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Seasons went by and soon it was winter yet again. The family was spending a cozy afternoon inside after a long morning of work. Snow powdered down onto the ground in a grand and perfect blanket. Light sat at the table with her family, and they sipped on hot chocolates.

“Mommy,” Jamie said softly. “Will you finish telling us the story of the very old mage?”

Light took a moment to think. “Sure. I’ll tell you the story.” She said happily as she moved to sit on the edge of her bed. The children moved to sit on either side of her and Light began to retell the story, while Edmond continued to read from his book at the table.

“Long ago, the very old mage fell in love with a grand mage. The very old mage was a member of a guild that did not approve of such pairings, and so the very old mage did everything they could to stay away from the one they had fallen in love with. She tried everything she could to keep a barrier up so that she would not get hurt, but one day, the grand mage spoke to the very old mage, and he told her that she was very beautiful. The very old mage was not certain she could keep up the façade any longer. And so, she told the grand mage of her feelings. She proposed to him, and they soon were married.”

“Is that how the story ends?” Sage asked unhappily. “Surely there’s more to the story!”

It was then that Edmond walked over and picked up Sage, throwing the child into the air and catching them. “That’s not the whole story.” Edmond said with a laugh as Sage giggled. Edmond sat on the edge of the bed and put Sage in his lap. “The very old mage was quite beautiful to the grand mage, but their love was forbidden. Therefore, the mages kept their relationship a secret for a very long time. They would act casual in the eyes of those around them, but when they were alone, they would tell each other things that lovers say.”

“Daddy, that’s gross.” Jamie said, hugging onto Light.

“What happened to the mages?” Sage asked.

“The mages’ love was eventually found out.” He said slowly. “And the two were told that they could not be together because of the rules. SO the mages had their memories stollen and they were placed on opposite ends of the earth.”

“That’s terrible!” Jamie said, looking up at Light and Edmond. “But did they ever find each other again?”
Light smiled. “Not only did they find each other again, they fell in love all over again a second time. You see, when fate pulls two mages together, there is nothing that can stand in the way of that fate. They were destined to be together.”

“What happened next?” Sage asked excitedly.

“The mages fell in love again and they got married again and had a baby. But then they found that the same rules applied, and they were once again pulled apart. The very old mage decided that she would give up her memories and her magic so that the child could remain with the grand mage.” Edmond said sadly.

“But then the very old mage was returned to her home, and she met the grand mage again. This time there was nothing that could stand in their way, and so when she fell in love with him for the third time, they got married again, and then they had another baby together and lived happily ever after.” Light said with a smile.

“Happily, ever after? Is that even real?” Jamie asked with a pout. “I thought those were just for fairy tales and bedtime stories.”

“But what happened to the very old mage after her magic was taken?” Sage asked.

“Well,” Edmond said sadly. “The very old mage no longer had magic and therefore could not live forever, but she lived happily to the end of her days with her beloved and her family.”

“That ending is only bittersweet then.” Jamie said slowly. “Does that mean that the very old mage died at the end of the story?”

“Yes.” Light said slowly. “The very old mage eventually will die.”

Sage looked up at Light then tearfully. “I don’t want you to die, mommy. It is not fair that you have to die one day.”

“Mommy, are you the very old mage?” Sage also began to cry.

Light looked at Edmond, unsure what to say.

“Mommy is not the very old mage.” Edmond said softly. “it was simply a bedtime story and they all lived happily ever after.”

The children seemed to accept Edmond’s answer and they calmed down, although they still clung to Light on either side. Light then smiled at the children. “Who is hungry?” She asked.

“Me” The children chimed in together.

“How about we have lunch?” Light asked as they all ran for the kitchen.