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Part XIV: Moving Forward

Fandom: NBC Hannibal/Fear Clinic (webseries)

“How…long have—have you been wearing that?” Villatoro inquired, his expression a mix of surprise and apprehension.

Bedelia tapped the side of her wine glass thoughtfully, making sure the simple gold band on her finger clinked against it audibly.

“Four days,” she replied, fighting the smile that was starting to emerge at the corners of her mouth. “You should know better than to hide things in your coat pocket, darling.”

Villatoro had been foolish enough to wrap her coat around her shoulders during a night at the opera. Given their difference in size, the coat was more like a pocketed cloak for her and she had felt something heavy in one of the pockets. She was surprised to see her lover had replaced his flask with a ring box that night and she’d slipped on the ring before he returned from the lobby. It was merely a matter of waiting to see how long it would take her lover to notice.

“So…if you’re wearing it, does that mean…?”

The giant brute was seemingly at a loss for words. It was almost cute.

“Does that mean what, Pietro?” Du Maurier purred, savoring a sip of wine.

“It means…I need a drink…where’d you put my bourbon?”

“Neither of us truly have friends,” Bedelia continued, setting down her now empty glass, “so we needn’t plan anything extravagant. Simple courthouse ceremony is enough, don’t you think?”

“Where’s the fucking bourbon? I just bought it!”

“I suppose Barney could be your best man. You know he’d declare himself such regardless of you telling him otherwise.”

Villatoro stopped in his rummaging through the liquor cabinet and looked at her in exasperation.

“Bea, you gotta stop talking before I give up and bend you over the sofa again,” he said.

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“Don’t start that again. Remember what happened last time you said that? You broke the dining room table.”

They were still nursing bruises from that incident. Bedelia had made sure the new table was reinforced but they had yet to test it. Perhaps if she pushed his buttons enough…

“How could I break the table if I was on top?”

“Babe, do not—do not test me right now.”

She smiled, pleased to leave her lover flustered. It was rare he was caught off guard. He was usually the one who instigated things, started the teasing flirts, while she called the shots in their lovemaking. If anything happened tonight, he’d certainly deny her the control she thrived on and she both loved and hated him for it.

While the thought of being taken on the dining room table was a tempting one, she might as well focus on the tasks she had been researching in her spare time.

With Hannibal now in prison, (though she knew him well enough to know that no place could hold him long), it was time to consider an escape plan. Italy seemed a promising destination. No one would know who they were. They already had luggage packed and ready to run the instant Lecter caught up to them.

It was simply at matter of time.