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He didn't knew when it started, but he was almost sure that everything began at that workshop, when the younger pressed his lips against his mouth, in a sweet and gentle kiss.

It was clear his inexperience as an actor, he didn't even knew that actors are not supposed to kiss at workshops but as he saw him lean closer he was actually caught off guard.
He expected a peck on his lips, something newbies actors do sometimes to impress and get casted but as he felt the kiss deepen, a real kiss, he understood that this wasn't the case at all: Gulf Kanawut had simply followed his heart.

It was the first time he had seen someone like him, so shy but yet so confident, so cheerful and bright: it almost looked as if he had the sun in his eyes.
His bright smile, his cute canines and the doe eyes that watched everything carefully, big and round whenever he spotted something knew or gained the knowledge of even the simplest things.
He was eager to learn but despite his bright aura he was always alone, sitting in a corner or simply spacing around as if he had a world of his own in which he needed to go and escape his surroundings.

They were meant for each other, that was what his fan sites had said when they took a bunch of pics of them, even if they didn't even had the chance to talk properly yet.

They were meant for each other, the director said when they saw their chemistry while acting out their scripts.

They were meant for each other, his manager said whenever their eyes lingered on the pair with the knowledge of his past and current situation.

They were meant for each other, the cast said whenever they were around, always sticking together like glue and becoming more and more intimate with each day they spent together, both on and off set.

They were meant for each other, the fan said one year later after watching the series, learning about the behind the scenes and following them thoroughly, as MewGulf and not Tharn and Type.

After the disaster and the huge heartbreak he was well aware of his mental state, how weak he was and how everything seemed to fall.
That's why he had promised to himself to not fall ever again for a co-star and most importantly to set the line where fan service and real life would not cross their paths.

But the thing was that between them, it wasn't fan service at all. The way they spent their time together, the way they looked at each other, each kiss that wasn't scripted but that the staff was kind enough to let them be for hours. The intense longing and the heavy sexual tension, the way they laughed at anything and loved everything they did together.

They way they talked about serious aspects of their lives and the way they cherished each other when they both were still their worst.

He remembered how kind of relieved but yet disappointed he was when he knew that Gulf had a girlfriend, in this way there was something to remind him that he couldn't allow himself to fall. Not after what happened the last time.

And then they broke up.

And then Gulf confessed to him.

The younger got a lot bolder during their time together but without losing his innocence, the way he brought the light back to his life was so scary that before he even knew he had already fell for him.

The way he made his heart bit faster, the way he understood him more than anyone else, the way they completed each other as if fate made them cross their paths on purpose at that certain moment of their lives.

They went through so much together, and yet everything felt new each time they spoke until morning on Line, video chatting until they both fell asleep at each other's breathing sounds, as if the distance between them wasn't there, as if they were actually together: the warm feeling spreading across his chest every time Gulf's cute and big nose popped up on screen, the way his heart skipped a bit whenever the younger smiled and showed his braces, reminding him how small and cute he was even though he was a little bit taller than him.

They took it slowly, calmly, nothing was ever forced between them, they had talked about this and Gulf understood him more than anyone has ever did. He told him that he was willing to wait until the end of the recording so that their characters wouldn't mix up with their real feeling, he told him he was willing to wait even after, without pressuring him on the matter, being himself and healing his heart and soul until he was ready to love again.

And then they were finally together.

Their first kiss was breathtaking, even though they had kissed at least one hundred times in every possible way, their first kiss as Mew and Gulf was completely different from all the ones they shared as Tharn and Type.

Every breath, every look, every kiss and every touch, everything made him feel alive. Everything brought hope into his heart. Everything screamed love at its purest form.

Even their families were now one, if only Chopper wouldn't bite Gulf every time that would've been perfect.

He was so lost into his thoughts, into the memories of everything that they went through that he didn't noticed that Gulf woke up, messy hair and a cute pout all over his beautiful face, he sure looked like a baby. His baby.

"Khun Phi, what are you doing na? "

He smiled. He couldn't help it, Gulf was extremely cute in the morning, grumpy and willing to let himself being cuddled without mercy.

"Just looking at the most beautiful boy in the world, Yai Nong. "

Gulf mumbled something incoherent as he turned on the side, wrapping his arms tightly around his boyfriend' waist and resting his head on his tight, he sure looked like a kitten. And it was lovely. The warmth that spread across his chest was nothing that could be compared.

He slowly buried his hand into his beautiful boyfriend's soft hair, playing gently with his dark locks and rubbing his scalp, gaining a soft moan in response and another deathly embrace.

"Sweet dreams Yai Nong, Phi loves you krub"

Gulf smiled in his sleep, eyelids fluttering close and a pretty happy smile all over his face.

"Nong loves you, krub. "

That was it.
His happiness.

Mew Suppasit was finally happy.