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Hillary was in the airport, leaving Isaac. They agree that they were going to meet at New Haven again, once he fixed the problem and when Hillary left Arkansas, she was planning to leave in four days, she didn’t want to be there for too much. They said goodbye to each other, she kissed him one last time before he went to the airplane. When Hillary was driving to her house when Edward called her, he wanted to go to grab something to eat, he told her that he was buying something to eat, he was going to meet her at her house


“Soooo, where’s your teacher you naughty girl?” Edward said with a grin on his face


“Really? He went to Washington to solve some problems they are having there”


“Well, this is giving a big chance to Bill” He whispered to himself, he didn’t want to be heard but she heard him


“No! Of course, no! I’m tired of this, I’m not going to allow this and I’m serious. Actually, I told him yesterday that he needed to stop with this, I’m in a relationship and I don’t know how serious this could be, but I don’t want to risk it because of nothing”


“Well, you can’t say that, you are not sure about what he wants, and why? When? What did you tell him?”


“He came past midnight. I was in the kitchen when I heard some noise in the garden, so I decided to came out and I saw him climbing down to the garden. I was shocked to see him, but I wanted to know why he was here. He wanted to talk about what happened but when I told him to stop, he…” Hillary took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, remembering the  soft touch of his lips against hers.


“And?” Edward spoke and that brought Hillary back to the reality


“He kissed me” She blushed when he said that, and Edward noticed it


“You are blushing, it’s obvious that you liked it! Tell me, how do you feel? Do you like it?”


“Well, it felt different. It’s hard to explain, because I had never felt this way before. But that’s something I’m not going to do it again, I can’t cheat on Isaac, he’s the sweetest man and he cares about me”


“But Hillary….”


“No, no more “but”. I just want a normal relationship and with Isaac is something I could have”


“Hillary, I know what you are going to tell me, but let’s be real, you don’t feel the same way when you kiss Isaac than when you kiss Bill, there is something that makes you blush with the thought of their kiss. I don’t agree with you, I think you should give a chance to Bill”


“Because I had enough of this, I don’t want to be hurt by him anymore, I’m tired of this wicked game, so I don’t want to be around him anymore, it’s the safest thing I could do for now, until he gets tire of this and he stops trying to looking for me”


“I should be careful with that Hillary, maybe your wishes come true and when that happens you are going to regret it” Hillary only look at him, she didn’t want to admit it, but she knew he was right


It was already Friday and Hillary was nervous about the party, she knew that Bill was going to be there and she was nervous about it, even though he was respecting her decision, he wasn’t looking for her anymore, but she was sure that when they saw at the party he was going to try to talk to her. She was getting ready to the party, she wasn’t dressed yet because she was between two dresses, one of them was an off shoulder strapless summer dress striped that ended under the knees and the other one was a sun dress midnight blue with a silver belt around her waist, this one ended above her dress. She decided to wear that one, so she wore it and then she put some sandals , she put some makeup on and then she left


 “Hi Honey” Isaac said


“Honey? Since when we have pet names?” Hillary asked her mocking a little


“Don’t you like it?”


“No, it’s not that. I like it.”


“How are you? Are you at the party now?”


“No, I’m driving to it. I’m latte because I couldn’t decide it what to wear”


“Why that doesn’t surprise me? I do remember the first date we have; you took hour and a half to get ready”




“It was totally worth it. You looked stunning and I bet that you look stunning too today. I wish I could be there for you, to admire you” When Isaac said that he made Hillary blushed


“You are going to make me blush”


“I needed to said it. You are beautiful honey”




“Okay, from now on I’m done, but the moment I could see you, you are going to support cheesy me”


“I bet I am. How are things there? Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I think we find something that it’s going to help us with the case. The only thing is that we need to present this to the rest of the lawyers, there are some of them that are starting to regret and if we don’t have the enough personal, we are not going to be able to make it. My boss is a little stress about that, because we heard that Trump is now treating the lawyers to not to work with us”


“Oh, I didn’t know it was like that, everything happened so fast that I wouldn’t believe. I would love to be there to help you. You know that if you need anything, I could help you”


“Thank you, hon., I have to go, have fun for me” When they hanged up Hillary arrived at the place, it was a garden whit a lot of decorations. She didn’t know who the host of the party was, but she was sure that Edward wasn’t, it was too extra for him. When she came in, she noticed a lot of their ex classmates where there. She wanted to came out  of the room because she had flashbacks from her high school and she didn’t want to revive that memories, for her horror Edward had already saw her and he got closer to her


“Hi Hillary”


“Why didn’t you tell me that everyone was going to come”


“Because I knew that if I told you, you wouldn’t come here”


“I don’t want be here, you know I’m not comfortable here


“Well, here we are and actually, one of your greatest friends is coming towards us, so smile and be nice” When she turned around, she saw that it was Pamela, the little mean girl who made her high school a living hell.


“Wow, I didn’t recognize you Hillary” She smiled at her, but Pamela’s smile was so fake that Edward notice it


“Well, what can I say, I changed” She smiled at her  back with the same hypocrisy as she


“I hope you like it. I worked so hard on this party”


“So, you are the host. Now it makes sense the decorations. It’s nice” Hillary said to Pamela


“You know me. I always want to be the best at everything” She said while she was looking at someone else, after that Pamela walked away and left them alone.


Edward and Hillary were chitchatting when she saw Bill, for some reason she was nervous when she saw him. She quickly went to the restroom and put some extra makeup on. Edward noticed it and he was a little surprised about it. When she came back, she felt silly because of her actions, she didn’t know why she did that


“For whom did you do this?”


“I didn’t do it for some one, I just thought I needed an extra make up” After she said that she felt a hand on her shoulder and she saw Edward gave her a wicked smile, she closed her eyes and waited for the owner of the hand appeared. It was Bill, he was wearing a suit, Hillary had never seen him in a suit, he even shaved his beard, that made him looked like a Viking, and she thought he looked more handsome than he looked before


“Hi man” He greeted Edward as usual


“Hi Diane” When he greeted Hillary he changed, he was serious with her and Hillary was confused about his attitude


“Did you just arrive?” Edward asked him, trying to cut the tension that was palpable


“Yeah, we arrived 10 minutes ago” When he said that Hillary took note of that


“We?” Bill didn’t look at her, he kept looking at Edward and when he was about to say something a girl appeared from behind, it was Patricia. Hillary gasped when she saw her


“Liam, I thought you were going to wait for me”


“Let me introduce you. Edward, she is Patricia. Hillary, well you know Patricia” Hillary just gave a smile to them and then she excused herself, saying that she needed to go to the bathroom and in that moment,  she regretted, because Patricia told them that she needed to go to.


“I hardly recognized you Hillary, until Liam told me who you were” Patricia told Hillary


“What can I say. Back then you were so engrossed to get laid with Bill that even though I wore a clown’s dress you wouldn’t remind me” Hillary said and then she entered to the bathroom


They were at the bathroom and Patricia looked at Hillary, even though Hillary was wearing a dress and makeup she still looked less next to Patricia, at least that’s what she thought. Patricia had long shapely legs, big breast and with that dress she was leaving nothing to the imagination. Hillary was jealous that she was with Bill, but she needed to accepted it, she told him to stop looking after her.


The rest of the party Hillary was looking at Bill and Patricia, they seemed to have a lot of fun and Hillary was extremely jealous about it. Every time she looked at them, they were fooling around with each other, they looked like a horny teenager that couldn’t take their hands off each other and that was driving Hillary crazy, but she knew she had no right to tell him to stop and the fact that was annoying her the most was that Bill was ignoring her, like she didn’t exist. She was so annoyed that she decided to go, she didn’t want to be there anymore, so she tell Edward and she waited for her car. After a couple of minutes, the valet guy grabbed her ticket and went for her car, when she was waiting for her car, she heard someone whispering at her


“You look stunning” His breath against the back of her head made the hair on her nape stood up, she quivered because she could feel his chest against her back and his hands resting on her hips


“I thought you were avoiding me” She turned around and looked at him, his hands were at the same place, he only took a step away from her so he could see her


“I am, but I couldn’t help myself, I needed to tell you how beautiful you look” He grabbed her chin and caressed her bottom lip with his thumb. She opened her mouth, she wanted to say something, but everything happened so fast that by the time she was about to say something he was already leaving.


“William” She said louder than she intended to but that made Bill stopped but when he was about to turn around Patricia appear, and she kissed Bill.


Hillary stood there, she felt like she was reliving the time when she was about to confess him that she loved him. This time she wasn’t going to wait until they finished their making out, she grabbed the keys of her car, thanked the valet guy and started the engine of her car.


She was on her way to her house when she saw a couple of guys cornering a young girl and she was shouting for help, she looked scare and nobody was there in the street for help her. Hillary decided to stop and help her, she parked her car and walked towards them. When Hillary saw the couple of guys, she saw that they were bigger than she thought, she was afraid about what might happen, but she was decided to help the girl.


“Hey, are you okay girl?” Hillary tried to call the girl but when she saw that the girl was with her blouse ripped, she knew she needed to act fast because otherwise the guys were going to do the same to her


“Leave us alone lady” One of the guys didn’t looked at her and the other turned around and the way he was looking at her scared Hillary, but she refused to show him how scared she was.


“You need to leave her alone. I’m not going anywhere until the girl comes with me” Hillary stand firmly and the guy who was looking at her was taking steps towards her.


“Well, in that case I’m afraid you are going to have to wait lady” He was about to grabbed her wrist, but Hillary was fast enough to move away, for a second she didn’t know what to do, she was between running form them or staying and fight. She knew she hadn’t a lot of chances, so she started to ran away and shouted for help while she was running.


The man who was running towards her was faster than her and she was getting tired by every second it pass, her heart was beating so fast that she thought it might explode, her legs were starting to get tired and Hillary was about to give up when she saw the lights of a car. In that moment she got strength and she ran faster and screamed louder so the car would see her. When she was getting closer to the car the man that was chasing her grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down