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Edmond Route

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Edmond teleported from his temporary home on the mainland where he had been staying and found himself standing amidst the weed-ruled fields of the old farm. Back before the storm, no one had lived there so it was of no consequence to him to see that it was still overrun with weeds and tall trees. He took in a deep breath, savoring the scent of the island’s salty oceanic air. It was good to be home but he had a mission and he would stop at nothing until it was completed. He clenched his hands into fists. Today would be the day. He could feel the vibe in the air. Today he would make progress toward restoring the lighthouse. It had been several days since he’d left the island, almost a month, in fact, since he’d last set foot on it. He felt no closer now than he’d been before he left, but with careful research into the phenomenon, he felt that he could come to find why the storm brewed and where the stone tablets that powered the lighthouse went. It was then that he felt the presence of someone behind him. He turned around on his heel and found himself face to face with a mysterious stranger.

“Now this is a surprise…” He admired the way that her hair moved in the breeze before coming to his senses. She must be the new farmer, he noted to himself as he took in her appearance slowly. “I never expected anyone to see past my cloaking magic.” He pondered out loud quietly. “So, your name is Light.” He said as he closed his eyes and allowed the name of the mysterious farmer before him to resonate like a bell within his soul. “It has a wonderful ring to it… Like that of a wind chime swaying in a light breeze.” He opened his eyes and took in the sight of the girl before him. She wore a yellow shirt under a green half-sleeved jacket, a pair of tan shorts, a tool belt, and finally a red bandana around her neck. Her hair was done up in a side ponytail with a braid. She was very cute and he felt connected to her immediately on a metaphysical level. Could it be that she was a magic user as well? He could feel the energy and earthen power resonating within her as he watched her. “Ah, but I sense a strong will deep within those eyes.” His own eyes moved to rest on her shimmering brown orbs and he felt himself lost for a brief moment as he voiced his thoughts quietly.

He blinked and then smiled sheepishly. “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a bad habit of mine. I tend to get lost in my thoughts when I see something that interests me.” He perked up and held out a hand to shake hers. When her hand grazed his for the briefest moment he lost all sense of self as he took in the feeling of her magic power. She had the potential to be a powerful mage that would rival only himself on this island. “My name is Edmond. I’m a mage, and I suppose I could say I’m a drifter of eternal time.” He took in a deep breath of the sweet air again as he attempted to calm his excitement. The farmer looked at him with an expression of surprise which caught him a little off guard. He chuckled softly. “It’s not that surprising, is it? Just like there are animals and plants, there are humans and mages.” The farmer seemed to quickly accept his explanation and he felt himself relax once more, bathing in the sensation of her earthly power that shown from her body like a beacon.
“So what’s a mage doing on this island?” Light questioned him quietly.
“Oh, nothing much. I’m just searching for…” He paused for a moment and felt a surge of excitement surface as he noticed the object in the farmer’s hand. “Wait, that tablet in your hand!” He felt his smile fade as he spoke. “Could it really be?! Don’t tell me! Have you been working to restore the lighthouse as well?!”
Light nodded to the mage’s question. She was indeed trying to restore the lighthouse to its former glory and bring life and prosperity back to the island. It was her goal ever since she found herself on the island. She wasn’t sure how she came to be on the island and had few memories of her life before this point. She’d decided to take up life here at least until she could recover her lost memories. How had she gotten there? Where had she been before? These were questions that kept her up at night, but that she had no leads on, nor any answers. Light smiled at the mage. Maybe it was a greater power that brought him into her life. Maybe he would be the one to help her recover her memories?
“I must have been guided here by fate! How grateful I am for this encounter!” The mage smiled and brought his hand to his face where he wore a pondering expression. “I, too, have been yearning to restore the lighthouse, you see.” Edmond allowed his hand to fall to his side once more and he looked a little closer at the object that Light held. “Oh, but on closer examination, it seems the tablet you have is missing a piece.” He said, unable to hide the disappointment from his voice, the hope in his voice faded slightly as his expression turned to one of worry.
Edmond closed his eyes. “Hmmm… I sense the energy of water. Water… water… Underwater?” He pondered quietly as he felt the aura of the object she now held up for him to see. It was cracked and nearly a quarter of the circular tablet was missing. Water was the vibe he was getting from the object. The missing shard must be underwater somewhere. “Ah, sorry about that. There I go again. It happens when I concentrate too hard.” He smiled as he looked at Light who shifted her weight from one leg to the other. “As we seem to have the same goal, let us work together to achieve it. For now, do what you must. I hope I will see you again soon. Farewell.”
With that Edmond used his teleportation spell to reach the mountains where his humble home resided. He leaned against the front door of his home for a moment as he attempted to collect himself. He did, indeed, hope that he would see her again soon. There was something about her that he found fascinating. Closing his eyes, he turned to face the door, opening it slowly before stepping inside and securing the door behind him. He had much research to do regarding the stone tablet and the vibe he was getting from Light.
A month later. (First heart event:)
Edmond stood on the beach. A cool breeze blew northward, causing his long hair to flutter about him as he stared off at the sea. It had been a month since he’d met the mysterious one called Light. She had singlehandedly worked on repairing the stone tablet with only a little help from himself. She was truly a remarkable person and he found himself constantly thinking of her as he studied the meaning of her aura. As much as he wished he could research more to help with the storm or the stone tablets, his mind seemed to frequently wander back to the mysterious Light. She was simply amazing and she consumed his mind. Edmond took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Today he would research the storm. He could think of Light later. Or so he told himself as he walked from the beach toward town. It was at that moment that he found himself before the one and only Light. She was standing off to the side of Gareth and Tabitha.
“Ah, am I bothering you? It seems you’re all a bit preoccupied right now.” He said as he took in the scene that was unfolding before him.
“M-Master?” Tabitha said with a smile. She seemed happy to see him for a moment before the smile faded and she looked at him with a pout. “Oh Master, Master! Will you help me? Gareth is being a big meanie!”
“If I recall, you were the one who started this.” Gareth responded somewhat indignantly.
Edmond chuckled softly and felt a smile plaster itself across his face. “Oh, you two never change.” He stated matter of fact tone. It was a relief that in an ever-changing world, that these two seemed to remain one of the few constants in his life. It seemed that they were simply up to their usual antics and that Light was caught in the middle of things. He felt a warmth toward her. It was as though the other two were already welcoming her into the family so to speak.
“You’re asking how long we lived with our master? Hmm, I’m not really sure.” Tabitha said to Light as she watched the two, she wore a good-natured expression. “I don’t remember the exact timeframe, but I know for a fact that I was there before Gareth!”
“A marginal difference it was.” Gareth added reluctantly.
“Quiet, you!” Tabitha snapped at Gareth, not wanting to hear him drone of as he always did.
“How well we know our master? Uh…” Tabitha’s expression changed from smug to one of almost panic.
Edmond found this all vastly amusing as he watched on in silence. It reminded him of the old days when Tabitha and Gareth used to live with him. They were like family to him and they were the only ones he’d allowed close to him after the point when he stopped aging. He’d feared allowing anyone to get too close to him for so long but that fear changed one day when he’d found these two. Both came from broken families and they had needed a mentor to help shape them into wonderful adults. Edmond’s mind wandered back to the days when he taught the duo magic.
“Hmm… Considering we lived together for quite some time. I realize I have very little knowledge of you, Master.” Gareth said seeming surprised by his own realization. It was Gareth’s words that brought Edmond out of his train of thought, the smiling faces of the two as children faded from his mind as he found himself once more in the present with the two, now adults, standing before him.
Edmond was quick to respond reassuringly with a chuckle. “But there’s no need to know.” He added quickly to the conversation to calm the worries of his family. “I have nothing interesting about me.” He wore a blank smile as he spoke, carefully keeping his grin as neutral as possible. Even though he’d allowed himself to become close with these two, he had not allowed them to get as close to him. It was easier this way.
“Come on! I understand you like being secretive and all, but you can at least tell US a little about yourself!” Tabitha said as she crossed her arms over her chest indignantly. “That attitude is what makes people believe those rumors of how you sold your soul to the devil. They were saying that’s the reason why you still look young, even though you’re over a hundred years old!”
Edmond laughed then, those silly rumors. “That’s very funny.”
“Master! I’m serious!” Tabitha insisted.
When in doubt a subject change always worked with these two. “More importantly, Tabitha. Isn’t there something you’re supposed to be doing?” He asked her with a gentle nudge to his tone.
“I, uh… “ She looked panicked then.
“you’re too easily distracted. I see that still hasn’t changed. I know you’re very talented, but you must stay focused.”
“Talented? Me? Ooh, thank you Master!” Tabitha perked up and smiled at the perceived compliment.
“I’m certain that was not a compliment.” Gareth added.
“Shut your mouth, wizboy!”
Edmond was smiling now, “Ah, Gareth. You haven’t changed either.”
Light interjected then.
“Gareth used to be far more stubborn…” Edmond responded in explanation. Like the time he spent three whole days researching, trying to prove his point. He stayed holed up in the basement the entire time, so we thought he ran away from home. That sure was a panicky mess.”
“Master! Please don’t remind me of that incident. It truly invokes embarrassment just from reflecting on it.” Gareth said as he tried to save face before the farmer Light.
“Gareth is such an attention hog.” Tabitha giggled.
“I sure am not. Such description would be rather fitting of you.” Gareth rebuked.
“How dare you?!” Tabitha chided.
“I foresee this conversation to lead to another unproductive waste of time, so I shall excuse myself here,” Gareth said blankly as he straightened his robes and sniffled indignantly. This had been a total waste of time in his eyes. With that, he disappeared in a poof of smoke and sparkles. He’d teleported away.
“Hey, wait! Don’t run away from me, you coward!” With that, she disappeared similarly to the way that Gareth had in a puff of smoke and sparkles.

And then there were two. Edmond found himself alone with Light the farmer. He chuckled to fill the silence. “A rowdy set of apprentices they are.” He said to himself.
“Have they always been like that?” Light asked.
“Actually, they’ve calmed down quite a bit. They used to be far more ruthless against each other.” He said with a smile. He was feeling rather nostalgic quite suddenly. “Perhaps crossing paths with you and the people of this island has rounded out both of their personalities.” He said thoughtfully.
“They’re quite entertaining.” Light said with a soft, melodic giggle.
“Obviously so. As their mentor, I am certainly delighted to see that they have matured mentally.” He chuckled. “It’s quite unusual for me to express my honest thoughts in words.” He thought out loud then. He eyed Light with a serious expression. There was something about her that seemed to draw out the truth from him. He wasn’t quite sure whether he liked this or not yet, but it deepened his respect for her as a person. He would have to be careful of himself around her. She blushed then and he found this very endearing. “I enjoyed being able to speak with you. We’ll meet again someday.” Edmond said before he also cast a teleportation spell and found himself standing before his home. He had a lot of thinking do to.