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Hillary had been going to Bill's house every day after her trainings, they had been spending more time together than they used to. Hillary was learning how to take care of Bill’s father, she met their parents, both of them. They were having a good time; Hillary was bonding with his father and for Bill that was a relief. He taught her how to clean him, how to feed him, how to connect his fan when he needed and how to spend their time together. Hillary became aware of how caring Bill could be, how protective he was. After a few months Bill was ready to leave, he was relief about the fact that Hillary was going to be with his father and that she was going to help her mother with him.


One day when they were in his house Bill grabbed the keys of his car, he was going to leave Hillary at her house. They were getting in the car when someone yelled at them, they looked at who it was and they found out that it was Alona, she was walking towards them and she looked furious.


“William! What the hell are you doing with her?” She pointed at Hillary


“Alona, relax. We were just talking” Hillary said and Alona looked at her


“So, you think I’m that dumb? I’m not buying that crap”


“Really, I would never do something like that to you, you are my friend”


“Oh, so now you remember I’m your friend. I bet you didn’t remember it when you were making out with Bill, whore”


“Hey! Don’t call her like that, we were just talking, nothing else.” Bill was angry at Alona because how she called her


“Don’t try to defend you whore William, I’m not buying that crap! You know what? I shouldn’t be begging for your love; I have a lot of guys begging for me. I don’t need you”


“Then, go. Go with all those guys because I’m sick of this and I’m not going to support you being like that” Bill was breaking up with Alona and Hillary was witnessing everything, she didn’t want to move because she was afraid that if she moved they would became aware that she was still there


“This is over, I’m sick of you and your “relationship”. I’m not going to be cheated by you guys, so go to hell” She slapped Hillary and Bill grabbed her and pushed her a little


“Go now!” He raised his voice and looked at her in a way he had never looked at Alona before. She started to walk away, and Bill turned around and looked at Hillary who was still with her hand on her face because of the slap


“Are you okay? I’m sorry you had witnessing everything and that she slapped you


“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, I’m sorry I was the reason that you broke up” She was truly sorry because she thought that Bill loved Alona a lot


“That’s okay. Actually, I should thank you because I hadn’t the guts before to broke up with her” He smiled at Hillary and grabbed her hand, they looked at each other for several seconds before he hugged her.



“How do you feel?” He was still not answering, and she looked at him and grabbed his arm




“You don’t have to Hillary. I’m fine”


“Don’t be like that Bill, I just wanted to talk to you, to see how you are” Bill avoided her look and turned around


“Bill, I’m just asking you because I care about you, because the last thing I promised to your father was that I would always take care of you and I plan to keep that promise” She firmly said to him and he looked at her, he didn’t know that and he was surprised to find out about it


“Then why you had been avoiding me? Why you only texted me this day to see how I am and nothing else? Hillary you were my best friend, you were the only one that was for me when he died, you were the only one that I allowed to see me crying and broken because of his death, you were the only one that helped me to recover, and now… you are gone” When he said that Hillary avoided his gaze, she looked at his father’s grave, but Bill grabbed her hands and held them with his.


“Look at me Hilly” He grabbed her chin and turned her face, forcing her to see him



It's been 1 year and a half since Bill had gone to University, he was doing well in college. Every day he, Hillary and his dad talked on the phone, after talking with them he also talked with his mom. For Hillary things were a little different, Alona no longer spoke to her, in fact she had allied with her friend Pamela to make Hillary’s life impossible. They bullied her and they even made sure that Hillary hadn’t have friends, for Hillary was horrible been there. She was happy because she only had one semester left to finish high school, she was focused on her studies, volleyball and on Bill's dad. She was happy because she was going to be on Yale, that was her dream, been able to study there.



She took her test and she was waiting for her results, meanwhile the school was organizing their prom. She wasn’t sure about it because she had no real friends there, so she wasn’t sure if she was going to go there. She didn’t want to be alone and she didn’t want to be bullied by Pamela and Alona, so she wasn’t sure about it. One day when she was in her room her mom came in and sat down by her side.


“Hi baby, what are you doing?” Her mom rubbed her back


“I’m doing my homework” Hillary was writing something


“Well, I just wanted to know if you have decided if you are going to make it to the prom. I know you have told me to not to insist but I was wondering if you have decided yet” Hillary looked at her mom


“Mom, I’m not sure about it. I don’t feel good”


“Baby, but it’s your prom. Why don’t you want to go?”


“It’s nothing, I’m just not in the mood, besides, I’m focused on the college. I want to know if I’m going to be accepted or what”


“Of course, you are going to be accepted baby.”


“Will see” Hillary returned back the look to her notebook, her took that sign and left the room, when Hillary saw that her mom wasn’t there anymore, she sighed, and she saw her reflection through her computer. She didn't want to dull herself; she didn't want to go and be a victim of bullying.



A few weeks later her mom called Hillary on her phone, she was with Bill’s dad, she was feeding him when her mom called her. She answer her phone and started to talk with her.


“What is going on mom?”


“Hillary you need to check your email, I have something here it’s a package from the college but I’m not sure what it is, so please check your email and tell me what is it” Her mom sounded excited and that made Hillary nervous, she just hang up her mom and checked her email, when she saw that she had a new email from Yale she got nervous. She looked at Bill’s dad, she didn’t want to see it.


“I’m afraid that they didn’t want me there” She said to him and he tried to say something to her


“You…you have to…o…o…open it” Hillary had been working with him and he was able to say some phrases now. With that Hillary learned that his father was able to comprehend everything.


“I know but it’s hard. What if they don’t want me there” He saw her, and she understood that she had to open it. She clicked it and the email opened it, she read it, and, in the moment,  she realized she was accepted she jumped out of the bed and shouted at the emotion that had been accepted. She called her mom and told her the news they were both excited, she wanted to go there and hugged her mom, but she told Hillary to wait, that she was going to came at Bill’s house at take her home. She came back at Bill’s father room and she hugged him.


“I’m in” She smiled at him and after a few seconds she got serious


“Wha…wha…what is…going…on?” He asked her


“I don’t want to leave you; I was supposed to take care of you while Bill was in New Haven. What am I going to do?” Her eyes began to fill with unshed tears, and she dropped her face down




“I can’t leave you” She hugged him again and in that moment Virginia, Bill’s mom, came in.


“What’s going on her? Hillary are you okay?” Hillary sat down properly and removed her tears with the back of her hand. Hillary didn't have such a good relationship with his mom as with his dad, hey were cordial but Hillary was afraid of Bill's mom.


“Yeah, I’m sorry I just got some good news and my emotions won me”


“Well, I’m happy for you, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to hugged him. He’s very delicate and if you hurt him that could be something bad” Virginia said to Hillary


“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t think about it, it’s not going to happen again”


“Thank you. Well, I came here because your mother is waiting for you, I’m going to take care of him now” Hillary quickly grabbed her things, gave a big smile to Bill’s father and she came out of the room.


She saw her mom and ran towards her; she hugged her mom and Hillary cried of happiness. They went to the house; told her father and they celebrate her achievement. When they went to sleep Hillary was in her room and called Bill, she was going to tell him what was going on, they needed to do a new plan, because both of them were going to be far away from him.




“Hi, Bill”


“Hi, how are you?”


“I’m fine. Actually, I want to talk to you about something…”


“What is happening? Is my bad okay? Are you okay? Do you need me there? Hillary?”


“Calm down! Everything is okay, really. It’s just that I got accepted in Yale”


“Wow! Hillary congratulations, I knew you were going to get it. Are you happy about it?”


“Yeah, I’m happy” Her voice didn't sound excited


“Why do I suspect that you are not so excited?” She sighed and put her hand on her face


“I was, when I knew about it, I was extremely happy about it, but now… I became aware that you and me, the both of us are going to be away from you father…” She heard Bill sigh.


“Hill, I have thought about it, the moment you told me that you wanted to applied to Yale I knew you were going to be accepted, so I talked with my mom and his nurse. Now I know they are capable of take care of him.”


“But they don’t talk to him, they treated him like an ill person and that’s not good for him…now I understand you when you were worried about him. I’m sorry Bill” In that moment Hillary began cry


“Hey, hey don’t cry. Everything is going to be okay”


“But I promised you to be with him, taking care of him and now in a few moths I’m going to leave him. I have failed you Bill”


“Don’t Hillary, don’t you ever said that again because that’s not true, you have been doing a lot for me and disappointed me it’s not of them” He calmed her down


“Well, now I’m going to be extra picky with the nurse, if he is going to take care of your father, he need to do it fine” She was serious


“Poor guy, I know you can be a little special” They laughed at what he said. They talked for hours until Hillary fell asleep, he knew she was already asleep because of her breathing, so he just hanged up


“Thank you for everything Hill” He said before he hanged up



Months passed and Hillary was preparing everything to leave, she was worried because Bill's dad's health was getting worse and graduation was getting closer. They didn’t know what was going on but they were worried about his health because he was getting worse, and his doctor didn’t know the cause, Virginia asked Hillary to not to tell Bill about his father and she obeyed her but every time they talked she felt like she was betraying him and she wanted to tell him everything, but she didn’t do it, she decided to wait until the semester ended or if his father got worse.


She decided to go to her prom, she already had her dress, but she was going to go alone. She was nervous because she knew that Pamela and Alona was going to be there too, and they warned her to bot to go, but Hillary’s mother was so insistent that at the end she accepted to go. When the day arrived first, she visited Bill’s dad and she saw he was worse than ever, his pulse was weak, he was pale and thinner.


“Hi” He looked at her, now he wasn’t able to speak


“I’m just wanted to see how you are before I leave. Today is going to be my prom” She smiled at him and she saw the death in his eyes


“I know you don’t want to worry Bill, but I think he deserves to know about you. He is your son” His father closed his eyes for ten seconds, denning to her ask


“Please, if I don’t tell him he is going to hate me forever” He looked at her and then he blinked twice, saying yes. She hugged him and said goodbye to him. When she was on her way to her house, she called Bill, but he didn’t answer her, she knew he was in class, but she wanted to tell him now, so she called him again until Bill answered his phone


“Hillary I’m in class, what is going on?”


“I’m sorry but it’s your father Bill” He didn’t say something, and Hillary kept talking


“He had been sick for moths, I didn’t tell you before because your mother told me not to, but he is getting worse and I think you should come, I don't want to be pessimistic, but I think you should come now. I don’t know if he is going to make it” In that moment Bill hanged up on her and Hillary got nervous, she tried to contact him, but he didn’t answer so she decided to message him and waited until he decided to answer her.


She got prepared to the prom, but she wasn't excited to go, in fact she was worried about Bill, he hadn't answered her in hours, and it was already 8:00 at night, when she called him it was midday. Her parents wanted to took her to prom, but she asked them if they gave her the car and they accepted to do it. She was driving to the prom, but she thought about it and went to Bill’s house first, when she arrived at his house, his mother opened the door


“Wow Hillary, now you looked like a real woman” His mother always told Hillary that she needed to be girly in order to be attractive


“Hi, Ms. Clinton. I just came to see him before I go to the prom” Virginia’s face changed, she got sad when Hillary said the reason why she came in and in the moment she saw him she knew why she was so sad, he looked like he was already death but he wasn’t, the monitor was saying that he wasn’t. When she sat down by her side, he opened his eyes and they filled of tears when he saw her, she grabbed his hand.


“Hi” Hillary said trying to hold back her tears


“I just wanted to come here and say hi and told you that I already told Bill how you are. I know you didn’t want me to do it, but he wanted to see you” He blinked twice, and his tears began to roll down his face


“I wanted to thank you about everything, because you had been the best companion ever. You taught me a lot and I’m very thankful for that” Her voice broke down and she stopped talking for a moment and removed her tears away from her face


“Don’t…” He said breathlessly


“Don’t force yourself, you need to keep your strength for Bill” She smiled at him and he closed her eyes for ten seconds, saying no to her


“He…is…not…to…going…able…to…support…” Hillary understood what he was saying, her tears were rolling down her face, but she knew that he was right. Bill wasn’t going to be able to support to see him dying


“But he needs to say goodbye to you, you need to say something to him”




“No, I’m not that strong” He blinked twice at her


“Please, you need to fight. I know that if you fight you are going to live” She was begging him now


“I…love…Bi…Bi…” He couldn’t say Bill, but she knew that he was referring Bill


“P…p…please…care…him…” She nodded at him


“I promise you that I’m going to take care of him, no matter what I’m always going to be there for him” He began to cry again, and Hillary removed the tears from his face with the back of her hand. She was planning to stay by his side until the moment came but he refused to


“Go…” While he said that he pointed at her dress with his gaze


“No, I’m not going to leave you. I promised Bill to be by your side and that’s what I’m going to do” He closed again his eyes, saying no to her


“Th…thank you…Hillary…you…good” When he finished his sentence Virginia came in and Hillary knew it was her cue to go


“I’m always going to remember you” She hugged him one last time and stayed there for several seconds, they were saying goodbye and Hillary didn’t want to leave him. When she pulled apart, she tried to hide her tears from him, so she removed them quickly from her face and before she left the room, she smiled at him one last time.



She called Bill again, but he didn’t answer her, so she decided to message him again, but he didn’t replay at her. She arrived at the prom, she was too sad to pay attention to what was happening around her, when she came in the girls saw her, but she ignored them, and she sat down in one of the chairs. She was looking at her phone waiting for Bill’s call of a message from him, but he didn’t call her. When it was midnight she decided to go back to her home, but in that moment the girls appeared, and they blocked her way.


“Please, I’m not in the mood”


“Well, we warned you to not to appear her and you decided to ignore us”


“Believe me, I preferred to be somewhere else but here. That’s why I’m leaving” Hillary tried to walk but the girls didn’t let her go


“Well, you shouldn’t come Hillary, you are going to regret it” They were about to say something else when Hillary moved them away and started to walk



“I was worried about you” She said to Bill, who just arrived at the place


“You look stunning” Bill grabbed her hand




“Let’s go to dance” He guided to the dance floor and they started to dance, the song that was on the back was “Feeling Good” from Nina Simone, they were swinging from side to side. Hillary tried to look him in the eyes, but Bill grabbed her head and put her against his chest. They stayed like that, swinging until the song ended. She pulled him apart and looked at him, he cried. His eyes were red and puffy because he had been crying.


“He was already death when I came home” Hillary hugged him for several minutes and waited until he recovered himself a little and Hillary guided him to the exit of the place. They came into the car and Hillary drive his house when he told her something


“I can’t be there; can I stay at your home? I promised you that I’m not going to disturb you” Hillary looked at him, he was broken, and she couldn’t leave him like that. On the other hand, she knew her parents were going to say no, so she was thinking about how she is going to make him came into the house without been noticed, when they arrived at her home, she was parking the car in the garage and she asked Bill to climb to her room, there was a tree that was in front of her window, so when she came into her house she saw her mom, Hillary knew she needed to be quickly because Bill might be fall if she didn’t open the window so she excused herself and told her mother that she was tired. She locked her door and quickly opened the window to let Bill came in.


“If you need some clothes I could see if my father has something in the garage” Bill shook his head and sat down on her bed


“I’m sorry Hillary, I didn’t want to be so much trouble for you” She sat down by his side


“Don’t say that, you are not that. I’m happy to help you”


“Tomorrow is going to be the funeral. I need to be strong for my mom, she doesn’t deserve to be alone now”


“Tell me, how are you? I’m worried about you Bill”


“After that I need to help her to pack her stuffs, I don’t think she would like to be alone here”


“Bill, I’m worried about you. How are you?”


“If I get a job, I’m going to be able to find some place for me and my mom”


“Bill” Hillary grabbed his face and Bill stopped talking


“Don’t hide your emotions, you don’t have to pretend to be strong. Not with me” He looked at her and then he moved away his face and started to cry.


“I couldn’t say goodbye to him. I couldn’t say him how much I love him. Hillary my father die” In that moment Bill broke down and Hillary hugged him.


“He knew how much you loved him”


“I shouldn't have left it; I should have stayed with him” Hillary was still hugging him


“He wouldn’t want that, he wanted to see you accomplished all your goals” Hillary helped him lie down, she knew he had to rest because the next few days were going to be hard for him



“Look at me Hilly” He grabbed her chin and turned her face, forcing her to see him


“Bill, stop. Why are you trying to push this?”


“Because I want to know what did you feel? Because I want to know if you feel the same way as I did, because I want to know if you are still asking yourself about that kiss. I know it was just a kiss, but Hillary, for me it felt completely different, not like a regular kiss. It felt like I was kissing the right person” His face was getting closer to her face, he looked at her lips and the at her eyes. His upper lip was touching her bottom lip, their eyes were closed now. Neither of them was taking the next step, they were only caressing their lips, until her phone rang, and she pulled him away. When she saw that it was Isaac she felt so guilty for what almost happened between she and Bill.