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“Wow” The moment Bill saw Hillary was speechless, they hadn't seen each other in years, since she had left Arkansas.


He had no idea that she was going to be there, a friend of his invited them to celebrate his birthday, they were in a restaurant, Bill was the third one to arrive, he greeted everyone there and congratulated his friend. He sat down and began to talk to the others, when he asked Edward, his friend who else he invited he said a bunch of names, he missed Hillary’s name. A couple of guys arrived after Bill, he was having a great time, he didn’t noticed someone else arrived to their table until Edward stood up and hugged her friend, thanking her for came in, he only saw her back, he thought to himself that the girl had a great body, he looked at her hips and how wildly they were. He was so into her body shape that when his friend said something he looked down for a moment, trying to hide what he had done.


“Let me introduce you, they are my friends. He is Luke, he is Max, she is Andrea, she is Marie and he’s Bill” The moment they saw Bill wasn’t able to say something, he just looked at her


“Wow” He stood up rapidly and opened his arms to her, wanting to hug her, but she didn’t answer to his hug.


“Hi, I’m Hillary Rodham” She extended her hand to his, he was confused by her reaction, he didn’t know why she was introducing herself like they hadn’t met before, but he shook her hand


“Bill, Bill Clinton” He was hoping that she would remind him, but she didn’t say more to him, she greeted everyone else. She sat down in front of him, he was still hopeful that she recognized him, but to his surprise she ignored him, even when he said something, she avoided his look. He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt hurt by her reaction.




They met for the first time when they were 15 years old. Hillary was the new girl in town and in the school. When she arrived at the school, she was afraid to be the new girl, she always was the new girl, because of her father’s work, they were always moving. Be the new girl wasn’t a new thing for her, but she was more nervous because her father told her that this time, they were going to stay there for at least 8 years. She comprehend that she needed to do some friends, otherwise, the next 8 years were going to be horrible for her. When she arrived at school, she didn’t know where her classroom was, she was lost and she didn’t want to ask for help, she wanted to go unnoticed. The bell sound, announcing the start of the classes and she still couldn't find her classroom, had already gone to the top floor and couldn't find it. She was getting stressed, until she heard two children saying that if they didn't hurry, they would be late for their math class with Professor Donovan, those children were in her classroom, so she followed them. They came in and Hillary sat down at the back of the room, in a corner. The class began, and Hillary was glad that the professor didn’t introduce her to the group, he was a grumpy man that only care about numbers, at least that was the way Hillary saw it.


When the next teacher came in into their classroom, she saw that the principal was with her, she knew that the awkward moment of her, introducing herself to the others had come, so she waited until the principal welcomed to the new girl and asked her to introduce herself to her group


“Hi, I’m Hillary Rodham. I’m 15 years old and I was born in Chicago. I had lived in Pennsylvania, California and Seattle because of my father’s work.” Hillary avoided every look; she was looking straight to the whiteboard. She was about to sat down when the principal asked her about her hobbies, and she answered him


“I liked to play videogames, listen to music and read” She was nervous because she heard some whisperings, she knew they were talking about her and she hated that. When Hillary sat down the girl that was in front of her introduce herself


“I’m Alona, how are you?”


“Hi, fine and you?”


“Fine! You had lived in many places already, which one is your favorite?”


“I don’t know, maybe California, that’s the place that I remember the most”


“Did you always go to the beach?”


“No, not always, but I went like twice a week.” Hillary laughed a little when Alona ask her that. They spent the whole class talking, Hillary liked the girl, they had a lot of things in common.




The recess came and Alona asked her if she want to join her, Hillary nodded, and they went outside. They were talking until a girl arrived, the girl was shorter than they, she had her hair combed and she was wearing a pink dress, it matches with her shoes, the girl had brown eyes and a big smile


“Hi, where were you? I thought you didn’t come?” The girl talked to Alona


“I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you that we are going to eat with Hillary” Alona introduced Hillary to the girl


“Hi” Hillary greeted her, but the girl didn’t answer her, she was still talking to Alona, she looked annoyed and that made feel Hillary uncomfortable


“Please, just sit and let’s have lunch Pamela” Alona said, she looked annoyed too because of her behavior


“Ok, but after that we need to talk” Pamela sat down and looked at Hillary


“So, you are the new girl, right?” Hillary nodded while she took a bit to her sandwich


“Well, I hope you like here” Pamela gave her a fake smile and Hillary felt her anger




“She was telling me about California, she lived there” Alona was trying to change the topic of conversation


“That’s nice. How long have you used your glasses? They looked different” Pamela asked Hillary


“I have used them since I was 9 years old” Hillary bowed her head, she felt really uncomfortable when the people mentioned her glasses, she knew they were thick and that they made her eyes looked bigger in a way that she didn’t liked it


“I like it” Hillary looked at her and smiled at her


“The color it’s nice, but I’m not sure they fit you well” Pamela said with the intention to embarrassed Hillary and she did it, Hillary bowed her head and blushed, she hated them but without them her vision was going to get worst


“Comme on Pamela, I think it looked nice” Alona smiled at Hillary


The recess was about to finished and Alona and Pamela left Hillary alone, Pamela insisted Alona that they needed it to talk alone, Hillary knew the girl didn’t like her and she wasn’t going to insist. When the bell sound Hillary went to her classroom, she sat alone and no one talked to her, she waited for Alona and when she came back, she looked sad


“Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m sorry about what happened there, Pamela is a little jealous when I made new girl friends, that’s why she acted like that.”


“Don’t worry, it’s okay” Hillary thought that Alona was going to stop talking to her but no, from that day, they spent the whole classes together and when the recess came Alona was with Pamela and Hillary was with other girls, she made some new friends.




They finished the dinner and they started to drink, Bill wanted to have the chance to talk to Hillary, but they were going to go to a party, and he didn’t know if he would have the chance to speak with Hillary. He wants to talk to her and find out why she hadn’t spoke to him. He was in awe about her look, she looked completely different than she used to, now she wasn’t wearing big, thick glasses, her hair was shorter than it used to be and now she still had her color of hair, golden walnut. In that moment he became aware that he loved the color of her hair and how it highlight her eyes. When the bill came, they split the bill and came to the parking lot.


“Edward, I don’t bring my car, I was going to ask you if I could go with you” Hillary asked to Edward and Bill was closed enough to hear them


“Hill, my car is full, but let mi ask someone else, I think maybe John has an extra sit” In that moment Bill came closer to them


“You could go with me” Bill said, and Hillary thanked him. They walked at his car and no one said something, Bill didn’t know how to start a conversation with her and that surprised him, because when they were younger, he considered Hillary like his best friend. When they were at his car, he helped Hillary and opened the door of his car, then he came in and started driving.


“So, Hillary where do you live now? I haven’t heard from you since you left” He asked


“Well, now I’m in New Heaven but I have been traveling to Chicago because I’m working on my thesis so I could graduate.”


“And what is about?”


“It’s about a sympathetic critique of Alinsky’s government, about the antipoverty programs, I want to see if his program is efficient enough, that’s why I have been traveling to Chicago almost twice a week, I have been visiting low-income areas of Chicago and observing the conducting of the programs”


“That sound great, I believe you have been super busy right?”


“Yeah, but it’s something important, I want to see if I could help them”


“You have been always be so thoughtful” He looked at her and smiled


“And what about you? I heard you moved in after you graduate” Bill was two years ahead Hillary in college.


“So, you remember me” They arrived at the house and he stopped the car, he looked at her waiting for her answer.


“Of course, I do, we have been friends since we were kids and we went to the same college, we also had some classes together.” She looked at him


“Then why did you act like you didn’t know me”


“I didn’t act like that.”


“Hillary, I know you and you did act like that, why?”


“We need to go” Hillary left the car; she was uncomfortable, and she didn’t want to answer him. She came into the house and during the party she avoided Bill, she didn’t want to answer him, she didn’t want to be so close to him. Bill decided to give her space, he wanted to talk to her, but he knew it wasn’t the right time to do it.


It was 2:00 o’clock in the morning and everyone was starting to leave, Edward was saying goodbye to his friends, while Hillary helped him pick up, while she did, felt a hand on his back, turned to see who the person was who was talking to her and was Bill. Both of them were a little tipsy, they had been drinking during the party


“I believe you own me an explanation” She saw him, and his cheeks were a little red than usual, his breath smell like scotch.


“I don’t own you anything Bill,  I don’t know what you are talking about. You are drunk you don’t know what you are saying” Bill took a few steps to get closer to her, he was so close to her that she could smell his perfume too, their looks were lock, neither of them broke their look, she held her breathe, she didn’t want to move, she was afraid of what they could do if she moved. He moved his arm and grabbed the bottle of scotch that was behind her, he also grabbed a glass and poured the drink on it. When he took a step away from her, she breath.


“I wasn’t that drunk when I asked you Hillary and to be honest, I’m not that drunk right now to forget about it. So, answer me, why did you act like you didn’t know me at all? Why have you been avoiding me since we arrived” He took a sip from his drink


“There’s nothing to say” She tried to move away but Bill grabbed her by her arm and pull her closed to him, he had her so close that his gaze went to her lips and then to her eyes again, he noticed it that she did the same.


“Bill…” She said breathlessly, she didn’t know what she was doing, for her Bill was like her friend, she blamed the alcohol that was in her system that made her be like that with him. She didn’t push him away when Bill was a breath away from her, she was so into the moment that she didn’t move, she was expecting from him to take the first step, she wanted to be kissed by him.


Having her that closed shot down his common senses, the only thing he wanted to do was kissing her, and when he noticed it that she didn’t move he put his hand on her neck, he held her and started to pull closer to him, when he was a breathe away from him, he looked at her waiting for an approval, she slightly nodded at him and he took it as a signal. He caught her upper lip between his, for a moment he was afraid that he made the wrong move, because she wasn’t answering his kiss, but after a few second, she kissed him with the same fervor that he did, she tasted like the sweets thing he had ever tasted, her lips were the softest one.


She was so into the moment that she didn’t know how to react when he kissed her, she was surprised about it, about how she felt, because she was enjoying the kiss, she even angled her face so they could kiss better, she was feeling so good that she was starting to crave for more. She opened her mouth and in that moment Bill’s tongue came into her mouth, their tongues were caressing each other. They didn’t notice that they moan in the moment their tongues touch. She encircled his neck with her arms, she was starting to rub against his body. They forgot that they were in the middle of the garden. When they heard some movement there, she pushed him away from her. When he saw her face his heart broke, she looked in horror, like what they had done was the worst thing


“I, I have to go” She didn’t look at him, she just started to walk away from him




“No Bill, we shouldn’t…no” She wasn’t able to form a sentence, she was trembling, and she didn't want Bill to notice it and she ran away from him