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Bill was waiting for her in the living room, he was replaying in his mind what happened, how he found Hillary and about the guys that hurt Hillary, when the guys came to his mind, he clenched his fist so hard that his knuckles went white, he even forgot about the pain in his hand. He was so into his thoughts that he didn’t notice that it was raining until a thunder fall lighten the room and made a hard noise.


“That was a big one” Hillary said, she was behind him, he didn’t hear when she came into the room until she spoke.


“Hey” He immediately stood up, he wanted to walk towards her, but he decided to give her space and wait for her. He looked at her and saw that she was wearing gray sweatpants and a blue tank top, she had her hair wet because of the shower and her cheeks were lightly pink too, when she got closer to him, he could smell the coconut of her shampoo. He looked at her eyes and saw sadness in them, he wanted to hug her, but he wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do.


“Thank you” The moment she said those words she reached at him and hug him, her arms were around his waist and her head was against his chest, she was hugging him like he was a lifesavers, she buried her face in his chest and the moment that she felt his arms around her she broke down and started to cry. It amused her how a simple act of hugging made her felt safe, she knew that the reason of that feeling it was because it was Bill’s hug and for an instant, she hated herself for being so weak when she was with him, she even tried to move but Bill hug her harder so she wasn’t able to move.


“It’s okay, I’m here Hilly. You are okay, now you are safe baby” He was trying to calm her down, he kept telling her that everything was alright until she stopped crying.


“Please stay with me” Her face was still buried in his chest and she thought he wouldn’t listen to her, but he did hear what she said and the fact that she asked him to stay with her made him realized that she needed him more than ever.


After a few minutes she calmed down and she move a little, but she was still in his arms, they looked at each other and Bill saw that she had a bruise on her neck, he moved his hand and with his thumb he touch the bruise and she tried to hide the pain from her face but he noticed that it hurt her. However, after that Hillary noticed that his hand was swollen and it had blood on it, she remembered about it.


“What happened to your hand?” She asked him


“Oh, it’s nothing” He was ashamed with her about what he did before, he was afraid that Hillary might think he overreacted


“It looks bad, come with me, I’ll take care of it” They walked upstairs to her bedroom, where she had a first aid kit. Bill sat down in the couch  that she had in there, she walked right to her bathroom and grabbed the kit. When she came out of the bathroom, she tried to pull one of the chairs so she could be in front of him, but she wasn’t able to do it


“Let me, it’s heavy for you” He helped her, and they got back to their seats. Hillary was removing all the blood, neither of them said a word but the tension was palpable, it was obvious to him that she was trying to avoid the important issue and he was getting frustrated, he wanted to help her, he wanted to know how she was.




“I’ll just put some bandages and that will be all” She was so into her task that she didn’t look at him when he called her. When she finished it, he grabbed her chin and lifted her face.


“I don’t want to talk about it, please” She sounded so determinant that Bill decided to give her the space she needed. However, not no knowing what happened exactly was killing him.


“Hillary I should be the one who is taking care of you. Why  don’t you sleep a little, it’s two am, you might be exhausted” Hillary nodded and after she was in her bed, Bill decided to go to the guest room, he knew her house very well, when they were younger he used to be there all the time.


Hillary wasn’t able to sleep, she wasn’t feeling good, she was rolling all over her bed, she was getting anxious and the thunders didn’t help her. She wasn’t feeling very good, so she decided to go to the guest room, she knew that Bill was there. She opened the door and saw Bill in the bed, he was asleep, he looked so peaceful that she got jealous for a brief moment, but then she got closer to him and looking him like that, with his face relaxed and his lips slightly parted made her felt shivers, she wanted to brush his hair with her fingers, but she didn’t want to wake him up. However, Bill was starting to wake up, he opened his eyes and there she was.


“The copes came before they could do something to me. I parked because I heard a girl that was shouting for help, I tried to help her but one of the guys started to pursue me, I was running but after a few minutes I saw the lights of a car and I shout for help too, I thought he was going to help me, but he only stopped for a second and he kept going. In that moment the guy pulled me by my hair, and I fell down. We fight until he managed to dragged me to the place where the other guy was, the other girl was almost naked, he was about to do it and I wasn’t able to do anything because the other guy had me against the wall, I really wanted to help her but I wasn’t strong enough… I, I really tried Bill, you need to believe me…I…” Her voice broke down and she sat down on the edge of the bed, she cover her face with her hands.


“So, he didn’t…” He asked her and he saw her shaking her head denied it


“The copes came before he did it, he was trying to taking my dress off, but they arrived and he didn’t do it” Bill thanked God that Hillary was fine, that the guy didn’t raped her.


“Oh no, Hillary I know you did the best I believe you fought like a champion baby, and I bet that girl is thankful about it, if you hadn’t stop by God knows where that girl would ended up” He got closer to Hillary and pulled her against his body.


“You are the bravest woman I’ve ever know Hillary, actually, that’s one of the things I love about you baby” He kissed her head and made her laid down in the bed and he spooned her. He was telling her how brave she was and how much he loves that until she fell asleep. He was thankful about having her in his arms, but he was also disgusted because of the reason why they were like that.


At the end Bill fell asleep too, he was spooning her and every time she moved, he pulled her closer, he was being very protective with her even though he was asleep he was trying to protect her.


From the other side, Hillary felt relived being there, she didn’t know that Bill had such effect in her, but she was grateful that he was there for her. His voice and the feel of his breath against her neck were the perfect combination for her to fell asleep. Before telling him she was ashamed about what happened, but knowing what he thought about her made her feel better.