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Hillary was at her home, when she was at the door she stopped and thought about what happened with Bill, they were about to kiss, and Hillary was confused about what he told her. Now Hillary knew that what happened back then wasn’t only a drunk mistake, at least that’s what she understood. She didn’t know how to feel, how to react, because she knew she had Isaac now. She opened the door and saw Isaac there; she was surprised to see him.


“Edward just left”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to run away. It’s just that I forgot about something important” She was emotionally tired


“I know, he kind of explain me what was happening” He was serious, and she didn’t blame him


“I’m really sorry” She didn’t know why but her eyes were starting to fill with tears, her vision was blurry because of the tears.


“Hey, it’s okay. He must be very important for you. You don’t have to be sorry; I just want to be here for you” He hugged her and rubbed her back with his hand trying to calm her down. Hillary was hugging him like he was a lifesaver, she didn’t want to let him go.


“You didn’t eat anything Hill”


“I’m not hungry, I just want to go to bed please” She looked at him and she guided him to her bedroom. When they were there Isaac looked a little uncomfortable, he stayed in the frame of the door


“What is it?” Hillary was confused


“Are you sure you want to sleep with me?” Even though they had been dating for almost a month they hadn’t sleep together, Isaac told Hillary that he wanted to wait, that he didn’t want to push her, so they were taking their time.


“Well, if you don’t want to, I could take you to the guest room” Hillary didn’t think about it until he said it


“No, it’s not that. Of course, I want to be with you, but I just wanted to ask you if you are sure about it” She nodded at him and extended her hand at his, he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him, he kissed her with such passion that Hillary was surprised for a moment, but she answered with the same passion. When she opened her mouth his tongue enter, their tongues were caressing and that made Isaac moan, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer so she could feel his erection trough her clothes. She moved away and Isaac was worried about that he misunderstood her.


“I’m sorry Hill. Are you okay?” She nodded at him, she didn’t want to say it, but she moved away because she was thinking about Bill. In her mind she was comparing how she felt when Bill was kissing her or almost kissing her and how she felt when Isaac kissed her. She felt bad about it, she felt like she was betraying him even though they were not official, but she felt like she was cheating on him. She didn’t want to think about Bill, not anymore.


“Please, help me” She got closer with her eyes closed and she kissed him with the same passion that he did before, she was asking for entrance and he opened his mouth and they tongues fought for dominance. One of her hands was at the back of his neck and the other one was on his buttocks, pulling him closer to her body, she started to rub herself against him and she felt his erection against her abdomen. Their breathing was short and fast. Hillary started to walk him to the bed, when his legs hit with the bed she stopped. She started to unbutton his shirt, when she was almost done with that, he pulled her away.


“Hill, are you sure?” He was worried about her sudden reaction


“Please” She nodded at him while she was trying to kissed him again


“Is everything okay Hill?”


“Yeah, I just want to be with you” She was getting a little annoyed and he noticed it, so he grabbed her and kissed her again. He finished to unbutton his shirt and throw it to the floor. He helped Hillary to remove her t-shirt and he started to undressed her. They had sex that night and Hillary was happy that they enjoyed it, both of them came together and after that Isaac fall asleep, at the beginning he was hugging her but at some point, he moved and now his back was against her back. Hillary, on the other side wasn’t able to sleep, she got up, grabbed her robe and tied up.


She was in the kitchen drinking some tea, looking through the window at the garden, remembering their love making with Isaac, she was into her thoughts until she saw a shadow moving, she didn’t have her contact lenses, nor her glasses. She quickly grabbed her glasses and went outside and saw that the shadow’s owner was Bill, he was climbing through the fence to came in into the garden.


“What do you think you are doing here?” Hillary angry at him because he was there past midnight


“We are going to talk now” He stated, and that made Hillary got angrier


“Since when you decided what I do?”


“Since you have been avoiding me” He took a step closer to her


“We don’t have anything to talk about Bill, I told you that I’m tired of this” He grabbed Hillary’s arm and he silenced her with a kiss on her lips. She was taken aback, her eyes were open, and she tried to shoved him away, but his grip was strong enough, so she didn’t move him, she wasn’t kissing him back, but he was so persistent that Hillary’s resolve melted, and she started to kissed him back. A few seconds later her mouth opened at Bill’s tongue came in, he was exploring every corner of her mouth, their tongues were caressing each other, and that made Hillary’s brain shout down and she put her hands against his chest.


On the other hand, Bill was amused by how perfect her mouth was, she tasted so sweet that was intoxicating Bill. He moved his hands from her arm to her waist, he was holding her like there was nothing else in this word. He was surprised by his own reaction, because after a few moments he started to feel a stir in his shaft. With one hand he grabbed her robe and started pulling it up, the coldness of the wind made Hillary wake up from their trance and she gently pushed him, with their eyes still closed Bill grabbed her face and put their foreheads against each other, preventing her from moving away from him


“Bill” She was still recovering


“Don’t deny it Hill, don’t tell me that you didn’t feel anything because I’m sure you feel something” He grabbed her chin and lifted her face so she could face him


“Bill, please. Stop it” Hillary was feeling overwhelmed by the situation and she thought that, if Bill didn't stop she was going to fall into his ministration


“Hilla…” He suddenly stopped because when he lifted her face, he saw that Hillary had a hickey in her neck, he rubbed the pad of his thumb against it and then looked at Hillary again, he was mad at her, because she had moved on so fast that hurt him. He was mad at him too, because if he had spoken with Hillary sooner or if he hadn’t let her go, they would be in another position.


“You are right, I’m done with this. It’s clear for me that you already had moved on, so from now on I’m not going to bother you anymore Hillary. I’m sorry to be so stubborn and to misunderstood what you might feel” He pushed her away a little and Hillary touched her neck and remembered that Isaac marked her earlier, she didn’t remember in that moment, but she felt bad about it, even though Isaac was her partner. He was starting to climb up the fence


“No” Hillary said, she was surprised by her own reaction, but that made Bill stop his tracks and looked at her


“No what?” Bill saw that Hillary was deciding to telling him what she was thinking or not, but he didn’t want to push her


“Uhm, let me help you. You shouldn’t do that again. Let me take you outside Bill” She looked away and turned around, she decided to not to telling him what she was thinking.


Hillary opened the door and started to walk towards the main entrance. When she turned on the lights Bill and Hillary saw Isaac. They stopped their tracks and she got nervous.


“What is going on?” Isaac was still sleepy, and he was fighting to keep his eyes opened, he was wearing a robe and when Bill saw that it was their professor, he felt a punch in his stomach that blew out the air of his lungs. He clenched his hands so hard that his fists were turning white, and when he saw how Hillary approached to him and grabbed his arm, he felt his heart broke


“Bill came here because he wanted to check how I was, and we went outside because we don’t want to disturb you with all the noise.” Hillary looked at Isaac now and she smiled at him, he put his arm around her back and returned the smile that she was giving to him.


“But I was leaving, I know it wasn’t the right time to came here but as Hillary said, I just wanted to check how she was.”


“That’s a nice gesture from your part Bill. Feel free to come here whenever you want” Isaac said and, in that moment, Bill felt sick, he was acting like this was his house and made him feel like and intruder.


“Thanks man, I have to go now” He started to walk towards the door


“I’ll walk you to the door” Isaac grabbed her by her waist and gave her a little peck on the lips. Hillary was surprised by his action and when she looked at Bill, she felt embarrassed


“I’ll wait you upstairs Hill. Nice to see you again Bill”


Hillary and Bill walked towards the entrance and when they were outside Hillary closed the door behind her, she was avoiding Bill’s gaze, she felt bad because he saw them kissing just after they kissed.


“Professor Isaac. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Now I know why you got good grades in his class” When he said that Hillary felt angry with him and she slapped him right across his face.


“Don’t you dare to say that. If I correctly remind, back then you were the one who jump from girl to girl” He bowed his face


“So, that’s how you see me” He knew she only said the truth and he was embarrassed about his past, about how he tried to hide his pain from his father’s death.


“Please go now. I need to sleep and so do you. Good night William” She was angry at him because he accused her to be an opportunist even though he knew she wasn’t like that. She was angry with him because she kissed her, twice; she was angry with him because he was starting to confused her with her feelings for him.



When they were in the funeral Bill was acting like he was mad at her and Hillary was confused about it. She was trying to talk to him and see if she could help him, but every time she was about to reaching him, he walked away from her. The whole day they didn’t talk until everyone was gone Hillary approached to him and before he could sneak away from her, she corned him.


“What is going on?”


“I’m busy, I have to say goodbye to the people that come” He tried to walk away from her, but she grabbed his arm


“No, there’s no one here anymore. Now we have time to talk. Please tell me what’s going on? I just wanted to help you and you have been avoiding me since you left my room in the morning” He just looked at her, but he didn’t say anything


“Clinton, stop acting like a kid. I now it’s a difficult time for you now but don’t you dare to give cold shoulder to me, not since I’ve been the only one who had been there for you before you left”


“Then why didn’t you tell me the truth, why did you wait until he died to tell me that he was sick? I couldn’t get the chance to say goodbye to him, I didn’t get the chance to see him one last time, I didn’t get the chance to say him how much I love him…I…I” His voice broke down, he was loudly sobbing now. Hillary tried to hug him but when he felt her arms closer to him, he pushed her away


“No! No Hillary. Please leave me alone. Now!” He yelled at her and Hillary was surprised by his action, he had never yelled at her before.



Months went by and Hillary was already in college, she was in her first semester and it was almost over; while Bill was in her senior year. They had decided to rent a loft together, but things were different between them, they were no longer as close as before, in fact, Bill was rude to her at times. She was happy to be in college, but she was mad and confused about Bill’s reaction. One day when Hillary came back at night from school, she was surprised to see that Bill was having a party. She was tired because she had exams that week, she wanted to sleep. When she came into the loft, she saw that Bill was already drunk, he was happy, and he was acting a little goofier than he used to be when he was sober


“Hilly-bean, there you are” He put her arm around her neck and when he did it Hillary was able to smell the alcohol from his breath and the smell of cigarettes


“Since when do you smoke pal?” She asked him


“It was just a couple ones, not that much. Why don’t you join us and play beer pong with us” He asked her. She was tired, but seeing Bill like that, enjoying everything made her change her mind and she decided to play joined them. They were playing beer pong; she was couple with Bill and every time they lost Bill drank the beer. She was worried about how much he was drinking, so she decided to called out the party. When everyone was left, she saw Bill sleeping on the couch, she was tempted to leaving him there, but she decided to wake him up.


“Come on, wake up. You can’t sleep here” She grabbed him by the arm, and they started to walk


“Why are you always so nice with me Hillary?” He was dragging the words due to his drunkenness


“Well, that’s what I do, I’m always nice with you. No matter what” She was struggling because he was too heavy for her


“Lucky bastard, the one who will be your boyfriend. I wish I could find a girlfriend like you, so careful, so funny, so beautiful” When he said that Hillary stopped and looked at him


“Beautiful? Really?”


“Yeah. I think you are beautiful Hillary” She was surprised by his comment, and she was happy that she thought that way. Although time had passed, she still had a crush on him


“Well, what kind I said. I’m a catch” She laughed hard. When they arrived at his bedroom, she helped him to get rid of his sneakers. He was sat in his bed and when she was about to leave, he called her and tapped his bed right next to him.


“What is it?” She looked at him.


“I was serious”


“About what Bill?”


“About you and the lucky one that will be your boyfriend one day. Please never accept a half love, that does not make you feel everyday that you are the most special thing that man can have. If I could be that man, I would make sure to make you happy in every moment” He grabbed her face and held her between his hands


“Bill…” She was speechless, she never expect that answer.


“You are really a catch” He said before he laid in bed.


“Why don’t you sleep here, with me” He grabbed her hand and made her laid down with him. They were in his bed; he was already asleep when he put his arm around her to embraced her. She was still thinking about what he said, her hopes got high, she was thinking on telling him how she felt about him, she was hopeful that they could be something, she sleep happy thinking about what she might said to him tomorrow



When the day came, she was still in Bill’s bed, but he wasn’t there. She was worried at the beginning but then she remembered that Bill had class at 7:00 am, and even though he liked to party he was a responsible man. She saw her phone and saw that it was 8:30 am, she needed to get ready because she had classes at 10:00 am. She spent the whole day in the campus, she was tired, but she was excited to arrive at their loft. When she opened the door, she saw that Bill had already cleaned up the apartment. She saw that Bill made a fancy dinner, and that he set the table for two, there was a bottle of wine there and she got excited.


“Hi” Bill said. It looked like Bill had come out of the bath, he still had the towel around his waist, and he was drying his hair. She got a little distracted by his look, his rosy and still wet chest and his abs that were wet too.


“H…Hi. What are we celebrating?” She asked about the dinner


“Oh that. I wanted to ask you something.” Hillary’s heart started to beat faster waiting for his question


“Would you mind if I ask you to stay at Edward's house? I have an appointment with Patricia today, and I don't want you to listen if everything goes well” Hillary’s heart sank down to her feet


“If you know what I mean” He winked at her


“What?” Her vision became a little blurry because of the tears that were forming in her eyes


“It’s just a favor. Don’t act like a child Hillary” He enter to his bedroom and left the door open, he quickly changed himself and went again to the corridor, were Hillary was


“I don’t” Hillary couldn't finish her sentence, she was quite hurt by Bill's actions, she was also mad at herself for allowing herself to believe that Bill could see her differently


“What? You don’t know what? I already asked Edward and he said yes” Hillary felt like a fool, how naïve she was. He would never say the things he said yesterday to her if he was sober


“In that case” She closed her eyes for a moment and a single tear scrolled down her face, she quickly bowed her face and whipped out whit the pad of her thumb. She started to walk towards her room and began to pack her stuffs, she didn’t want to see him, she wanted to be far away from him.


“You are a good person Hillary. I’ll let you know if everything go well” He winked at her when Hillary opened the door and saw Patricia, Bill’s date for tonight. She was a beautiful brunette with sexy silhouette, she was a skinny girl with big breast. Just like Bill like them, it was his type. When Patricia saw Hillary, she looked at her in disgust. She pushed her against the wall and walked towards Bill


“Hi Liam” Patricia kissed Bill


“Hey, you” He kissed her back with such passion that made Hillary looked away, because they were starting to making out in front of her 


“Liam are we going to be alone or your maid is going to be here too?” She asked him and looked at Hillary and then she looked at Bill again and he only nodded at her


“What? Hillary was angry at the woman who called her maid, but she was angrier with Bill because he didn’t correct her, he didn’t defend her from that woman.


“Just so you know I’m not the maid, I’m his fucking roommate who is going to leave the place so you can fuck as loudly as you want” She said and then she slammed the door while she was leaving. She called Edward crying and telling him that she was going to stay in his place for more than one day.



The next day Hillary was already up at 6:00 am, she took a shower and she went to the loft. She decided that it was time to leave, so she came in and saw their clothes on the floor. She didn’t pay attention to that and went to her room. She started to pack her clothes and everything she had in her room. When she was finishing, she heard a knock in her door


“What are you doing here so early?” Hillary kept packing; she didn’t even look at him


“Why are you packing?”


“I’m leaving”


“What? Why?”


“Because I’m tired of this, your attitude, because I’m not going to support you treating me like shit anymore” She was yelling at him 


“Don’t be silly. I’m not treating you like that. You are been such a baby” He tried to grabbed her arm but she removed it from his grip 


“No, I’m not. Actually, I was been nice with you even though you were acting like that. I don’t know why you changed with me; I had never done something to you”


“No? And how about the time that you decided not telling me that my dad was dying, how about the time that you decided to stole my opportunity to tell my dad one last time that I loved him, how about the time that you decided to fucking stole my dad from Hillary! I trusted you with my life and you decided to play with my feelings and stole for me the most important thing that I had!” He was yelling at her for the first time. For the first time in years she felt afraid of Bill, of what he might do to her, but she wasn't going to show him that she was afraid of him, so she hide it from him.


“I didn’t do such thing. Your mom told me to not to tell you anything because you were here, and they didn’t want to disturb you. I insist in telling you, but they refused it. I was not going disobey them. I didn’t want to ruin your life here, because as I recall you always told me that you were surprisingly happy here. I did it because I care about you Bill” She pushed him away and she carried her luggage and went out of the place.



After two weeks she got a little letter from Bill, where he explained her that he was going to leave the loft because he was going to get back to Arkansas, he wanted to go back to his hometown and now that he was graduated, he was going to leave the place. So, he took the liberty to grabbed her stuffs and placed them in the loft. Since that day Bill and Hillary never seen each other until Edward’s party, their relationship was broken, and Hillary was hurt by him



The next morning Hillary woke up and found out that Isaac was not in bed, she took a quick shower and went downstairs where she found out that Isaac was making the breakfast, he was almost finishing when she got in.


“Good morning Hill” He greeted her and got closer to her to kissed her


“Good morning. What did you do? That smells nice” She closed her eyes and went by his side to looked at what he had cooked


“I made you an omelet and a fruit salad. Hope you like it” He put the plates on the table and helped Hillary to sat down.


“Thank you. Did you sleep well?” She smiled at him


“Like a baby, after what we did, I slept like a baby” He kissed her again, this time it was a longer kiss


“I’m sorry about Bill, I didn’t know he was going to show at that time of the day”


“Don’t worry. I hope he is okay”


“He’ll be. Don’t worry about him” She didn’t want to talk about Bill with Isaac, she didn’t want to talk about Bill with anyone, because she wanted to shout him down from her life once and for all.



When they finished the breakfast, he got a call from his work he seemed disappointed and Hillary got worried about it. She didn’t know what it was, but she needed to know


“Is everything okay?”


“Yeah, it’s just that I need to go to Washington, now. They need me, they think they found out something that might help us against Donald, so I need to go. I’m sorry”


“Don’t worry, maybe I’m just going to stay today and then I’m going to leave. So, I’ll see you in New Haven” She kissed him


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah, I wanted to introduce you to my friends ,but it’s going to for the next time”


Hillary didn’t want to tell him, but she was uncomfortable with being in the party alone, but she wasn’t going to admitted to him. She knew that if she said something, he would stay for her, and the last thing she wanted was distracting him from his chores.