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A harsh winter fell upon the lands. It seemed only fitting to Edmond that the outside be as barren and cold as he felt inside without Light and the children by his side. The way that snow flakes fluttered down to the ground creating a heavy blanket under which the earth would slumber. Edmond would spend his days studying and working on his magic, but he would spend his evenings working on reading the many dusty volumes related to the rules of the Mages' Guild. They had books for rules, books regarding the history, and even books about Light herself. It was fascinating to read entire books about his wife full of her accomplishments, titles, abilities, and so much more. According to her biography volume.... Her real name wasn't Light at all. To Edmond's surprise, her name at the time of the book's publishing was Lucille Lux. None of this information seemed to match up with the Light that he knew and loved. These books made him wonder if he ever had known the real Light at all.

It was late at night when Edmond turned the final page of Light's biography closed. He knew that regardless of who Light was in the past, it was her present self and her future that he loved. He knew in that moment that he would do anything for Light, Sage, and Jamie. He would join the Mages' Guild to keep them together. He worked tirelessly on his paperwork and applications for the Mages' Guild. It took three days of almost nonstop work.

He knew in his heart of hearts that Light was meant to be with him for the rest of their lives.

On the last day of the first month following his hearing, the Mages' Guild sent him a summons. His heart beat within his chest anxiously as he mentally prepared himself to meet with the council once again. He teleported to the council chambers at the specified time and was amazed to find that the only one in the room was Light herself.

"Light?" Edmond's voice came out barely a whisper.

Light smiled, closed the space between them and threw her arms around Edmond's neck in a hug.

"I'm so sorry for the letter I'd sent you before." She choked between sobs. "I would understand if you never wish to see me again, but I had to see you."

Edmond embraced Light with a fierce protectiveness. "Light, you are my everything. I will always be there for you. No matter what."

Light smiled and sniffled as she pulled back from the hug and scrubbed her tears away on the sleeve of her mage's robes. "Edmond." She said softly. "I...."

Edmond placed his lips over hers in a gentle kiss before he pulled back and shushed her softly. "Do not worry about anything, my love, we will be together again soon. I promise."

"Edmond. Wait." Light said as she took his hands in her own.

"What is it, my love?" Edmond asked looking concerned.

"our love is forbidden. Do you remember what you told me on the day that I proposed to you? That our love would end in tragedy?" Light held tightly onto Edmond's hands now, a senses of desperation permeating the room as she spoke in a hurried whisper. "The reason our ending is tragic is because of me. I am bound by ancient magic to remain a servant to the Guild and to the mages of this world. My happily ever after was simply never meant to be."

"Light." Edmond said gently. "We will be the authors of our own happily ever after. Just trust me. Wait for me."

Tears fell down Light's cheeks as Edmond teleported away in a flash. She sank to her knees and clutched her hands to her chest. It felt as though her world was falling apart and as though her heart was breaking.

Seven months went by and Light didn't see or hear from Edmond again during that stretch of time. It was late summer when she went into labor on her own and delivered two healthy twin babies. She lay in her bed with one baby on either side of her when Sage and Jamie joined her. Light felt utterly exhausted but smiled at her children.

"Sage, Jamie." She asked softly. "What should we name the babies?"

"Morgen," Said Jamie. "It means circling sea or great brightness; bright or white sea dweller."

Sage looked thoughtful for a long time before they smiled and said, "Trace. Because they look like someone traced a copy of the first baby."

Light couldn't help but smile at her four beautiful children. She loved them with all of her heart.

There was an announcement in the Guild news that Ms. Lux had given birth to identical twins and named them Trace and Morgen, but beyond that Edmond knew little of how she or the children were doing.

He knew that too much time had slipped past him already. It was time to see his promise come to fruition.

Edmond came to the Guild headquarters and placed his acceptance letter down on the table before the receptionist. "I'd like, as a member of the guild, to see Ms. Lucille Lux please."

The receptionist nodded and he was ushered into a large room. There was a lady sitting at the desk ahead with her back towards him. She turned around and smiled at him. "Edmond?" She said softly.

"It's me Light. Let's have our happily ever after." Edmond whispered.


The End.