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“Damn, another thing I have to worried about” Bill thought when Hugh punched him in the face. When Bill arrived at the house Hugh opened the door and without any further, he punched him on the face. Bill didn’t understand why he did that, he knew he was angry at him because of the fight but he never thought he would be that angry with him.


“How dare you to kiss my daughter” Now he understood why he hit him, and with every right, he couldn’t blame him.


“I’m sorry sir” Bill was apologizing with Hugh when Dorothy came and saw Bill with one hand on his face and the other one preventing that Hugh would hit him again. She sighed in disbelief, but she understood why Hugh was so mad at Bill, in fact he wasn’t only mad at Bill, he was also so mad at Hillary that he made her cry and felt worse than she already felt. Dorothy knew her husband, and she knew that he wasn’t going to hear any explanation. However, she wanted to know why Hillary and Bill kissed.


“Hugh, why are you acting like that? Punching Bill is not going to help anyone.” She said annoyed by his actions


“How could you be so calm after what we heard? He kissed our daughter, and his fiancé saw them. He is clearly a bad influence for Hillary, he shouldn’t be here” Hugh was getting angry again


“Please sir, let me explain to you”


“No, I don’t want to hear anything. Actually, you should go now and never come back to this family. You are only causing probl.” Hugh was about to say something else when Dorothy interrupted him. She asked Hugh to leave them alone, she wanted to talk with Bill, she needed to hear his side of the story, because after what happened today, she knew that there was something else that Hillary didn’t say. Hugh left them alone, and she looked at him, waiting for him to speak.


“Why are you here William?”


“Miss Rodham, I need to find Hillary, she can’t get married with him. I need to talk to her, please. It’s urgent.” He seemed desperate


“Well, she is not here.” She wasn’t going to tell him where Hillary was until he told her what she wanted to know


“Please, tell me where she is, it’s urgent”


“First of all, I need to know what is going on, if you want to see her you need to tell me everything, now William” Bill sighed and looked at her, he knew that Dorothy was his only chance to get Hillary back.

Hillary and Isaac were preparing everything for their wedding, it was two o’clock in the morning and she was very tired, but they needed to finish with everything. He found a little place where the venue was going to be, and he also found someone who could get them married. Meanwhile, Hillary couldn’t find someone who was willing to brought her dress, so she was getting frustrated. She stood up from the little table and went to the bathroom, she washed her face and then looked at herself through the mirror, she couldn’t believe that in a few hours she was going to get married, and the closer the ceremony was getting she was more doubtful about if that was the right thing to do. She wasn’t sure if she loved Isaac that much to get married with him but after everything that he had done for her, she felt like she owned to him. A knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts. It was Isaac, checking on Hillary.


“Are you okay Hillary?”


“Yes, I was just refreshing myself, I was getting a little tired” Then Hillary came out of the bathroom and saw Isaac, he looked at her and grabbed her hands.


“I know this is exhausting but think about it, after the wedding everything is going to be perfect. Just imagine; you, me and our little baby at our honeymoon, on the beach enjoying the sun and the ocean” Hillary realized that  she needed to talk to him, she needed to tell him the truth about what happened between Bill and her back then, three months ago and her doubts about the baby’s father.


“Isaac, before we kept going with this, we need to talk, I need to tell you something very important, that might change everything.” Isaac looked at Hillary, he dropped her hands and she kept talking. They talked for hours and hours, until there was no more to say, until they were exhausted, until she couldn’t ask him for forgiveness anymore, until he couldn’t explain how angry he was at her. They slept in different rooms, he let her sleep in their room and he slept at the living room of their suit.

It was six o’clock in the morning and Hillary woke up because of the alarm o’clock, she felt so tired that she was tempted to turn off the alarm and fell asleep again, but she knew that she couldn’t do it. It was an important day today and she couldn’t be late. She was still with her eyes close when she felt a hand on her shoulder that shook her until she opened her eyes. It was Isaac who was already dressed.


“Woke up, we can’t be late” He waited until she got up from the bed and then he left. He was giving her cold shoulder after she revealed him everything. She thought that after telling him the truth he would call off the wedding, but for her surprise he didn’t. Actually, they woke up earlier than it was planned because they were going to take the paternity test before they got married. When he told her that they were going to take it she thought that the best thing to do was to wait for the results, but he didn’t agree with her, so they kept going with the wedding. Hillary took a quick shower and was getting ready when Isaac came into the bathroom and told her that Edward was going to bring her dress. Hillary didn’t have her phone with her, so she couldn’t communicate with anybody, because Isaac was the one who had their phones, he didn’t want to be interrupted by anyone, especially by Bill.

“Hi, Miss Rodham it’s your turn” The nurse called Hillary, they were at the clinic where they were going to take the test. She was nervous, because she didn’t know what she really wants, from one side she knew that if that was Isaac’s baby her marriage would be easier, but if it was Bill’s baby, she didn’t know how they would be able to handle it. However, every time she thought about the possibility of Bill being the father, she felt an inexplicable happiness inside her heart, the fact that they could share one baby made her incredible happy. The moment the nurse finished she told her that the result were going to be in a couple of days, they were going to send her an email with the results. She came out of the room and saw Isaac waiting for her, she gave him a little smile, hoping that he smiled at her back, but he only nodded at her and then they took a cab.


“You need to talk to me, we can’t be like this for ever” Isaac only looked at her and then turned her head around, he was looking at the window.


“We can’t marry if you are like this, I mean at some point you need to talk to me” Hillary was frustrated that he wasn’t talking to her, she was getting worried about how their marriage would be, she was afraid that he would never speak to her again. She decided that she was going to wait until they arrived at the place to confront him, it was going to be the best to talk there, alone, without any interruptions. The moment they arrived at the place, she saw that it was a nice little white hotel that had a rustic style, the hotel was at the middle of the road, she calculate that it was at least an hour ago from the city. The moment they came in into her room, she closed the door and looked at him


“I know that what I did was horrible and the fact that I didn’t say anything made it worse and I do understand why you don’t want to talk to me but what I can’t understand is why you want to keep going with the wedding if you are not talking to me, for God’s sake you are not even looking at me” Isaac didn’t move, he looked like he was deaf.


“I can’t, I can’t do this. I’m sorry, I really am, but to be honest I don’t know what else to do for you, so you can talk with me, and apparently it doesn’t matter what I do and what I don’t, you are not going to talk to me, so I think this is a big mistake, and we shouldn’t get married” She waited for a reaction but he didn’t do anything, so she turned around and unlocked the door of the room to get out when she saw his hand pushing the door to closed it again.


“You are not going anywhere” He whispered to her ear in a very somber way that made Hillary got chill, for a moment she felt so vulnerable that frightened her what he could do.


“I’m angry and there is no way I could hide that, but you know what, I love you. Actually, that’s the real reason why I want to rush the wedding, because I’m very hopeful that after everything we have been through, we are going to have our happy ending. A life without any intruders, a life without Bill”


“But what if Bill is…”


“No, after this day, this baby is going to be mine, no matter what” Hillary didn’t like that, she didn’t think it was the right thing to do. If Bill is the father, she wanted him to be involved as much as he would want to, and she was sure that Bill would want to be for the baby


“I don’t think so. If Bill is the father, he needs to find out and decide what he would want to do”


“No, Hillary from now on he would never be near you. That’s my final decision” He gripped her by the arms and his grip was so strong that she felt how his nails were making cuts through her skin, she wanted to whimper but she hide it.

They were waiting for Edward and her parents, her mother was going to help her with her make-up and Edward was supposed to bring her dress, but apparently, they were late. Hillary wanted her phone and being alone, but Isaac didn’t give it to her, and he didn’t leave her alone. Hillary was really tired, she wanted to take a nap but the moment she went to her room and laid down on the bed she heard a knock on the door, it was Edward. Isaac changed, he was very nice with them, he was even romantic and careful with Hillary. After thirty minutes Isaac left them alone, he was going to get ready and Hillary wanted to talk with Edward. She was putting her dress on when she decided that was the right moment to talk to him.


“Edward, I need your help, I need an advice I don’t know what I’m doing” She was waiting for him to say something but apparently, he was so into his phone that he didn’t pay her attention. She walked off the bathroom with her hands against her chest, to prevent that her dress came off of her.


“Edward didn’t you hear anything that I said before?” He didn’t look at her, he went to the door and poked his head out of the door, it looked like he was waiting for someone to appear. He stayed like that for several minutes until Hillary heard him greeting to someone. He moved away and let them in. It was her mother and Bill.


“Quickly, come in. We don’t have so much time” Edward said as they came into the room. Hillary couldn’t take her eyes off him and for an instant her eyes lighten.


“What? What is ha. What are you doing here? Mom? Edward?” They looked at her and Edward and Dorothy left the room without saying anything, they left them alone. Bill and Hillary looked at them leaving the room and the moment the door was closed he walked towards her and softly pulled her towards him to embrace her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed for a moment the warmth of his body. She rested her face against his chest and his heartbeat was very comforting.  


“Bill, you shouldn’t be here” She murmured at him, Hillary was worried about Bill, because Isaac might come in at any moment, and the last thing she want was to Bill got hurt again.


“And you shouldn’t marry him” He replied to her at the same murmur tone that she said earlier. He grabbed her chin and gave her a recomforting smile that made her smile.


“How do you know I was here?” They sat down on the nearest couch with their hands still tangled.


“I got a message saying that you were going to get married. I think it was Isaac who sent it, so I came at your parent’s house and well I figured it out that your father was mad at me, he even gave me a little souvenir” He chuckled at little while he was pointing at his bruise. She slightly touched his bruise with her thumb and before she could stop herself, she was kissing his bruise. It was an innocent kiss but for them was more than a little kiss, it was so intimate and meaningful.


“Well, now I think it was really worth it” She shook her head with a smile, not believing at what he said.


“After that, your mother came into my rescue, she told your father to left us alone. I asked her to tell me where you were and for an instant, I thought she wasn’t going to tell me anything, but she asked me to told her everything and I did it” Hillary looked at him with shock on her face.


“No, why? I bet my mother is mad at me. Oh gosh they are never going to talk to me. They are going to hate me” She stood up talking so rapid that he saw she was about to having a panic attack


“I’m sorry, but I had to be honest with her so she would help me. Believe, if I would have any clue about where you were, I wouldn’t have asked for any help, besides, your mother doesn’t hate you Hillary, she could never hate you, you are her little treasure.” He stood up to grabbed her and calm her. They weren’t able to say anything else because Edward came in, he looked worried.


“We don’t have much time, so you might want to rush this” Then he left the room again and Bill looked at her


“Don’t marry him, come with me. Let’s leave everything behind, please don’t stay here with him”


“But I can’t, he doesn’t deserve that”


“And you deserve this?” He pointed at her marked arms. The marks of his nails on her arms were noticeable, they weren’t big enough, but the marks were red, and her creamy skin made it more noticeable.


“It’s nothing, besides, he had been nothing but a good person to me Bill, with him everything would be easier”


“Since when Hillary Rodham prefers the easiest part of the show? You know what you want Hilly, we know what your heart desires and what you deserve, which is the best and I don’t plan to give you nothing but the best my love. So, I’ll be waiting for you at our home until the end of the day. If you don’t come by the end of the day, I will get it, I would leave you alone. I promise you, no more running after you, no more than our co-parenting” He gave her a quick peck on the lips before he began to walk towards the door


“But I didn’t say it was your baby”


“You didn’t have to; I’ve got the feeling that the baby is ours” And then he left. She was speechless, she couldn’t believe that after everything that had have happened, he was still fighting for her. She was so touched that for a moment she thought about reached him right now, right there and professed her undying love, but the reality hit her again.