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From rivals to teammates

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Ushijima has spent much of his life playing volleyball. It's been some time since he's heard someone speak critically of his play. He makes mistakes, even as a professional athlete, but his teammates and coaches talk more about the good than the bad.

Not Kageyama Tobio.

Kageyama barely finished his first full Adlers practice before casually confronting Ushijima in the locker room.

"Your receives need work," Kageyama said. Romero froze on Ushijima's opposite side, the rest of the team waited for the full-on fight.

"Yes," Ushijima agreed calmly.

"I can help you," Kageyama said, oblivious to the stares from their teammates. "After the next practice, if you want."

"That would be great," Ushijima replied with a nod.

He heard an indignant squawk that sounded like Hoshiumi, but that would be ridiculous.

Kageyama stays to work Ushijima after every single practice in his rookie season, doing almost the same thing he did with Hinata at Karasuno, receive after receive after receive.

Ushijima holds Kageyama in high regard, and they stay friends long after professional volleyball.