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Quirk: Super State

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“So what are we waiting for, bro?” Tetsutetsu asked, confused as he slurped from a smoothie he’d ordered. His body was glistening slightly, sweat rolling down his well-defined muscles from all the work he’d put in at the exam.


His outfit was simple, a white tank top and some grey shorts he’d thrown together quickly for the exam. Clothes mostly got in the way of his quirk Izuku had noticed, so it was no surprise he’d tried to minimize the amount he’d had going in.


“Ah right… well, on the way in, I met this girl-“ A sudden grin came across Tetsutetsu’s face making Izuku suddenly pause, giving a disapproving stare. “Nothing like that, before you say anything. Anyways, I met this brunette girl named Uraraka. She was really nice to me and helped stop myself from looking like an idiot earlier. I wanted to thank her, but this other dude kept getting in the way so I never got a chance. Ended up leaving her a note in the exam to meet me here if she wanted to if she had time so I could thank her.”


“Ah, that makes sense. So that her then over there bro?” The silver haired teen asked as he pointed out the brunette entering the store. Izuku nodded as he smiled, raising his hand and waving towards the girl, who’s face lit up with a smile once she saw.


“Heya, Midoriya right? Izuku Midoriya?” She asked, getting a happy nod from Izuku.


“Yeah! Sorry I couldn’t talk to you in the exam, I was moving pretty fast at the time.” Izuku chuckled, before gesturing to his friend. “Oh, Uraraka, this is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.”


“That’s… a very repetitive name.” Ochaco observed with a hum.


“Thank you, bro!” Tetsutetsu grinned, clearly not knowing what the word meant. Izuku just rolled his eyes with a slight smile, while Ochaco tilted her head in confusion at being called a bro.


“And Tetsu, this is Ochaco Uraraka.” Izuku introduced, making his steel quirk friend grin as he held his hand out


“Nice to meet Midoriya’s secret girlfriend.” The teen said, and judging by how fast he then turned to metal after the fact, he knew full well what he was doing as Izuku slapped him hard enough even in his base state around the back of the head to knock him forward as Ochaco went several different shades of red rapidly.


“I told you no! It’s nothing like that! We literally just met!” Izuku scolded through a red face, before turning to Ochaco apologetically. “S-S-Sorry, he… h-he only h-has four flexing biceps in his head instead of a brain. Just ignore him.”


“Bro! You wound me!” Tetsutetsu cried with a pout, making Izuku roll his eyes. “Though also… fair.”



“See, doesn’t even deny it,” Izuku tried to crack a joke and it seemed to work as despite her own embarrassment Ochaco began to giggle.


“Ah, I guess there’s n-no helping him then. But no, me a-and Midoriya only met t-today.” Ochaco reaffirmed to the metal teen, making him concede defeat.  


“So l-like I said in that note.” Izuku took a moment to readjust himself, composing himself again and trying to treat this interaction like any other so he wouldn’t fall on his face again and embarrass himself, metaphorically or literally. “I really wanted to thank you f-for saving me from my fall earlier. I just wasn’t paying attention and I’m thankful for you catching me.”


“Oh, it was no problem!” Ochaco chuckled, grinning wide as his face stopped flushing and she became more composed herself. “Just doing what any good person would do.”


“Still, I appreciate it.” Izuku smiled wide, rubbing the back of his head. “Would have been bad luck to fall, right?”


“Right!” Ochaco nodded, matching his smile. It faded after a moment however as she began thinking. “So… do you two think you did well? I’m not sure about my score…”


“Well what did you get?” Tetsutetsu asked, curious. Ochaco flushed.


“I think a little over thirty?” She said with a sigh. “I doubt I got very high on the leader board. I got somewhere above thirty but I kind of lost count. I ended up spending a lot of time helping a few other people get out from under debris that had fallen on them.”


“Darn.” Tetsutetsu hummed. “Still I think you did pretty great especially for being distracted then! I only had to help this one girl who almost shot herself with her own quirk by accident. Hurt but I managed to keep on going.”


“Yeah! Those villain bots are made by U.A. themselves! They’re nothing to sneeze at! Beating one is something you should be proud of, let alone more than thirty!” Izuku encouraged himself, brightly grinning. Ochaco smiled at the praise a little, hopefully feeling at least a little better about herself.


“Well, what about you two, what score did you both get?” She asked curious.


“Oh, I got like seventy points I think!” Tetsutetsu announced proudly, making Ochaco let out a gasp of awe at that. Then the white haired teen turned to Izuku. “Guess I kind of have you to thank for that bro.”


“Huh? How so?”


“Well if you hadn’t come along with your Super State stuff, I might not have pushed myself as hard as I did. I was always trying to reach your level bro if I could at all. So thanks, me being able to push myself as far as I did was thanks to you.”


“O-Oh, I doubt I changed that much.” Izuku chuckled bashfully. Being powerful was one thing, but being encouraged for just being around was something Izuku wasn’t quite used to it.


“No you totally did, bro! So thanks!” Tetsutetsus grinned. “Only villain I couldn’t take on was that insane zero pointer that showed up.”


“Oh god yeah, those were terrifying.” Ochaco nodded in agreement. “I can’t believe that’s what U.A. considers an ‘obstacle’, even for the best school in Japan. They’re definitely going to have us working hard if we get in.”


“No doubt about it.” Tetsutetsu chuckled. “It was such a pain, it kept rolling about and getting in the way, so it was hard to fight the villains, especially when I had to pull some other people out the way when I could before it trampled them.”


“Oh… Ours just sort of exploded suddenly. I guess someone was strong enough to take ours out.” Ochaco hummed, causing Tetsutetsu to look over at Izuku with an amused smile.


“What did you do, bro?”


“H-Hey, not my fault it went flying with one tiny press of the fingers.” Izuku chuckled nervously, making both his new and old friend’s eyes go wide.


“A single finger?!” Ochaco asked, gaping. “You threw the zero pointer that far with one finger!?”


“It was pretty weak on the outside?” Izuku said, sounding more unsure of himself than anything, not wanting to play up what he did.


“I gotta go home and work out more.” Tetsutetsu muttered with wide eyes.

“I gotta go home and change into drier panties.” Ochaco muttered next, making Tetsutetsu look at her shocked while Izuku just stood there in confusion. “B-Because of the s-sweat I mean! I uh…”


Ochaco suddenly pulled out the note Izuku had given her, writing down a number and sliding it across.


“H-Here’s my number, l-let’s stay in t-touch in case we get in. OKAYGOTTAGOBYE!”


With that shout, Ochaco turned and bolted, making Tetsutetsu snort as Izuku looked on confused. “She’s so not changing because of sweat, bro.”


“….Huh? But why else wouldn’t she be dry?” Izuku asked, confused. Tetstutestu stared at him for a moment, before shaking his head.


“Nope, not ruining your innocence.” He declared as he walked off. “See ya next time at the gym bro!”





 “I want it to be known, even with my penchant for being cautious and wanting to examine any and all possibilities of such a claim as yours All Might…” Nezu began, sat at his desk with a frown as he thought over the skinny pro’s request that was just asked of him. “…I find the likelihood of us finding anything to be lower than one percent.  No one could survive the types of wounds you described to me without serious intervention.”


“Maybe but… If anyone could have had it, or had back up plans, it would be him.” All Might said, tapping his chin with a sigh. ”I… I know I’m probably just being paranoid, and I think I’ve failed the kid enough as is, but this isn’t the kind of thing I can take chances on.”


With a sigh, Nezu nodded. “I understand. In that case, I will begin my search immediately. Still, until such a time as we find anything, he is to be treated as any other student. I will not have a theory with very little weight behind it in this moment affect a promising student’s future in heroics. Do I make myself clear?”


“Crystal, principal.” All Might nodded, sighing as he stood up. “I just hope I’m wrong…”


“I do too.” Nezu nodded, as he began typing into his computer to look through his archive for one specific phrase.


‘All For One’



Izuku couldn’t say he was worried at all about him making it into U.A., knowing the score he’d achieved. A hundred points was an insanely high score, meaning he was guaranteed to at the worst be in the lower tier of accepted students.


Especially if his math was correct, having used Ochaco and Tetsutetsu as an average, which would have put him in the list of higher scoring individuals.


Though two students could hardly account for the full amount of students applying. The only time he did find himself not very happy about the whole thing was remembering his interactions with Iida, but that was hardly a reason to focus on.


He spent the days waiting just trying to pass the time. He kept up with his exercises, greeted Tetsutetsu the next time he met him at the gym (and still got no answer about what he had meant in the café), began texting Uraraka and hit it off with her quite well, both enjoying each other’s silly texts and jokes they sent back and forth.


It was nice to have a friend other than Tetsutetsu, especially one he now got to talk with almost every day, even if it was over the phone. Even just getting some random silly gif from the brunette was able to lift his spirits any day.


Plus, he couldn’t forget the highlight of the moment Bakugou began bragging to all his ‘extras’ about how amazing he did in the entrance exam and how he was definitely getting in. It would be hell for Izuku any other time but Bakugou had kept count of his score and kept lauding it over everyone that he had gotten seventy-seven points. Izuku’s favourite part was him saying how he was amazing he was for being able to take something like U.A.’s villain bots on and win and Izuku even just went along with it when the explosive blonde began ranting that ‘Deku probably didn’t even get more than five points and would fail.’


Izuku smiled through it all, knowing full well he had twenty-three more points than his childhood bully. A petty part of him couldn’t wait for the moment he could look him in the eyes and admit to how effortless beating those robots was.


It was two weeks after the exam he finally got his letter from U.A., his mother sliding across the floor to show him having fallen on her knees and chosen to just keep going.


Izuku had just chuckled and helped her up, thanking her for the letter and disappearing inside his room to see it. He wasn’t in a rush but he was quite excited.


With a calming breath, he tore open the envelope and was surprised when he found a holographic projector inside.  A moment later, it began broadcasting its message into the air and…




Izuku immediately paused the video with a grimace as he saw All Might’s massive frame being projected. ‘What… Why is All Might in this?’


For all his newfound durability, Izuku’s heart still hurt at seeing the number one pro. He spared a quick glance around his room with a sigh, briefly seeing flashes of it just a little under a year ago when it was decorated to have nothing but All Might all around it.


Now… Now there was only one poster left, only kept up due to it being a present from his father when he was younger. Nowadays, it was still decorated to the brim with hero merchandise but it was far more varied.


Though it was clear there were still some favoured heroes. Even when he’d been idolizing the number one pro, there was a whole section of one wall dedicated to the Wild Wild Pussycats team, mainly of their leader Mandalay who Izuku had always admired due to her quirk leaving her fighting essentially quirkless.


There was also now a whole section of the room dedicated to Death Arms, thanks to the man helping him on Dagobah so long ago. It was mainly posters again as they were the cheapest to buy but there were various figurines scattered around as well.


Finally, Izuku’s favourite section of the wall was also one of the smallest. It didn’t have pictures of pro’s nor posters nor figurines. It just had a few photos pinned to the wall, almost all from the gym.


In a lot of them, he and Tetsutetsu were training alongside each other, in others they were smiling for the camera while in a side hug or fist bumping. Sometimes Seki would be in them as well, usually with a bored expression though occasionally he’d smile in them as well.


Izuku’s favourite of the photos sat in the centre of them all. It had been taken on the day the gym had been closed due to leaking issues, leaving Tetsutetsu and Izuku with nothing to do when Seki had found them, and ended up taking them both across the street for ice cream to make it up to them both for walking so far.


Izuku was in the middle of the photo, laughing giddily while eating his ice cream. The table they were sitting at was completely demolished and it was clear both Tetsutetsu and Seki were responsible due to the looks on their faces, thanks to them both having their arms locked clearly in an arm wrestling contest. You could tell from the picture that Seki had won and that in the process they had smashed the table apart.


It was one of Izuku’s favourite memories, and he was glad it was saved forever for him to enjoy. Seki probably was slightly less fond of it because he had to pay for the broken table, he thought with a chuckle.


With a sigh, he stopped looking at the photos. Those two were some of the strongest people he knew, and they’d be encouraging him right now to get on with the video. It would be done, then it would be over. With that thought in mind, he took a deep breath and let the projection continue to play.


“-AS A PROJECTION! AHAH!” All Might chuckled, pulling back and smiling at the camera. The man looked oddly haggard and Izuku wondered how long he’d been using his quirk for when he’d shot this. “Now then, I will be up front with you, young man. I asked to record this video last, for it will be longer than a normal one. I am sure you are well aware of this but I’d like to address you directly.”


Izuku sighed. “Great, can’t wait to hear this.”


“I am sure you know why as well. Your quirk, new though it is, is quite remarkable. I can hardly deny it is powerful and thanks to research I did confirm when it unlocked, so I can only imagine how that experience must have gone for you.  Young Midoriya… I need to apologize for how I treated you on that rooftop. I was stressed out, I was panicking and I was in far from the best frame of mind. That does not make it right, it is an excuse and it does not mean my actions were justified because they were not. Despite that though, you continued on even with my own failures, you went on anyways and look at you now. The sign of a true hero is one who can overcome any obstacle, even those that are the people they admired failing them, the people who should know better doing worse, the ones who can run into danger head on for the sake of others. Those are true heroes and you have proven yourself more than once to be this. So Young Man… I want you to know, before I finish this broadcast, these words come from the bottom of my heart. You can be a hero.”


Izuku… Izuku….


Izuku was fucking pissed. It took all his will not to crush the holographic projector in his palms. He put it down, pausing it again and took a moment to take deep calming breaths.


Izuku couldn’t accept that apology, not now. He couldn’t accept it as anything other than the man trying to save face, changing his mind now that Izuku suddenly had a quirk. A part of him wanted to say that that kind thinking wasn’t fair to the man but the rest of his angry mind shut it down, enraged by the man acting exactly as the rest of Aldera did.


With a shake of his head, he just snarled and set it aside, deciding he could deal with that later. He still needed to know if he passed or not. With that, he let it play again.


“Now, I have interrupted long enough. First, let me tell you a secret quickly that not many know. My own score when I entered U.A. was one hundred and ninety points! I’d like you to remember this fact!


Izuku’s eyes widened, having not expected to hear that bit of info. Mad at All Might or not, he could appreciate how rare such information was.


“It is time I tell you the scores, young man! With a whopping one hundred combat points, you easily reached first place in the entrance exam!” All Might announced cheerfully, making Izuku sigh at that part at least, happy to hear it. The next part took him by surprise however. “That is not all though! You see, there is also a special second kind of point value in these exams! After all, how could a hero course turn down someone who focuses on the true essence of being a hero, helping others!”


Izuku’s eyes went wide. ‘Rescue points? Wait so then my score will be even higher if I helped others?’


“The Zero Pointer robot would give you no combat points, so you’d have no reason to fight it, however you did anyways! We can hardly let such a brave act go unrewarded, meaning it has netted you the standard fifty rescue points for defeating it and another ten points for saving a student from the debris! There were also the two boys you helped near the start which netted you five and ten point bonuses each!” All Might announced with a laugh, as Izuku watched on unable to believe what he was hearing. “Finally, the young Yanagi girl you saved under the bridge netted you another twenty-five rescue points. All this together means your true final score, young man, is an astounding, unprecedented and all around amazing two hundred points! You are truly something else and the hero course is more than happy to have you grace its halls, as quite possibly the most powerful student it has seen in years. Welcome, Izuku Midoriya, to your heroic future.”


Izuku was conflicted as the hologram closed. There were two sides raging in him. He wanted to be happy, overjoyed, running around in excitement at getting in. He WAS over the moon about it.


But there that word was again. ‘The most powerful student’, once again just adding to Izuku’s belief All Might only cared now because of his strong quirk and it made him want to scream. With a sigh, he buried all the anger under the surface for the moment, grabbing the hologram and walking out to where he found his mother pacing.


She looked up with a questioning glance, slight worry on her features. Izuku just smiled. “I got first place.”


“…IZUKU!” His mother yelled happily, pulling him into a tight hug which he returned with a smile. He pulled away after a moment, holding her hands.


“I know! It’s great, I… I’ll be right back okay? I just want to go out and let Testutetsu know the good news and find out if he got in.”


“Doesn’t he live quite far from here though?” Inko asked with a frown. Izuku pulled out the handy slip of paper that allowed him to use his quirk.


“Until school starts? Not for me.”


Inko tutted, before gesturing. “Well… just be safe, okay? I love you.”


“Love you too mom!” Izuku shouted as he hurried out the door, running down the steps. However, he never went in the direction of Tetsutetsu’s house. Instead, his smile slowly faded to a frown as he stopped burying his anger, remembering the full message.


He needed to get it out and he didn’t want to risk hurting anyone in the process. With a sudden burst of speed he soon found himself on Dagobah, only a few pieces of heavy litter left about that Izuku gladly began tearing into


He yelled, he shouted and he smashed it all about for hours, trying to work it all out, channelling all his anger and frustration through him.


It wasn’t until he was ready to pass out from the anger did he realize he’d bulked up far beyond the limits of grade two.


He’d discovered something new.



“Well, it feels so good to say we’ve got two students getting into U.A!” Izuku’s teacher announced happily as he and Bakugou stood alone in the room, having been asked to stay behind to deal with them being admitted into U.A.


Bakugou had looked ready to murder someone then and there when he heard but had held it in, and now they were both being told about all the stuff they needed for school.


“And to think, not only are you one of them Midoriya, but you scored higher than anyone else.” The teacher said, absolutely amazed. Bakugou suddenly let out a feral snarl, looking between them like he’d just been told someone had killed his puppy.




“Quite high yes. Though don’t feel too put down Katsuki, you did come in tied for second place with a student from another school with your eighty-five points.” The teacher tried to placate as Izuku grinned, knowing that meant Tetsutestu was who he tied with.


“Yeah, eighty-five is pretty amazing Kacchan.” Izuku said, but for once in his life…. It was not actual praise. “I mean not for how much you usually brag, it's actually pretty weak if a ‘weak, worthless deku’ can get two hundred points but you know.”


Was it petty as hell? Sure. But Izuku needed this moment, he needed it and Tetsutetsu had been telling him to do it for a while now. Ever since the incident in the forest, Izuku had accidentally slipped up and let Tetsutetsu know about Katsuki… and he’d understood. He’d taken Izuku’s side and encouraged him to stand up for himself. After Iida, he began to see why.


He wasn’t going to be the explosive teens punching bag anymore and if that meant occasionally mocking him then so be it.


“Now Midoriya, be nice.” The teacher warned without any real threat in his voice. “Now then, off with you both. Next time I should see you, you’ll be officially registered U.A. students.”


With that, both students nodded and left. Izuku could feel Bakugou snarling and stalking him the whole way, making him roll his eyes. He had to commend the blond for somehow mustering the patience to wait until they got to an alley to strike but still, it meant nothing.


Izuku knew this was coming simply for getting into U.A., he’d practiced with Tetsutetsu for this moment over and over.


The second Bakugou’s hand landed on his shoulder, Izuku didn’t use his quirk, he simply grabbed the hand in his base state with force and squeezed hard enough that Bakugou actually let go from the pain, but Izuku did not.


He held it as he turned around, quickly ducking his head to the side to avoid some angry spit coming his way. Bakugou’s hand began to light up. “YOU! YOU-“


“Save it, Katsuki. Sure, you could explode my hand, but if I go into my super state, that won’t do anything, then you know I could rip your arm off if I wanted to.” Izuku said. It wasn’t a threat, just a fact. “So, let go.”


And to his credit, for the first time in a long time, Bakugou listened to him. Didn’t stop him being ready to yell and scream and try to start a fight though. “YOU FUCKER! HOW THE FUCK DID YOU BEAT ME?! YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A WEAKLING! YOU SHOULDN’T BE IN THE SAME FUCKING SCHOOL AS ME! YOU ARE BENEATH ME! YOU HEAR ME DEKU!? YOU ARE-“


“Do you ever get tired of this?” Izuku asked suddenly, cutting the blonde off. “Screaming about how much better you are than everyone? Honestly… until today, I’ve never tried to mock you Kacchan but honestly I don’t know why others didn’t. The more I look at you, the more I wonder what the heck I ever admired. You’re pathetic, and it has nothing to do with your power.” Izuku told him, turning to walk away. “To set the record straight, everyone lied to you. When they told you your quirk would make you an amazing hero. They meant you’d be an amazing fighter and I bet that’s true right. You got all the combat points? But you never got a single rescue point, because you don’t act like a real hero.”


The snarl that escaped the explosive teen was more than enough to tell Izuku he was right. The explosions signalling Bakugou rocketing at him just made him sigh as he immediately went into his super state and turned, watching Bakugou come in through the perception of grade two for a moment. He was glad he’d prepared his speech beforehand for this moment, knowing exactly what he wanted to say.


With ease, he grabbed Bakugou’s hands and ignored all six explosions to his face he got, just glaring at Bakugou. “You done?”


One more.


“…You know, that one was probably my own fault for asking. Now, let me set something straight Bakugou.” Izuku said coldly, making the blonde go wide eyed at his second name being used. Izuku’s muscles began bulking up more, as he became even stronger and it only increased Bakugou’s shock. “You’re not the strongest anymore.”


It was brief but he saw it. That light flicker of fear in his childhood bully’s eyes. He pulled his fist back and wound up, before throwing the punch….


Bakugou flinched violently, only to open his eyes in surprise to see the fist mere inches from his face, before he was unceremoniously dropped to the ground.


Izuku turned and began walking as he talked. “You see that? I didn’t need to beat it into you, and no one ever needed to beat who was the strongest into anyone because it doesn’t matter. Not in the career we both want. What matters is that innocent people don’t get hurt, and you have failed that so many times already. I didn’t stoop to your level because I’m not that pathetic. I really don’t know why I admired you Bakugou, because now… now I just pity you. You’re an overgrown bully who doesn’t know how to do anything but throw tantrums and hit things until he gets what he wants and who hates the idea of sharing. A toddler, that’s what you remind me of. Nothing about your life is worth admiring and now I realize that…  Well, I’ve learned not to care. Even if you beat me, you’ll never prove a point because you don’t have one, but you’ll always prove mine.”


With that, Izuku turned to his base state, leaving a feral, growling yet stunned Katsuki Bakugou behind.


“Goodbye Kacchan, I wish I never knew you.”



A week before school would begin, Izuku found himself smiling at a familiar café, looking down at his phone and rereading the texts from Ochaco and Tetsutetsu about them both having managed to get into U.A.


He was a little disappointed to learn Tetsutetsu would be in class 1-B but Ochaco was in the same class as him, class 1-A meaning they would be sharing classes. Izuku looked forward to seeing her again and even if it was just at lunch, he’d make sure to try to find time for his longest real friend in a long time when he could.


“Hey kid, you called?” A familiar somewhat bored voice spoke up. Izuku smiled even wider as he looked up to see Seki.


“Hey! Yeah, I’m sorry for calling you out here on your day off but I have something I need to tell you, but I need someone else to arrive first.” Izuku smiled, before smelling smoke in the air and rolling his eyes as he turned to point to the bulking form of Death Arms hurrying down the street. “And based on the smoke, there he is.”


“Ah, shaddup.” The pro said with a smirk, putting out the cigarette. “This job’s stressful, you need something to relieve the stress.”


“Your terrible health choices aside.” Izuku said pointedly, ignoring the pro heroes grumbling as he smiled. “I have really good news! I got into U.A!”


Both men went wide eyed at that for a moment before Death Arms grinned wide, clapping him on the back while Seki even gave a rather large proud smile.


“Hey hey! Great going kid, I knew you had it in you!” Death Arms said with a bright smile. “Don’t you go forgetting us folk down on the ground when you’re up there then!”


“Ha! As if.” Izuku chuckled. “You won’t get rid of me that easily.”


“I’m proud of ya, kid.” Seki said, as he began ruffling Izuku’s hair. “You’re one of the hardest workers I know, you deserve this.”


“Thanks.” Izuku said with a smile, glad to hear it from him. Death Arms looked at his watch for a moment, before groaning.


“Alright, sorry to cut this short kid but I could only come out for a few moments before my break ends.” He said, patting the green haired teen’s shoulder. “I’ll keep an eye out for you when the Sports Festival comes around. I bet you’ll do amazing. Now, I’ll see ya! And when I do, I hope you’ll continue to be proving just how strong you are!”


“Oh I will!” Izuku called after him, grinning wide as he waved him off. Once he disappeared around the corner, Izuku let out a sigh, before turning to Seki with a softer smile. “Hey, Seki?”


“Yeah kid?”


“…I just want you to know, out of everyone, you’re the biggest hero to me.” Izuku said simply, making Seki go wide eyed at the statement. “Even if you’re not an actual hero, you’ve done so much for me, you’re the reason I’m where I am now, so… thank you.”


“...Jeez kid.” Seki said, hiding his face suspiciously as he wipes his face on his sleeve. “Just my job. Now, what do you say we get some ice cream to celebrate you getting in?”


“I think it sounds great.” Izuku smiled softly, before it turned more teasing. “As long as you don’t break the table again.”


“I still maintain that was Tetsutetsu’s fault for starting an arm wrestling match in the first place.” Seki huffed, making Izuku chuckle.


He couldn’t help but smile as well, as he considered Seki to be living proof of one thing. Even if he wasn’t a pro, he was proof any ordinary guy could be a hero.



“Hey! Midori!” Ochaco called out, waving to Izuku as he arrived at U.A.’s gates, smiling as he saw her.  At some point when they’d been texting, the brunette had slipped into calling him Midori as a nickname and while it caught him off-guard at first, he had to admit he quite liked it.


“Hey Uraraka.” He smiled as he greeted her, while she pulled on her backpack to hold it on. “Excited for our first day?”


“Excited and nervous.” The gravity girl said with a small chuckle, looking at the gate. “This place is still so huge.”


“It’s not the only thing that’s huge.” Izuku whistled, only to be confused when Ochaco stared at him wide eyed.




“What? Is something wrong?!” He asked worried, getting a confused look from her.


“…W-Wait what did you mean?”


“…The Zero Pointer? What did you think I meant?”


“….NEVERMINDLETSJUSTMOVEON!” Ochaco suddenly said, grabbing him and moving them forward into the school so he couldn’t take time to ask about it. He decided it was best to just accept it, the girl got like this sometimes whenever he said stuff like that and he had no idea why.


“Okay then… So what do you think our teachers will be like?” Izuku asked, curious. She shrugged as she tried to fan her now reddened face.


“N-No idea. I hope they’re nice though.” She said, as they walked up the stairs and made their way to where Class 1-A was supposedly going to be according to the directions they were given.


“I just hope that Bakugou is in another class.” Izuku sighed. Then his mind remembered Iida, but he could probably at least stand a class with him, as long as he made sure to stand up for himself.


“Oh, here it is!” Ochaco said, opening the door first and walking inside. Izuku could already hear Bakugou’s voice arguing, making him groan. ‘Son of a…’


He walked in and he let out a sigh at seeing that not only was Bakugou here, being his usual abrasive self but so was Iida, criticizing Bakugou over how he was acting.


‘Well, if there’s one positive to Iida, at least this means he attacks everyone he thinks is breaking the rules.’ Izuku thought to himself as he adjusted his bag.


Bakugou noticed Izuku first, looking over before grunting and looking away, refusing to make eye contact. Izuku was more than fine with that. Iida noticed and looked over before his face morphed into one of shock and maybe even a bit of awe.


“It’s him…” He muttered, before marching forward. Izuku noticed muttering began to increase in the room and he figured out why when he overheard the phrase ‘first place’ amongst them. “Greetings! I am Iida from Soumei Academy!”


‘Oh here we go-‘


“I would like to apologize for my behaviour on the day of the exam!” The blue haired teen said, making Izuku go wide eyed in surprise. This was certainly not what he was expecting, as Iida bowed down. “I thought about what you said and you were absolutely right. I was picking on you quite unfairly when I think back on it, I’m used to quite strict rules that everyone is expected to enforce but I should have known better than to treat you as I did in the exam. It is also quite clear my comment about you not taking the exam seriously was a terrible misjudgement and you are clearly a more superior student than I.”


“I… don’t think I’d go that far but thank you for the apology.” Izuku said, as the taller teen raised his head. “I just-“


Before he even had time to finish speaking, he heard the faintest breath behind him, a presence and years of hiding from bullies had him immediately turn to identify the threat behind him, only to see…. A man on the floor in a sleeping bag.


“Well at least one of you is perceptive.” The man said, pulling down the zip on the sleeping bag and standing up, walking in. Izuku was wary, watching him. Quietly.


Everyone else continued to mutter for a minute about who he might be. Izuku struggled to believe this could be a teacher, from how unprofessional and scruffy he looked.


“I’m Shota Aizawa, your homeroom teacher.” He announced, stunning everyone. ‘Well then, that’s a first for dress code. Maybe that’s his hero outfit? I don’t recognize him though…’ “And again, aside from one person, it took all of you eight seconds to shut up. That won’t cut it.”


Izuku could tell he wasn’t looking forward to class already though. He was getting flashbacks to some of his worse teachers suddenly. The man went behind the podium set up at the front and pulled out a laundry basket of all things, slamming it down. “These have U.A. gym uniforms with the sizes you submitted. Find your name tag and put yours on, then meet up in the field outside.”


“Sir? But what about orientation?” Iida asked, confused.


“It’s pointless.” Aizawa grunted. “It’s a formality that real heroes won’t have time for. Now hurry up, heroes shouldn’t waste time.”


That was how they were introduced to their teacher, and as he stalked off, Izuku could only gulp.


Because before he took off down the hall, he looked back once… and looked straight at Izuku.