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Quirk: Super State

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To say Inko Midoriya was worried about her son would be the very definition of an understatement. The plump mother had always been a worry wart her entire life of course but this was different.


Ever since when Izuku was just a small child, when he’d found out that horrible tragic news that he had no power of which to speak in a world filled to the brim with super powered individual’s life had been hard for them both.


It wasn’t long after the news broke that the boy’s father had a sudden job opportunity in America that would pay better, that he ‘absolutely had to take’ for their sakes. The pay didn’t change; he just didn’t want to be associated with Izuku.


Not even a year later and the stress of the situation was catching up to the mother fast, as her figure began its spiral from slim and desirable to rotund from all the comfort food. On the bright side at the least it made her a much better cook for her son, even if it was a minor thing to take solace in.


As for Izuku himself… She didn’t fail to notice the light in his eyes dimming every day. The way his bouncy excited movements became more reserved and tame as though he was trying to keep himself quiet and hidden away.


And the worst part was whenever she washed his clothes, she almost always found small bloodstains and tear’s. the first few times resulted in crying fits and now she just… expected it.


It was horrible and she hated it but because of Hizashi’s departure, and the fact that the only extra money she had was from government payments to help with property replacement during a quirk manifestation that had been taken away, she had no feasible way to move out of their apartment and put the greenette into a better system.

It was hardly the last thing she noticed about her son’s rapidly worsening life either. The worst part either had to be the burn marks or his “failing” grades.

She didn’t need to be a genius to figure out the origins of both problems either. The first was without a doubt the work of his supposed ‘best friend’ Katsuki Bakugou.


The thought brought many emotions to the front of her mind when she thought about it but chief among them all was just a lack of surprise. The greenette had been friends with the boy’s mother and on her own as a person she was a bit of a handful, but enjoyable and understandable if a bit feisty.


However, while Inko didn’t want to be rude, she knew for a fact that woman never should have been a mother. Her actions and attitude were the exact kind of thing that would bring about a complex in a younger child and it was apparent that it had happened in Katsuki.


And now Izuku was paying the price.


The other problem in a messed up way brought far more anger to her. At the very least, Katsuki was barely older than a toddler and simply just didn’t know better. It was horrible and she hated it but she understood it.


The ‘failing’ grades were something much worse. The mother had made a habit of checking over her son’s work all the time just before it was due in, making sure to confirm answers for herself even if she didn’t give help to him before letting him go so she knew when he was being screwed over and being screwed over he was.


Both his maths and his Japanese lesson’s would often come back with abysmal scores for perfect answers and when she’d finally had enough and stormed into the school one day, she’d found out just how far some horrible adults were willing to go with their discrimination against a child who just wanted to be loved, because they had been replacing his work with lesser ones and outright erasing some of his answers.


She was beyond disgusted and her displeasure had been known to the school, along with the evidence they were faking. Nothing had ever brought her as much anger as the principle’s response.


He’d said he’d make sure it doesn’t happen again, simply waving it away like it didn’t matter. What was much worse though often repeated in her mind every now again ready to ruin whatever enjoyable moments she had.


“I see no reason to change past scores. It won’t make a difference to a quirkless child’s career prospects either way.”


It never failed to make her blood boil. And on top of every last bit of this, she was stuck to forever feel guilt with the fact of all the people to hurt her son with his quirkless nature she had been the first.


He had to want to be a hero. The one career path in the world that actually needed a quirk to be attainable.  He had to ask her if it was possible…


She could have told him he could be one, and preserve his dream but slowly and surely help him adjust to the truth over time so it wouldn’t hurt as much. She could have dealt with all the heartbreak at once and shut him down, but kept him safe and hopefully make amends through his life.


Instead, she had to choose the worst possible action in that moment.


I’m sorry, Izuku!


All the heartbreak without a definitive answer, and it was a moment that stuck with them both she was sure. The lack of answer soon lead to her son deciding to try anyways which she couldn’t bring herself to stop as she watched on in pain as he wrote away notes in his notebooks about every pro he saw, as If they’d somehow help him bypass the lack of his own quirk.


For her, the moment stuck because of how much she’d hurt her own child without meaning to. It was a moment that had popped up more than once in her nightmares on the worse nights and usually it far surpassed any other scenario because it had already come to pass.


So of course, she began to do the only thing she could think of to make up for it. At every single opportunity she made sure to do her best to always be a shining beacon of safety for her child. Of course that was her job as a mother anyways but she went out her way to do practically everything for him whether he asked or not to help.


It wasn’t for naught at least as the effort meant that every day, for the ten years since he’d been diagnosed when he returned from school at the least he would give her a small if potentially fake smile.


She knew when they were fake, and it was common but even a fake smile took some energy to maintain that meant he at least cared enough to try, and sometimes that was all she could really ask for.


So when for what was more or less the first time in an entire decade of effort, her son had walked into the house and she’d hurried from the kitchen as she always did to greet him and let him know what hero news he missed at school.


This time however there had been two very noticeable differences. The first was that parts of him were covered in slime, like someone had used a quirk she’d never seen before and much more importantly….


He was pretty much completely unresponsive. He’d let out little more than a grunt to her greetings before he collapsed on the couch with a forlorn look.


And in that moment, she just knew that whatever was coming next would be hell for at least one of them.


“Sweetie?” She’d asked, raising a brow in concern as she took a seat beside him, placing a hand on his leg. “Is something the matter?”




“Did someone use another quirk on you?” she asked concerned, knowing the bullies had a track record for going far beyond normal shoves and blows at times. The response she got practically stopped her heart in her chest.


“Villain attack.”


“WHAT?!” Her arms quickly wrapped around the child in worry as she pulled him in, eyes going wide. “Are you ok?! What happened?!”


“….Robbery. Villain wanted to use my body to escape.” He explained vaguely, gripping tightly at the threads he was concentrating on. He pulled off his bag slowly, like it took all the energy he had and he pulled out his book, handing it to her. She gasped as she realized he’d opened it to a page with a specific signature. “All Might saved me. He was in the area chasing the villain and I got to talk with him for a couple of moments.”


“Sweetie that’s amazing! I know he’s one of your favourite heroes!” Inko said, happy for him and smiling before she saw the look of utter anguish on his face and her heart dropped.


“….I asked him If I could be a hero without a quirk.”


“Oh honey…” He didn’t need to elaborate for her to immediately understand what had happened. She moved to pull him into a tight hug. “I’m so sorry…”


Before her arms could get around him however, he suddenly stood straight up and bolted to his room, a slam coming from the door and her heart ached. It ached for his shattered dreams, but it also ached because that was the first time in the boy’s entire life that he’d rejected his mother’s comfort and affections.


In fact it was the first time he’d ever shown his hurt so clearly in a long time, and Inko….


Inko had no idea what to do.



“Hey, look at Midoriya!” Someone called as the green haired child stared at his desk dejectedly waiting for class to begin. Like always, there were harsh messages scribbled across the top just small enough that you’d only notice as long as you were near to it. “He looks like a zombie!”


“You mean ugly as a zombie?” Another voice asked as absent-mindedly traced the U in a comment with the word ‘Useless’. He was used to blocking out the taunts and jeers. One of the girls let out a cruel laugh before talking themselves.


“He’s always been that. He looks more pathetic than normal though.”


“Alright what the fuck, you shitty nerd?” The familiar angry voice of Bakugou asked, barely managing to get the greenette to look in the blonde’s direction with a small explosion. “Finally realized how much of a worthless shit stain you are?”




“You’ll never be a-“ Suddenly, the blonde stopped and blinked. “Wait, what did you just say?”




There was a moment of silence as it sank in, and then Katsuki lost it.


“DEKU WHAT THE FUCK?!” The angry teen growled, punching the boy’s desk and setting off an explosion. “ALL THESE FUCKING YEARS AND YOU JUST FUCKING STOP?! WHAT THE SHIT YOU ASSHOLE?!”





Wow, Bakugou complimenting Midoriya, even if in an insulting kind of way. That was something that never happened and it caught many of their classmates by surprise that no one said anything in response to that jab.




“…Thanks for your advice yesterday, Kacchan. I’ll keep it in mind for the future.” The greenette said, without a trace of sarcasm or really anything but defeat in his voice. Most were just confused to what he was referencing but the three boy’s who had been there shared looks of disbelief.


Considering he’d essentially been told to kill himself that didn’t bode well.


“….Tch. Fuck you Deku.” Was all the blonde seemed to think to say as he went back to his seat, his entire rant amazingly forgotten as their teacher finally walked in.


There wasn’t another comment made about the quirkless boy that day, mainly out of confusion of what was even going on with him.



Even after a few days had passed, Izuku was still no better than when he had walked into his house and explained what had happened to his mother.


Once he’d done that, he’d ended up running to his room to cry and once that was out of the system it was like his emotions just… switched off. Questions directed his way rarely got more than hums and one word answers just to assure whoever was talking to him he heard them


He couldn’t bring himself to care about even something as small and important as eating. He was just drifting by at the moment, surviving in a horrible limbo state where he could only replay the day over and over in his mind when he wasn’t distracting himself with menial tasks.


It had been a more or less ordinary day, if a little more exciting with the debut of Mount Lady but it quickly devolved with Kacccan’s verbal abuse reaching a new height and his physical abuse being more focused on his property.


He just had to do that, just had to make Izuku take the long way around to grab his book and get stuck in happier memories. Make him show up and just the right moment for the slime and All Might to show up.


Of course, once the greenette had seen his chance, he had taken it, clinging onto the man for dear life as they soared through the air. For the briefest of moment’s the villain he managed to capture had slid away in the chaos but the man had grabbed It just in time as he landed before berating the boy.


Then he had to go and ask that stupid, stupid question….


“Izuku? Did I get you flavour you don’t like?” His mother’s voice suddenly brought him back into the current moment and he sighed. In both their hands where chocolate ice cream cones they had gotten while taking a walk through the park.


“It’s a good flavour.” He commented lamely, giving a half-hearted attempt and eating it before stopping and continuing on, ignoring his mother’s worried gaze.


She had been at it non-stop this week, doing every last thing she seemed to be able to think of to find a way to improve his mood. Old tapes of them together were dug out, an outing to a new movie that most certainly wasn’t cheap, a more fancy dinner at a restaurant and now even just a simple walk in the park together to try to clear his head.


It seemed she was pulling out every stop she had to try to help him. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it but he still just couldn’t find it in him to care anymore.


“…Hang on one moment, sweetie.” Inko suddenly requested as she hurried off somewhere. He just nodded and continues to try to work his way through his ice cream at a pace that would make a snail look like it was the fastest creature in the universe. “-on’t mind?”


“Of course not! Always got to be willing to lend a hand, even if it’s not the usual kind.” A gruff voice said, making the greenette look up to see of all people for his mom to have found, Death Arms and Mount Lady. “So, you’re the kid huh?”


“You’re a cute one.” The female pro commented with a small smirk, before humming. “Hey and I could of sworn I saw you at my debut!”


“…I was there.”


“oh yeah, you were at the back taking notes.” Death Arms chuckled in realization, while the elder Midoriya just looked confused though not necessarily surprised. “So, here you’re quirkless and a little down about it right now.”

“Not gonna lie kid, being quirkless sounds like it sucks.” The gigantifcation pro admitted, before getting a light hit in the shoulder and a warning glare from the super strength pro. “But! You can still do awesome things if you put your mind to them, right? Maybe pick up an instrument and learn, or start helping sell hero merch!”


“If you’re in the habit of taking notes about pro’s.” Death Arms cut in while rolling his eyes, reaching into his pocket and taking out a picture of which he seemed to have many. “Then maybe even consider looking into becoming a professional analyst for new heroes. There’s plenty you can still do, and one of those things is get an autograph!”


With that, he gave the greenette the photo of his which was pre-signed and the pro gave thumbs up. Mount Lady hummed, reaching into what appeared to be the only pocket in her outfit and pulled out a pen, quickly scribbling on the back of the picture. “And mine as well! Shame you gotta see this mug before my beautiful penmanship.”


“Oi! I’m way better looking than those scribbles.”


“Thank you.” Izuku said simply before the two could argue, giving a deep bow. His facial expression hadn’t changed at all. The two shared a glance with his mother who just looked saddened.


“Well uh, just keep it in mind kid.”


He nodded. It didn’t matter. All he wanted to do was to be a hero, he already knew he could do anything else but none of that would help now.


He was thankful to have met the two heroes, but perhaps really any other time would have been better.


Soon enough, he was on his way with his mother and his mood hadn’t changed at all. What did he even have to feel out of this emptiness?


Regret, self-pity, anger and sadness. Maybe it was for the best he’d shut down like this.



It had been an entire week since the incident with All Might had happened and Izuku was still not really there, as he carried a heavy basket filled with groceries for his mother around on her newest venture to cheer him up.


They were at a special shopping district, ‘the Mile Market’, named for the fact that it was a street lined with shops for exactly a mile. It was a public street where vendors could set up for free, so it could be different every time someone meant making it perfect for multiple outings while often being able to serve a practical use at the same time by selling stuff.


Without a doubt the most popular attraction of the city, and also really the only one. Much like everything else though, Izuku found he lacked the ability to care as they made their way through the street while purchasing things they needed from the vendors, the younger greenette quiet all the while.


He was even more distracted than usual really, unable to get the decision he’d made in his class that day out of his head. It had been time to finally submit forms for where everyone wanted to go for their high school and the greenette had his last opportunity to put anything besides U.A. down just to be safe.


To know he had a future, even if not the one he wanted.


And instead left it and submitted fully with the knowledge it would more than likely end in nothing but misery for him.






Inko sighed, stopping and turning to him with sad eyes. “Son, we really need to talk about this state of yours.”




“It’s not healthy, and I’m really starting to worry about you.” She sighed, clenching her fist. “I want to help you feel better but nothing I’m doing is working. Please, if there is anything just tell me. I can’t stand seeing you like this.”





“AGGHHHH!” A sudden scream grabbed both their attention and they turned to see a villain storming through the street all of a sudden, jets of water streaming from his hand and ruining the stalls around him into wreckages and throwing people down.


“ALRIGHT FUCKERS GET DOWN NOW!” He demanded, and the two greenette’s complied immediately. Admittedly, even if it wasn’t a positive emotion, Izuku was definitely feeling something now. Worry and fear. “THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE GONNA DO. YOUR GONNA GIVE ME EVERY LAST VALUABLE YOU HAVE, EVERY SINGLE BIT OF MONEY ON YOU AND IF YOU DON’T IT WON’T BE PRETTY!”


“No one is going to be handing anything to you, villain!” A gruff voice called and relief flooded the two Midoriya’s momentarily as they saw Death Arms and Mount Lady approaching. The later may not have been massively useful in a place like this but any pro to help was welcome at the moment. “This was a terrible decision on your part! A public place such as this is where you chose to attack?!”


“They shouldn’t have been here.” The quirkless boy barely heard the water villain hiss, then he turned to the two and time froze as their eyes locked. The villain suddenly blasted towards him and his mom and before he could register what was happening a spray hit him hard enough to blast him back into a nearby wall and collapse into the ground. “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING NEAR ME YOU TWO, OR I’LL TURN THE FATTY’S INSIDES TO MUSH WITH A PRESSURE WASH!”


The younger Midoriya weakly raised his head as It ached and his eyes widened with horror as he saw the villain stepping on his mother with a hand to her head, her face betraying her sheer terror.


His body shook as the world slowed and he really realized what he was seeing.


His mother, the only person in his life to remain constantly with him, never leaving his side and always doing everything she could even into this past week trying to keep him happy.


The only family he had, and really only friend for that matter. His own flesh and blooded was about to be murdered in front of him…


(Clouds, dark and grey began to fill the sky.)


And he was as powerless as ever. Unable to do anything.


He was so pathetic he couldn’t even save his own damn mother! He was just some weak, worthless nerd with nothing to him who was just a punching bag.


(His fingers dug through the solid concrete, pulling it away as his nails began to break and his entire form continued to shudder.)


She was going to die because of exactly what he’d always been told, the fact he was a powerless loser.


(Lightning struck right at his side, destroying the cart beside him. Another struck the wall behind, caving it in.)






All eyes were fixated on him in shock as the ground beneath him cracked and crumbled. His once non-existent muscles swelled up and most of his hair spiked into the air in a new style as it’s green and black colour faded into a vibrant glowing gold that left everyone stunned.


His head jerked up and his eyes were revealed to them all. They were a glowing turquoise colour that struck a chord into all their hearts.


And all he could see was red.


“Izu….ku?!” Inko coughed out, in such a massive combination of emotions that it was near impossible to pin down a specific one. The pro’s were stunned beyond belief, having recognized the kid from the park and remembered how he was supposed to be some powerless and quiet kid.


Now, he practically looked like another person. In fact, there was almost a case to be made that he looked like a miniature All Might with much spikier hair and a far more intimidating aura around him.


“What the hell!? STAY BACK KID!” The villain shouted, raising his hands for a moment and firing at him in a shocked panic. That was when he moved or more accurately, that was when he finished moving.


Once the spray stopped and the villain looked again the child was gone and so was his hostage. All eyes looked around for them, and they settled to far down the other end of the street, barely visible at the distance were the two Midoriya’s.


Inko laid on the ground still in pain and absolutely flabbergasted. Since when could her son do THIS?!


Midoriya, stood tall. Where he in the right state of mind, the sensible thing to do would to be to get away, but he most certainly was not in the right state of mind.


All he could feel at this moment was a torrent of fury, and a target in the water villain. In less than a second he was back behind the villain and his fist came down.




“AHHH!” The villain let out a painful cry as he collapsed in a heap. The teen wanted to do so much more but very barely he finally managed to get a loose grip on himself, just enough to focus on what was really important.


Getting his mom away.


He was beside her at speed that seemed more like teleporting than actual movement to anyone but him. His own eyes made it easy to see every single moment of it, like they had gotten faster with him.


He picked up his mother with one hand, keeping her over his shoulder which was no small feat of strength, and then he was off again.

it took them an hour and forty five minutes when they had walked to the marked originally. It only took thirty seconds for them to get back with this sudden new found speed.


The now golden haired teen bolted up the stairs to their apartment, stopping and gently setting his mother on the couch before standing back. Without a focus now, the pro’s already likely having handled the villain, his rage began to subside and very suddenly his new form disappeared.


His hair dropped down, returning to normal along with his eyes. His muscles shrunk back into the thin twigs they were before finally it all caught up with him.


As dark spots began to appear around the edge of his vision and he fell back into his seat, his mother still thoroughly confused as to what just happened, he uttered out the only explanation he could currently think of before he lost his grip on the waking world.


“I have.. a power?”