not wrong but it can also be a good thing…” He offers confusing me.

“How is this a good thing!? Children shouldn’t kill people they shouldn’t!” Angrily, my younger self snaps.

“This is the world we live in Fen. We all have to adapt even to kids. What do you expect the kid to just lie down as his mother was tortured? That kid was smart, he wanted to survive, and he did. Now he has to live with it and survive for his family, find his own happiness…” Sternly, he cuts me off my younger form flinching back briefly from his raised tone.

“Roark…” Gently, my younger self whispers crossing my arms noting the pain in his tone.

“The world we live in is unfair but that is why we’re here Fen. All of us, we’re here for the elves, they need people to look up to, to hope for  a better future and we are going to give it to them by any means necessary…isn’t that what we promised each other?” Softly, he smiles as my younger form turns away unsure.

“I…yeah. We did.” Sighing, my younger form nods her head.

“Listen to me we weren’t the first to raise our blades they were. Look at what they did to you and your brother and to so many other victims.” Frowning, he snaps at my younger form.

“I…you’re right.” Weakly, my young self-whispers.

“Cool, you should get going, I don’t trust Fenris with the other kids. I’ll look around the perimeter.” Adam insists as my younger form opens her mouth to rebuke only to falter, slowly lowering her stretched hand, bowing her head as my younger form turns her back to Adam, flinching when hearing the harsh ring of metal echo…

“SPIT IT OUT SLUT!!!! You dare steal from me after I fed you, I fed your family, I fed your whore of a mother and fool of a brother and sister. This is how you repay me! You shall be punished for such disrespect…” Angrily, Denarius screams as I grimace at the memory of my weak, pathetic old self, his fingertips digging deep into my scalp crimson smearing staining my silver white roots, forcing my head into the toilet.

“Remember my little Fox you are nothing, you will amount to nothing you are nothing but a tool that is all you will ever be!” Sneering, he snaps at me slowly standing up as shaking my younger, shaking terrified form forces my…itself to vomit out unaware of the snippets of crimson leaking out nor the dry sore throat that would be obtained tomorrow from those forceful heaves, tears cascading down my younger forms choked sobs vomiting out anything within the desolate empty cavern that was my stomach.

Surprised, I blink as the memories bestowed before me fade away into sand. Stunned, I stare at the creature that destroyed the memories of old, resurfacing, watching me from afar making my blues widen at the lone wolf watching from afar. Pained, I simply shake my head turning and walking away from the creature, not having the time to deal with it just wanting it gone, just wanting everything to be gone…

“My agents have found nothing. With the Eluvian he could be anywhere…” Sighing, Leliana confesses to Eve as she walks over to Eve, hunched over the map scowling at the map below.

“With the inquisition official disbanded we have no army, no formal alliance…” Sighing, Cassandra shakes her head.

“We have what we truly need.” Eve assures the group.

“We will need to be careful.” Cullen exclaims.

“Solas knows everything about us. Who we are, how we work, our strength and weaknesses.” Leliana points out.

“Then we find people he doesn’t know. We will save our friend from himself…if we can.” Sternly, Eve declares as the others nod in understanding as Eve slams her dagger straight into the map before them straight at Tevinter.

“Mum?” Shakily, my hand clasps Dror’s as we trek up through the mountains of Skyhold, the harsh cold winds blow. Protectively, I place my arm over Dror’s cloak, keeping him sheltered within my own as he leans on me.

“Let’s go Dror.” Coldly, I order him as we continue our trek.

“Are we not going back…?” Meekly, Dror whispers hesitant looking back at the snowy Skyhold making me sigh bowing my head.

“No, we’ve done all we can. Come on…” Sternly, I tell him as silently, Dror nods his head complying and following me as we leave Skyhold and leave the inquisition.