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Harvest Moon Festival:
Edmond stood outside of his home staring up at the sky when he heard a familiar set of footsteps coming up from behind him. He’d quite grown accustomed to the daily visits of Light’s and he looked forward to them in his day. On the occasion she did not visit him, he would find himself waiting by the window of his home watching the street in wonder of what the famer would be up to in that exact moment. Edmond did not need sleep anymore and only did so on rare occasions. He would wait all night sometimes to see if she would visit.

Light was panting slightly when she found herself standing behind the mage. She’d been looking for him for a while before she finally checked the area beside his home and the hike up the mountain was no simple feat. She breathed deeply for a moment before putting on a smile and calling out to Edmond. “How would you feel about going to the Harvest Moon Festival together?” She asked with a small smile, her cheeks pinkened as she watched him turn the invitation over in his mind a few times before he finally answered.
“The Harvest Moon Festival, you say? Well, what an exciting invitation you propose me with.” He said with a small smile of his own, taking careful note of the blush on her cheeks. Blushing is contagious and he could feel his own cheeks warm just enough for him to feel it but probably not enough for her to notice unless she stepped closer. With some excitement he threw his arms in the air and stretched them overhead. “I DO have some free time that day…” He said with a grin as his arms fell to his sides. “A fine idea, then. Let’s go. I will come get you at your home on the day of. Be inside around 5pm, will you?” The idea of viewing the moon together excited him greatly as he swayed from side to side, his hands clasped behind his back as he did so. “Ah, the moon,” he chuckled softly. “Via a festival, we get the chance to share some special time together. Quaint, don’t you think?”

Light nodded. “I do think so as well.” She responded as she took a step backwards bashfully at how animated he had become at the suggestion. He really seemed keen on the idea and it made her heart flutter. Light then excused herself and made her way back down the mountain.

A few days later Edmond knocked on Light’s door at 5pm sharp. Mages were always on time… or at least this one was. He grinned as Light pulled the door open. “It’s time.” He said. “Should we make our way?” He offered gently as she closed the door behind her, nodding.

“Yes, let’s!” They walked arm in arm up to the top of the mountain where they settled down at the peak not far from Edmond’s home.

“Surprised?” He asked with a soft laugh. “This is one of my favorite spots.” He admitted as he looked at her and the way that the moonlight shown on her beautiful eyes. The full moon was almost as bright as the sun and he could make out every last detail to from the shimmering of her eyes to the way that her hair blew in the breeze. She was simply perfect. “Look up at the night sky. No wonder today is the Harvest Moon Festival. The moon is such a marvel to look at.” He smiled warmly at her then and rested his hand over his heart. This night could not have been more perfect. They both turned away to stare up at the moon. “This really relaxes my mind. But I should note, it’s not just the moon that makes me feel this way. No matter how beautiful the moon may be, no matter how quite a space you are in, there are times when anxiety can hit. However, when I am with you, I don’t get that. Your presence alone helps to calm me down.”

“Plants make me feel the same way.” Light said as she gazed up at the moon. Edmond’s smile faded slightly.

“Same goes for plants, you say? You’re just being coy, aren’t you? Or do you really think that way?” He was a little unhappy that he’d poured his soul out to her and she was playing shy still. Shaking his head, he turned back to the moon. “Anyway, enough talk. Let’s take a good gaze at the moon tonight.”

Light sat down and leaned back on her hands. Edmond quickly sat down beside her and stared up at the night sky beside her. He truly did feel the sense of calm when he was around her and there was something about the way she relaxed around him that made him certain that she felt the same way. It was comforting to know that it wasn’t simply one sided. He was falling for her and she seemed to at least like his company as well, she’d invited him out after all. He turned to her and smiled before resting his hand on hers for a brief moment. He could feel her warmth through her hand as he took it in his own and traced small circles into the back of her hand. Her touch calmed him further and he could see the faintness of a warm blush on her cheeks as she turned her hand around in his and held his hand. Lacing their fingers together, they stared up at the Harvest Moon in silence.

Standing up and reluctantly letting go of Light’s hand, Edmond was the first to speak. “The moon was wonderful this year, as always. Although I wish I could stay longer. I’m glad I came with you today.” He said as Light found her own footing. “It’s getting cold. It’s time to leave. Let me walk you home.” He said with a warm smile.

Starry Night Festival:
A season passed quickly, and snow covered the ground as winter breezed into their lives. The crops on the farm withered, leaving behind dead leaves and vines from the fall harvest. It had been a short autumn this year. Edmond seemed to see Light every single day. She would come into his home like a breath of fresh air, deposit an ore or seashell in his hands, and breathe out like the wind. Edmond stared down at the latest seashell in his hands. It had been just the day before that he’d seen Light, but he found himself missing her quick bouts of companionship already. He smiled as he wrapped his fingers around the shell and deposited it back into his pocket. She would show up again today… he could feel it. He could divine it from the stars and the sun. Just like clockwork. He noticed her standing across the field, foraging for herbs and plants. He watched her carefully as she removed her pack and cautiously placed the items into her pack. He was mesmerized by her. The way she tugged her long sleeves down around her wrists and the way she seemed to shiver slightly was so cute. Everything about her called out to him to pay attention.

“Heya, Edmond.” She said as she now stood before him, pack resting on her shoulders. She rubbed her hands together for warmth as she stood before him. It was a very cold day but the cold didn’t bother Edmond anymore. He had his magic to keep him warm. He smiled at her as she tugged another seashell from her pockets and reached out, dropping it into his palm.

“I’m not sure how you know what I like. You must be a mind reader.” He smiled, eyes closing as he spoke his mind, subtle to hint her affinity for magic. “I’m not sure how to express my gratitude in words. May I hug you?” When the farmer made no move to get away from him, he took this as acceptance of his invitation and quickly wrapped his arms around Light gently. She shivered against him as he held her tightly into his chest. She fit there almost like a puzzle piece. Like she was a part of him that had been missing for so long he hadn’t realized she was gone. He pulled away from the hug reluctantly. “It’s rather cold out today. You should drink something warm like tea.” He offered before he turned around to study the patch of flowers growing nearby.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you.” Light started shyly as she moved to stand beside the mage once more. He turned around to look at her. Light’s cheeks flushed pink in that moment but he pretended to continue to study the flowers. “Would you be interested in going to the starry night festival with me?” She finally blurted out quickly.

“The Starry Night Festival, you say? A wonderful event. Thank you. I would love to go with you.” He could feel a slight blush warming his own cheeks for a brief moment as he accepted the invitation. He hadn’t expected such a kind gesture from the cute farmgirl. “Stars are there every night, but it’s not often you get the opportunity to go out simply to gaze at them. I shall come get you at your home on the day of.” Edmond turned around to face the farmer, his piercing blue eyes meeting with her warm brown ones. “Be inside and I’ll escort you there after 5pm. I hope the skies will be clear that night. I’m looking forward to it.” He smiled as Light nodded and then scampered off in the opposite direction. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched her leave. She was too cute for words.

A few days passed and it was finally the day of the Starry Night Festival. Edmond had stood before the mirror for over an hour that night. He would gaze up at the stars frequently for hours on the Starry Night Festival alone every year. This year was different, however, because this year he had Light to accompany him. He felt excitement bubbling up in his chest as the final hour ticked by before it was time to go fetch Light. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror before straightening his hat and briskly stepping out the door.

It didn’t take long before Edmond found himself standing before her front door. He smiled anxiously as he reached out and hesitated to knock on the wooden barrier. He took in a deep breath of crisp night air before letting it out slowly and knocking three times on the door. It was only a minute before Light answered the door and invited him in. The scent of hot chocolate wafted from inside and he was quick to accept the invitation to go in and away from the bitter cold.

Light closed the door behind them and sat down at the kitchen table where her hot chocolate was waiting for her patiently. She smiled and motioned for Edmond to have a seat as well. There was another cup waiting for him across from her seat and she quietly smiled before slurping a sip of the chocolate drink.

“Is this for me?” He asked her with a grin. She was always so thoughtful of him. She nodded in response and he took a seat in the chair across from her. He then held the heated cup between his hands, the warmth emanated from the cup and warmed him to the bone. The cold didn’t bother him as it once did but the warmth sure felt nice after spending time in the chilly outside air. He raised his cup and took a sip of the scalding liquid, swirling the beverage over his tongue before swallowing. It tasted like farm fresh chocolate milk. He wasn’t a huge fan of milk, but somehow the freshness made it taste even better. He wasn’t sure he could ever go back to restaurant bought chocolate milk after this day. He placed the cup back down on the table and smiled.

“How is the research going?” Light asked, trying to make conversation to fill in the void of empty air between them.

“It’s going well. I may have a lead on my aura research I’ve been conducting.” He said as nonchalant as he could muster, trying to pique her interest in the subject of magic. She seemed to nibble at the bait but didn’t take it. Light merely nodded in response. “How are things on the farm since you restored the lighthouse?” He asked to keep the conversation going.

“The farm is going great!” She answered enthusiastically. “The animals seem really happy and the crops have grown in lush. The farm is, simply put, thriving.” She grinned down at her cup. She had thought she’d be nervous after inviting Edmond in, but it felt as natural to speak to him as it did when she spent time with her animals. She was beginning to develop feelings for him, and how could she not. He was perfect in every way. She blushed slightly at the thought but said nothing as she raised her mug to her lips to cover her cheeks from his sight. When she lowered the mug her cheeks were no longer flushed with embarrassment and she gazed into his stunning sapphire eyes. He was beautiful, she decided.
“Should we make our way over then?” He asked as he watched her drain the last of her hot chocolate from her cup. She nodded and they headed out for the mountain.

“Look at that, Light,” He said with a child like wonder, his eyes shining as he looked up at the sky. “The stars are glimmering so brightly. Now that I think about it, it’s been a long while since I’ve gazed at the stars simply for enjoyment. I’ve been caught up in the immediate issues at hand and didn’t stop to give myself any moments to relax. How could I have welcomed the spring season without ever knowing the melody of such a beautiful winter night sky?” He quickly stole a glance at Light to see her looking at him, their eyes locked for a moment and he could feel himself blush lightly. “It’s as if time has stopped. Each glimmer of that star grabs hold of my heart and won’t let go.” He wasn’t sure if it was just the stars or if it was the combination of the stars and Light’s presence. He felt at peace truly and wholly. They stared up at the night sky for what felt like only a short time, but Edmond knew was truly for hours.

“It’s getting a bit cold, isn’t it? We should start heading back soon.” He admitted with a frown. He didn’t want to part ways with Light. He loved her company and the sight of the beautifully twinkling stars overhead. “I don’t want you to get sick. When we get home, you have to warm up and rest well.” He turned his attention back to Light. “I had a lot of fun tonight.” He stated slowly. “Thank you for inviting me.” Light nodded and they made their way down the mountain and back to the farm. “I hope you had a nice time too, Light,” he said as she stood in the doorway.

“Would you like to come in for some more hot chocolate?” She offered casually with a smile as she rubbed her pink hands against one another.

“I’m alright, thanks.” He said, wanting to kick himself as he declined the invitation. He had much work to do and while the night was still young. “I’ll see you around soon.” He finally said as he watched her deflate slightly at his rejection. She seemed to perk up at his last words and smiled before waving goodbye and shutting the door.